my messy little chastity bitch

Over the last year you may have seen posts or tweets about a certain chastity sissy who sometimes goes by the nickname "sissysplosh." I'm sure you won't be surprised that his name has some meaning, mainly that he is total sissy and since his first time on cam for me he sploshed himself with beans and other messy wet food-stuffs. 

I love both dressing this sissy up in frilly girly outfits, making him my rediculous little slut, and making him cover himself in disgusting, sticky goo like in the photos below. This slave in chastity is really an unending source of amusement. There are so many ways I could mindfuck this bitch, especially since he is so stupidly weak for me. No really, he can barely even speak when he is allowed to see me on camera. Just the sight of my feet drives deep into a subspace he cannot come back from! 

I recently let this truly pathetic loser perfom a very special humiliation assignment on camera for me. The reaction video I filmed of my beautiful face laughing as he degraded himself is already selling well on Kinkbomb! This special assignment?  To tar and feather himself for me! Yes, this loser took jars of sticky black molasses and covered every inch of his unworthy body, including his little dicklet in his chastity cage. Then he opened up a giant plastic bag of white feathered and dumped them all over himself. In no time he looked like a perfect little chicken for me! Then the clucking started!! I could not believe my ears as this bitch started clucking and squawking, doing the best chicken impersonation I have ever heard from a human being. I could not stop laughing, giggling and making him cluck and flap his little bitch wings for me. Soon he was rolling around in the mess of molasses and feathers on the ground, squawking and amusing me to no end.
It was so fucking funny I decided that I want him to put the things together to do all the barnyard animals for me! The next will be a sheep, and then who knows what amusing creature he will have to impersonate for me!

This video is just a few minutes from the half hour he spent degrading himself on camera. This shows just how wrapped around my finger this weakling really is… at the end of the video you can hear a sample of his halarious clucking! Watch, listen & laugh!

For those of you who can't watch the video, some screenshots:

Since then my sissy has even appeared on camera for Princess Nyx and I, this time dressing up in his girliest sissy outfit and zapping his balls until they were burnt!

Now my sissy is going to be taking the next step… going from self imposed chastity and humiliation to Goddess imposed chastity and humiliation. In just a few days this bitch will be getting a package from me with some very special items, including a brand new chastity lock! When he puts this lock on his chastity cage he will not be able to get out of it until I decde he is allowed to have the combination code! Who know's how long I will keep him locked up… days, weeks, months… it is all up to me now!

Can you even imagine getting a package like this from me? This is such a lucky sissy! 

Go to my kinkbomb and you will find the 30 minute long reaction video so you can listen to every giggle, every humiliating order.. hell you can even get some sticky stuff and feathers so you can follow along!

I am always looking for new humiliation bitches, sissies to train and chastity slaves to keep under lock and key! All you have to do is start clicking and paying, worshiping and tributing. It so easy! Just click and pay, weakling!

10 thoughts on “my messy little chastity bitch

  1. There is so much more Your sissy should and WILL do to express its gratefulness for Your controlling/locking/sissifying package Goddess Kyaa, but for now it should thank You in particular for Your wonderfully weakening hand-written note.
    Whenever it might find itself busy with silly work obligations or otherwise occupied with outside crap, or desperate to beg You to be allowed out of Your chastity for some relief for its swollen balls, Your sissy will look at that note. It will cherish it, to help it accept its place and condition for as long as it possibly can, and just continue to pay homage and submit without wavering or complaint.
    To bed now for You, in humiliated throbbing chastity. THANK YOU, THANK YOU, THANK YOU Goddess Kyaa!!!!!!!!!!!
    Your sissysplosh

  2. Respect to Miss B
    OOOHHH!!! OUCH!!
    Don’t know where to start to reply, but feel I should to show due respect to The Goddess Kyaa and to You as Her friend. Read this weekend…followed links…details are a blur… about how much She has helped You, and how much You appreciate Her support. Couldn’t agree more, if from the ‘other side’ of the equation. The Goddess Kyaa is magnificent!
    Just to try, though, The Goddess Kyaa’s sissy should thank You Mistress B for how much it has been weakened by the teasing videos and photos You have worked on with Her…they are INCREDIBLE!!! After adoring those as I have, to realize tonight that You have might have watched its degradation that The Goddess Kyaa posted here is such a mindf***.
    The Goddess Kyaa’s sissy will “splosh it up” further however She might wish it to. Thank You for now for the respect and appreciation to The Goddess that You explained so well in Your posting. Remember thinking that I wish I could say it so well.
    The Goddess Kyaa’s sissy splosh

  3. Cheers to you GB4Kyaa…your willingness to accept the permanence of Her collar around your neck has been an inspiration to me. Yes, every little item The Goddess has blessed Her sissy by in Her worship package will be a treasure for a lifetime. And yes, it is an honor and a privilege to just give in to the weakness of hearing Her voice, and accept being used and obey Her whims for Her amusement.
    Trying not to think about your dog looking for Her chicken, but first thought is that it’s another small reason to thank The Goddess Kyaa for keeping its genitals safely tucked out of harm’s way.

  4. Thank you for sharing this, but it is The Goddess Kyaa who has “raised the bar for all humiliation sluts”, not Her ‘sissy splosh’. It is the Goddess Kyaa who created ‘sissy splosh’, and it is The Goddess Kyaa whose taunting Perfection makes it helpless but for it to humiliate itself for Her however She might dictate.


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