A new era in the Empire of Goddess Kyaa … the debut of Princess Nyx!

This weekend will be the first, the first of an epic new era in the Empire of Goddess Kyaa. A new dawn aproaches and that light you see coming over the horizon is a pair of femme fatales who will blind you with our beauty, brains and sadistic ways.

I have long searched for a fellow dominant female who I could take on as a second in command. After all, an Empress needs a right hand woman, and a damn good one. Lo and behold, the perfect Princess for the Empire of Goddess Kyaa was there besides me all the while. A life long friend who, having just turned 18 this year, moved into my house recently. 

After witnessing all the fucking fun I have with my puppets, Nyx (whom I can call by her first name, but you must, as per usual, use a title when addressing her as befitting all royal women!) quickly discovered a deep desire to learn more about what I do, how I do it and how she can give it a try. So she joined in a few sessions, was here the whole time goodboy4kyaa was being abused at my studio and has now decided to allow the losers of the world to pay for her attention directly. She has already started a new blog with wishlists, NIteFlirt, Kinkbomb & C4S stores to follow soon.

Nyx will be here by my side, abusing losers and taking cash, all weekend long, every weekend, for at least the next year. Together we will fucking destroy you Friday – Sunday every fucking weekend. That is all you really need to know and understand. 

Tomorrow, check back here for a cock-hardening update that will be full of HD photos of us, fresh from the hair salon & yes loser, you will finally get to see Nyx's beautiful smiling face. We will also be letting you pathetic perverts know more about how we know each other and, well, let me just say, it is going to completely mindfuck you. This is going to make everything I do so much more humiliating for you, having a Princess hanging out with me, laughing along with me, there for me to tease you with, abuse you with, on a regular basis… and you still don't even know the half of it!

NO loser, she isn't my girlfriend! No, you never get to meet the woman I love, she is MINE bitches, and you don't even get to see her pinky toe!

For now you can buy this photo set of us from NiteFlirt, just a few bucks for 3 glorious HD foot worship photos. The only thing better than worshiping my feet is when you get to worship my feet AND the feet of another beautiful young woman!

More proof of my power:

My slave, formerly known as worthlessmale, now known as Kyaa's_bard, has truly begun to show just how much worth a pathetic worm can have! Recently he made a bold pledge to buy me a small gift every single week, so I am constantly being showered with gifts, even if they are just little ones. Since he isn't very rich (quite poor in fact, the most devoted always are it seems) he can't afford much but he works hard to afford a $15-$35 gift every week, and has for the last few weeks successfully. Now that the packages are arriving in a timely fashion I am seeing how much I love getting the constant flow of little presents from my owned slaves like that.
Like the constant flow of clip sales, tributes, gift cards and other ways losers spend money on me online, these gifts are just further reminder of how many hard working males serve in the Empire of Goddess Kyaa.

(not even sure who bought this one!)
This is just a few small gifts. I have more already here that I haven't taken photos of or even opened and am expecting some epicly awesome stuff soon, especially from my addict piggy joe who has been on a shopping spree for me the past few weeks!

Clip updates soon, but for now, just find my kinkbomb then start your mantra of "click, pay, stroke!" Empty your wallet and keep my store in it's rightful place on top. http://DommeKyaa.kinkbomb.com

Follow me on twitter, follow the Goddess you adore minute by minute:

And follow Princess Nyx, you don't want to miss a chance to be her bitch!

7 thoughts on “A new era in the Empire of Goddess Kyaa … the debut of Princess Nyx!

  1. Goddess, you were right about my addiction. I keep trying to find new things to cum to but I can’t. It does not matter how long I look or how many different clips I try to find or what I search, I just keep coming back to your clip where you addict me to cum for your feet again and again. I am your slave, truly addicted to cumming for your feet!

  2. Thank You from piggy slave joe
    My Beautiful Goddess and Owner, Thank You so much for acknowledging me and my gifts to you. It feels real good to be mentioned in your blog. i have been so happy since you took me into your stable of slaves. i can’t wait to see your perfection in all the things i bought for you and i will feel like a kid on Christmas morning when your package arrives in a few weeks! i love and adore you!


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