too much to tweet, to excited to be lazy

Recently I haven't been updating my livejournal a lot because, and I might as well tell you boys now, I won't be using this site for much longer as my base of operations. Soon I will have a blog and more hosted elsewhere, somewhere I have complete control! Today I can't help myself, I have far too much to say even if I am going to keep it short and sweet…

Yesterday I met up with Miss B in downtown Portland. We had an awesome day starting with breakfast at a nice place downtown then I gave her a tour of Powells Books (my favorite place in Portland) and then spent most of the afternoon at the Saturday market (henna tattoos all round, Rogue beer tent, shopping, making fun of dirty hippies, etc) before popping up to the nice hotel room some piggy paid for to film. We filmed some short but epic videos which will be coming out soon but in the meantime enjoy what turned out to be a totally fucking adorable photo from yesterday at lunch!

Her cheek was so soft. Skin like cream! Watch out, B! I'm going to eat you up… nomnomnom!
To find out what we are doing today (yes! we are going hard for a second day!) follow us both on twitter
– ME, the Goddess you serve: @DommeKyaa  
– my lovely friend you see here, the one and only @Missinthemaking 

While we are out today you should be buying videos and sending tributes via Kinkbomb. The more my losers spend the more likely I am to take a photo with the third mysterious woman, that asistant of mine you losers keep asking about. She's started thinking about appearing on camera but  unless we see my Kinkbomb store back on top of the rankings neither of us care to let you see what she looks like or even find out who she is. Miss B and I even shot a video with my soon to be partner in crime's pretty feet, all three of us louging on her hotel room bed, just our feet in frame, nothing else. Getting access to photos and videos of these feet, figuring out who the third pair of feet belong to and what the rest of her looks like will be a puzzle you must solve. Want to know the key to this puzzle? Cash. Spend it. Here:

5 thoughts on “too much to tweet, to excited to be lazy

  1. The Mystery Woman
    Your sissy must admit that it has been very intrigued about who this woman is. At first I was worried that somehow You had hired a film crew or something, with some male cameraman. Would have destroyed the setting. Realized when I suffered in chastity through Your ‘hotel day 1 pickup’ that hurray no, the person behind the camera was indeed a woman…there were a few tantalizing glimpses in some of the mirrored scenes. And Lady Berlin laughing and shaking Her head in amazement toward the camera at Slave Michael’s complete submissiveness to Your Perfection was a great little mindfuck all of its own. LOVE that video!!! Thank You Goddess Kyaa!!!

  2. Congrats, Goddess!
    It is great to see You enjoying life – to love and being loved!
    That brings happiness sunshine even to my lowly existence as Your stroker slave. The knowledge of being dependent on You, a true Goddess, makes my life worthwhile.

  3. Wow what a hot pic that is! Thank You very much Goddess Kyaa and Miss B for that awesome exclusive video and i am looking into yoga classes as Goddess Kyaa ordered! You 2 together make a really dynamic duo!

  4. The fact that You will have complete control Goddess Kyaa.That will be much anticipated day.COMPLETE CONTROL..Those are stimulating words.Words of Power.
    Thank You for the photo of You and Miss B out and about enjoying life.It is really nice to see my Owner living the good life.Makes me proud to be Your property.


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