quick update – busy Goddess doesn’t give a flying fuck

Since the end of July when I began prepping for my slave goodboy4Kyaa's impeding visit and permanent collaring I have been balls to the wall busy. Non stop go-go-go… except when I have been either relaxing and recovering from all my business and/or blowing my nose for nearly a week when I got sick this month.

The first week of August was spent collaring and abusing my slave and the week after that was spent decompressing from the previous very fun but also rather intense week. In mid August I started trying to catch up and just never got around too it! I had more friends visit from out of town, then the amazing Mistress B came into town and I spent 2 weekends in the last month adventuring around with her and the mystery woman I've mentioned. Then there is all the time I've spent filming, toying with losers via webcam, making paypiggies take me shopping online and so much more!

Like I said previously I am no longer happy with LJ's service or the community I've been finding here so I am will be soon moving my main blog onto my own hosting. Until then I will post here… I know all my fans and addicts are desperate for news, photos, and really anything else I might be kind enough to grant you losers.
So show your thanks that I am taking the time to write anything at all, even if it is just some simple text like this, and comment below! Then go buy a video from my Kinkbomb (currently ranked #2 on Kinkbombs top studio list) which you can rate and review to further show your thanks/obedience.

If you follow my twitter you will have an idea of what I have been up too, I have been using it pretty reliably. Follow me there, addict. Each day you can get a little fix, notifications of what I am doing, where I am going, who I'm with, even photos and the occasional free video. It's a blessing I haven't started charging to be allowed to view my twitter feed! Join now, follow me religiously, my addict. 

Comments really do please me, providing some amount of motivation to give a flying fuck about posting in my blog at all, so don't neglect to take the time to thank me and beg for more posts with photos and stores from my slaves visit in August and my time spent hanging out with the fantastic Mistress B!

Also – I've been keeping a couple of NiteFlirt lines on more often- ignore, financial domination & verbal humiliation- so call today, hear my voice, beg for permission to cum, permission to remain locked in chastity, beg, bitch…beg

6 thoughts on “quick update – busy Goddess doesn’t give a flying fuck

  1. My Beautiful Goddess and owner, Thank You for the post as my life is so dull i love reading about you everyday! i have to hesitate when people ask me what’s new i almost start talking about you and your fantastic life, then i realize yikes! i can’t…and reply, nothing. You should open up a pay site and for a monthly fee we can read all about you, download special content and have access to you for a monthly subscribers fee.


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