It's funny out the screenshot below pertains to two very different people, each of whom are getting their own journal entries very soon. For now though, this little teasing hint of what is to come…

To be able to experience this delicious humiliation yourself call this NiteFlirt line tomorrow and confess your pervert ways…
After all, it will be Sunday.
Knee, confess, and pray for forgivenss from TWO Goddesses.

Call Button
expect to see us online from about 9AM PST until midnight or later

See you losers in the morning.. I expect to be worshiped all Sunday long!

PS – 
Don't forget to go find all my new & old videos on Kinkbomb, I love seeing those sales roll in as I sleep and all day on Sunday as boys click, pay and worship. 

5 thoughts on “

  1. Pray in worship
    Divine One, each and every moment of each and every day should be given over to worshipping you, in thought word and deed. With extra special effort been made on Sundays. Sunday prayers should be extra special for Kyaaists, as on this day we can be sure that all around the world the devoted are all praying together in Praise of Your Divine Kindness and Perfection.
    You are the light of our world.

  2. Thank You, Goddess Kyaa!
    Being a loser pervert myself it makes me so happy to see that there is hope for the likes of us. By self-humiliation and degradation a loser can bask in the sunshine of divine Goddess Kyaa. Thank You, Goddess!!!


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