The “secret” that shouldn’t surprise anyone but will mindfuck you none the less…

Perverts, sickos, dirty fetish freaks everywhere… this is going to fuck with your loser brain in the most humiliating ways. The disgusting thoughts you willl have with this information tainting your every fantasy will only be further proof of what a pathetic, fucked up bitch you really are for me.

All the ladies out there, Dommes and friends alike– some of you know Nyx already, from even before she started going by Nyx. I know you will be excited and happy for me to see here here by my side.

Princess Nyx, who is now officially the one and only Princess in the Empire of Goddess Kyaa, is actually my 18 year old sister! 6 years younger than me and fresh out of high school, Nyx has decided to join the ranks of dominant women financially abusing men around the world. In the last 3 months she has lived with me she has been there dominating losers over NF calls, webcam and even joining in on the fun when my slave goodboy4kyaa was here for his collaring. It didn't take long for her to realize that she loves this "job" and start up her own NiteFlirt and Kinkbomb.

There is really nothing like having a sister/best friend who is by your side all the time, and now, with Nyx ruling besides me as the only Princess in my Empire, you will all be doubly fucked. It seems sadism runs in our family!

If for whatever reason you can't watch the free flash/windows media player video I have put up above, you can buy the video on Kinkbomb for just a few bucks, download it and watch it in full HD on your computer! 

There will be a part 2 for this Sadistic Sisters Intro video up in the next few hours. I will post up links to it and a hot as fuck photo shoot we did in these dresses. Dresses bought by a painslut paypiggy that we have abused a few times together already!


Comment! Tell me how you reacted to this news, if it was even news to you, etc. Ladies, I'm curious if you have a sister &  what she thinks of your lifestyle/job!

12 thoughts on “The “secret” that shouldn’t surprise anyone but will mindfuck you none the less…

  1. Supreme Goddess Kyaa, my perverted slave cock reacted immediately going stiff and my mind went in this state of submission, admiration, wonder, awe, worship, feelings of own lowliness etc.

    These lines reminded me (not just in the sense of recalling, but urging) of the task You gave me, and that i still have to accomplish …

    This is a superior dinasty !


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