It is done.

This may shock you, may offend you, but it is real. This man deeply loves me and wants to dedicate his life to me. Even though I have no interest in him sexually or emotionally I can find ways to enjoy torturing him, I am after all a sadist. So I have allowed him to make the ultimate promise, the ultimate commitment. Now he is collared for life, having sworn his life to me.

*Above is a free video preview of the collaring ceremony! If it isn't displaying or playing for you try using a different browser and/or updating your plug-ins. 
The full video can be found exclusively on Kinkbomb for now but in the coming weeks you will find it on C4S & NF as well. 

Watch The Full Video Now – Buy On Kinkbomb for $3 (short time only)

Click & pay, watch in reverence as I collar my slave for the rest of his life. It will be proper of you to watch on your knees, hands clasp in front of you, worshiping as this epic event unfolds in front of you.

It is day 2 now and soon I will be leaving to pick slave michael up from his stinky little hotel room. Once again he will be chained, blindfolded, hooded and bound to the floor of the car, unable to move or fight the rocking of the car as we drive up to our  mountain home. It's his least favorite thing I've done to him so far, as he told me last night in a stupor as I dropped him off at his hotel. Apparently he gets a wee bit car sick and doesn't like the total lack of control or knowledge of which direction he is heading or where he is at all… hehehe… making it all the more satisfying to me. 

9 thoughts on “It is done.

  1. An act of true submission, collared for eternity, letting the whole world know who owns you and who you worship. The power of The Divine One is all consuming!
    Few if any others can inspire such devotion.

  2. Remember this ? This first paragraph says it all and is written by Goddess Kyaa. And now you know the rest of the story. Thank You for letting me know of Your beautiful and even sadistic existence. #giggle. It is so true ! Your are so true !

  3. To have the chance to go back and read Your words is wonderful.When i was in Your presence,i missed a lot of this for obvious reasons.To see it now almost a year later,it makes me melt.i do love You and for You to acknowledge that fact by allowing me to wear Your collar with Your beautiful name engraved in it forever, is a miracle,a blessing from You.i would think it is a dream,but i hear the ting of the ring of Your collar every single day.

    oh the car rides.i cannot even begin to tell You how hard that was.i swear i did not think some days i could make it,i don’t know if i ever said that.But i did make it,as You said i would..It was hot to me also,which did not help.What made me nervous at first was safety,what if some idiot crashed into us,and i am chained to the fucking floor,loli said something to that effect to You,and You were so sweet [can i say that word] You said something like “well pet” what ever Your answer was ,it was comforting.Just to hear Your voice.Everyday i thought of something to get me through those car rides,most of the time it was ,well if we all die in a crash ,,i am going die with You ! i do love You ,,so no better way to go.#blush

    They did get a little easier each day ,,in a way,[not much] because i knew it was about a half hour or so.More than anything ! What got me through those car trips, being blindfolded,hooded,chained,is it was YOU doing it ! You chaining me, blindfolding me,hooding me. i did get to feel Your touch ! Everyday ! For four days strait ! With a little love slap across the face at the end of everyday! giggle,giggle Can i say, thank You for the memories Goddess Kyaa!

  4. i am very grateful, Goddess Kyaa!
    Now, i’ve got the video and planning the Worship Session worthy of this memorable event.
    Perfect Goddess, dedicated slave and great venue!!!


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