30 days and counting!

It is almost time for the biggest day of the year for Kyaaists the world 'round. It is the first day of October, your favorite month. Why? Because October 30th is Goddess Day, the anniversary of my birth which is for you and others like you a day of sacrifice and worship.

It is just 30 days until my 24th birthday. The countdown begins now!
This year I am doing things a little differently. I will have a birthday wishlist on Amazon but I now also have some special tribute's on Kinkbomb you can pay so on my birthday this year when I go out with Nyx we can hit the town hard on all my birthday tributes!

When you buy something from my birthday wishlist make sure you email me with the name of the item you purchased and when you bought it. When you tribute do the same, email me, tell me who much you tributed and when. Do this every time you buy something for my birthday or tribute this month. On November 1st the totals will be tallied and the top 20 spenders will each get some very special rewards.

Top spender: 
– Physical worship package mailed to you in early November with: lingerie, socks & panties all previously worn in worship videos; personalized handwritten letter from me; some bit of trash from my birthday night out on the town with my sister, girlfriend and friends
– a 10 minute long custom reward video
– %50 off coupon for the next 3 purchases on my Kinkbomb store

#2-5 highest spenders:
– Physical worship package mailed to you in early November with: pair of socks worn in worship videos; handwritten letter from me & some bit of trash from my birthday night out on the town.
– A special video that only these high level birthday spenders will get, this video will be 10 minutes long and will include special worship instructions just for you very good boys
– %40 off code for the next 3 purchases on my Kinkbomb store

#5-20 highest spenders:
– a special 10 minute long video from me for their efforts
-%30 off code for the next 3 purchases!

Whoever tributes for my birthday the LEAST, yes, the least, will get a custom video from me humiliating them for their utter uselessness. So even if you only have $5 to tribute for my birthday send it and make sure you email me to let me know you the money was for my holy birthday! In the end you may be the lucky bottom of the pile!

Seriously though boys, this is a very big chance! I don't do auctions, I don't sell socks or worn panties often. It's a truly rare chance to get a package from me. Now I am telling you that all you have to do is SPEND for my birthday, tribute on Kinkbomb and buy gifts from my birthday wishlist. Then email me every time you spend and let me know how much you spent. In November you will be one of the lucky losers getting a one of a kind package from me, a custom video and a coupon code so you can spend all of the upcoming holiday season in submissive bliss for me!

Start spending NOW! As soon as those paychecks come in this month, spend! Don't be silly and pay for things like food or bills. Spoil me for my birthday. Remember your priorities, loser!

Birthday Wishlist:

Birthday Tributes via Kinkbomb

8 thoughts on “30 days and counting!

  1. This sissy’s meager birthday tribute…for now
    Your sissy is grateful to have been given the opportunity to tribute Your Perfection for Your Birthday Goddess Kyaa. It has sent You a $200 Victoria’s Secret gift card, and carefully selected items from Your Amazon wishlist totaling $555.00. It hopes You will be kind to it during Your locked dicklet confiscation, however long You might decide it must last for Your amusement. If Your sissy might ‘rank’ in Your contest and earn the privilege of receiving a Worship package from its Goddess, every tiny item will be revered and cherished in adoration of Your Perfection.
    Your unworthy sissysplosh

  2. In sissy fear of either end
    OOOHHHH what a devastatingly devious “challenge” to Your subjects Goddess Kyaa!!! The “winner” will be privileged with a Worship package that can and will make him an ever weaker and more perfectly adoring “loser” (oh-oh, pick me!), and the “loser” will have to suffer Your taunts at being the “lowest of the low” (oh-oh, pick me too!). Once again, You have created the perfect mindfuck!!
    No doubt each and every one of Your minions is more than eager to celebrate Your Birthday with all forms of tribute, Your sissysplosh included. May Your “best loser” win!! And may Your “worst loser” win as well, in their own ways. All of us will win in the sanctity of submitting to the Most Perfect Goddess Kyaa!
    Your eager winner/loser will enjoy whatever torments might await it in Your mercy Goddess Kyaa.
    Your sissysplosh

  3. Picture
    In all this excitement i forgot to comment on the wonderful sexy picture that goes with this post !
    The set this comes from is one of my very favourite inspirations for prayer and worship sessions.
    Thank You Divine One.


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