sickblog! catching up, wishlist haul, orders for Sunday

On Wednesday night last week I was so motivated for the first weekend of September…. yeah, keyword there being "was." By Friday morning I was full on sick! I am amost better now though, I think… so long as my voice comes back tomorrow! 3 days of intense congestion, sore throat an all exhaustion that has left my brain pretty fried. I have managed to add a few clips but to give you an idea of how whacked out I am between being sick and all the meds I'm on to not feel like total shit…. it took me 2 full hours to write a clip descritption yesterday that normally would have taken me about 10 minutes. 
Today I am feeling much better than yesterday, but I'm still not feeling my best. Which means I am spending my days watching tv, gaming and sleeping. It's the end of the 3rd day being sick and I am truly hating this. The worst of it was in the first 48 hours so be glad I'm getting better not worse. 
The frustrating part of being sick is that I have so much shit to share with you all! From the lowliest loser to my dearest Domme friends, everyone will be excited by the news I am just dying to share with you… but not yet, you haven't earned it! No, last month you losers did terribly on buying clips and gifts!
I was busy all month collaring my slave, visiting with friends from around the world and spending time with amazing women like Mistress B. When I am not updating every week and too busy to be online every day you should work harder to spend and worship, not just wait until I decide to grace you with my attentions.
Now that isn't to say all of you have failed, a few have done quite well. I have some funny stores to share from some live humiliation sessions I've done (including one where the loser tarred/feathered himself!) and more from the last month. It's damn time I got myself caught up so I can move onto some new and exciting stuff.
For now you losers can enjoy these photos from the last week from gifts I've been picking up, all bought by a perverted addict just like you! Want to make me happy? Go to my wishlist and buy something! Then buy a video and jerk, jerk, jerk.

– Just arriving home early last week with a nice stack of boxes from my mail box. 

-One of the packages was a gift I bought myself with some of slave michaels piggy cash, a JTHM tee that makes me happy inside my fuzzy murderous places.

-The new ($400) color laser printer bulterdorky bought for me, along with a big box of rather expensive but very nice laser printer paper! This thing rocks, the colors it prints are so bright, seriously loving this thing so far.Plus it's wireless so I can just set it up and use it from wherever i want! 

-Taken tonight! Two or three days ago my gf went by the mail box and got packages for me but I forgot to open them! Just 2 items, this box o' candybars which, as you can see, I am already enjoying.

-And a pair of black satiny panties from I don't know who.

If you bought these or the candybars let me know, I think you may be my bard, sweet little thing, who has just made a new pledge. My loser known as Kyaasbard has made the pledge to start buying me one small gift a week to show his total devotion. I have added several smaller items for this poor pet to buy. Once the gifts start rolling in on a regular type schedule I will very happy with him indeed! I'm actually still wearing those panties now, i just ripped the tag off and now I am about to head to bed.

By the time you read this is will be Sunday, a day of worship for most. I want you to worship too, worship me, only me, as per usual. Spend your day on your knees, spending and worshiping. Get my Kinkbomb store back to #1 where it belongs and perhaps I will give you more clues about the mystery woman I am thinking of introducing you losers too… 

Videos of my slave serving me in person, dominating you POV style with other poweful and oh so sexy Dommes and of course, hundreds of mindfucking videos that will leave your balls dry and the rest of you wet:

3 thoughts on “sickblog! catching up, wishlist haul, orders for Sunday

  1. Unwell
    Divine One it is so wrong that one so beautiful and kind as You should be unwell, You give us so much,
    Your time and attention, the blessing of so many images of Your perfection, glimpses of Your wonderful life,
    karma should repay You with perfect health and happiness for all time !
    i am so happy that You like the chocolate i sent, alas i can’t claim credit for the panties.
    Today i had the thrill of sending another gift, i saw it and instantly thought it would amuse You.
    Pleasing You is a feeling of indescribable pleasure for me, that a nothing like me might provide some
    pleasure or amusement for a Deity, the most perfect person on earth ever is, i know a gift You bless me with.
    i worship and adore You.

  2. Thank You
    Thank you for sharing your life with us Goddess. I am glad you are feeling better. i hope my small tribute helped put a smile on your face when you were not feeling well. I am so excited that you have some epic news coming out soon, i will keep glued to your posts and tweets. p.s. i was shopping for you again this morning after buying and watching some fantastic clips last night. love you so much! slave joe

  3. Your Holy Words
    What a pleasant way to wake up on surrender sunday and be able to read Your Holy Words Goddess Kyaa.Your words have more substance to them than any morning newspaper from any city in the world.Your words are my inspiration.i need them like flowers need the rain.
    You are not feeling good and You wrote a lot.It warms my sissy soul.At times like this,when You do not feel well,that i am really thankful for my slave training.As You get better and have no time for losers.It is a time when all of my training from You needs to be in full effect.Because that is what You would expect,especially when You are sick.
    Thank You Goddess Kyaa.i hope You feel better soon!


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