Preparations for my slaves visit…


*Above is a free video preview! If it isn't displaying or playing for you try using a different browser and/or updating your plug-ins. 

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Buy this video and others of me with the collar here:

Here are a few pictures from a soon to be available photo set. See all those chains? My slave will be arriving at my studio in them in 3 hours!


Follow on twitter for info on what I am doing throughout the day with my slave and EMAIL ME or leave a comment with ideas, suggestions, custom video requests, etc. I will also have the lovely Lady Berlin here if all goes well, so you can tribute us both to abuse you or abuse my slave (or both!) today ONLY!

5 thoughts on “Preparations for my slaves visit…

  1. Humble suggestion
    i think Salve Michael deserves everyones’s admiration as a slave. Would You consider rewarding him by sitting on his face? It is of course up to You, Goddess, if he deserves this ultimate honor, but i am so impressed that i dare to suggest… i love You, Goddess Kyaa!

  2. You look fantastic Goddess! this is so exciting for everyone! i have so many ideas, i hope you will consider some. enjoy and have fun as you deserve this!


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