Sadistic Sisters weekend tease video! Get ready to be drained of CASH CUM & PRIDE!

I was crazy busy all of last week. Monday I had to take my kitten to the vet for her 1 year checkup & Tuesday/Wednesday I was working away doing paperwork/businessy stuff. I have a lot of stuff to do in the coming weeks/months like that. In fact from now on I am spending pretty much every Tuesday doing businessy stuff & video editing. Gettin' my shit organized.

The weekends, though, are already planned out. Like I told you bitches when Princess Nyx hit the scene a few weeks ago, we will be spending just about every weekend the rest of this year and all of next hanging out at my studio, taking NiteFlirt calls/filming/abusing boys/being spoiled. This weekend is no different! Get in line because losers can't get enough of this:

If you cannot see the video it basically says "Hey bitches, we are super fucking HOT and you are a total loser. It makes you even hornier knowing that we are not just dressed to kill this weekend but we are sisters, abusing boys left and right by each others side. Call on NiteFlirt and buy videos on Kinkbomb to make us happy. We will be online all weekend, looking sexy like this. Follow us on twitter for more photos/info!"

4 thoughts on “Sadistic Sisters weekend tease video! Get ready to be drained of CASH CUM & PRIDE!

  1. on my knees
    The sight of my beloved owner and her stunning sister has me on my knees, who could resist, indeed who would want to !
    Perfection x 2 = the downfall of the male.

  2. Thank You for speaking Goddess Kyaa.Thank You for Your new Kyaaism video.Please forgive me of my filthy sin.Please continue to teach me Your Evil so that i so desperately need for my pathetic exsistance.So that i may serve in Your Sadistic Empire forever.


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