The weekend has arrived!

And so has Princess Nyx! Once again my bratty younger sister is here to use my studio space to film & abuse boys. While she is here we will be doing custom videos and taking your cash. To worship us via webcam is an experience of a lifetime. Not only are we both so fucking hot it hurts but our devious minds work together in a way only siblings can, playing off each other to truly fuck you up!

Enjoy this lil teaser before you send tribute on Kinkbomb or call via NiteFlirt to speak with us directly! If you are unable (or just too scared and/or broke) to pay to worship us via webcam you can tribute for custom videos or just buy the ones we already have up on Kinkbomb or Clips4Sale. 

Also! Remember to follow us on Twitter. There we will be posting MORE photos, MORE videos and generally MORE for you to obsess over all the time.

And a quick gif thrown together from a couple of stupidly hot snapshots of tonights adorable outfit:!/DommeKyaa!/PrincessNyx1

PS- DON'T FORGET TO COMMENT BELOW! Thank us for this little tease, bitches! Then go spend some fucking cash before your loser dick makes a mess all over you!

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