Sound the trumpets, this is the biggest news you will hear this year! In 2 weeks my slave, known by the nickname  will be visiting me here in Portland and he will be spending August 4th through August 9th submitting to me IN PERSON! So mark your calendars, get some time off work and save your spending money! I will be doing lots of live cam time, broadcasting everything from him cleaning house and working in the yard to him being tied and spanked in my studio while we film and take photos. 

In case you don't know anything about this slave I want you to go now and read a bit of his blog. It's also on livejournal so there is no excuse to not open it up in another window and spend a while reading up on his antics. This is one fully devoted slave, he literally lives his life for me and has for the past 3 years. Now his life will be taking an extreme turn, forcing him into a period of training and humiliation and total devotion. After this visit there will be no returning to his old life, no thoughts of fucking a woman, finding a "normal" relationship, or ever doing anything but serving me. 
Here are a few photos from some recent blog posts, enough to give you just a taste of his devotion:
This photo is of the little alter of nicely framed prints of some of his favorite photos of me he has up on his wall, for everyone to see!
I have some secret but shockingly hot, kinky and extreme events planned for this little visit of his but I am also willing to accept some requests! The secret events will be revealed in the next few days, so watch out for more information.
I already have requests for over the knee spankings, bondage, face sitting and heel/foot worship. What other fetishes would you love to see me explore with my faithful slave on camera? Leave a comment with your request or you can email me and tribute for a custom video, in which I will use my slave as a prop to make a custom video for you that will top any other! 
So comment below with your ideas or email me (Domme.Kyaa@gmail.com) and set aside the dates August 4th – August 9th so you can join in all the fun while my slave   is here serving me in person!
Now for a few photos from today to finish the night off!

A couple items arrived in the mail from my wishlist. These are from my bard, I think. If it is you, fess up pet and get a virtual pat on the head!

Just after I got home today from my mani/pedi! Gold all around!

Light gold shiny toes…

And gold tipped sparkly fingernails! I am so in love with the colors this week & can't want to do some really sexy foot worship and nail tapping videos soon.

10 thoughts on “EPIC NEWS

  1. This is as true today as it was then.More so really,because You allow me to wear Your collar today.To me that is about as normal, as normal gets Goddess Kyaa.my sissy dicklet ,will never enter a Woman again.You own it. Just enough to get Your Precious name on it,that is all the room i needed,just enough to write YOUR Name ! Goddess Kyaa ! i was so proud #blush. haha i was using a rope back then,now You have given me a real sin cage.Thank You Goddess Kyaa !

    What has changed, is that my devotion to You,my desire to serve You is deeper than ever.To hell with my old life,i do not even remember a life outside of being Your puppet.If i had to put one word to describe it.Obedience ! By obeying You or a least trying,always going to fall short,but obeying You brings me closer to You.[any loser that is willing to surrender to You ,cash, cum and pride can serve You too].i think pride is the key to entering Your gates .Devotion is important too,fuck, it is all important.Unconditional Surrender to You.

    And last but surely not least,i have not since the day You decided that You would yank me out of the filthy gutter,and began to train and mold me to be Your bitch, desired to have any kind of sex,,or,, i love the way You say it “no thoughts of fucking a woman” .That is so fucking true.By watching Your videos,and obeying them,from squirting my own cum on my slutty face,[specifically, i believe it was New Years Eve 2010 ringing in 2011 was the best New Years Eve i have ever had.] to fucking my sissy cunt,to punching my useless dicklet,is the best sex i have ever had ! i will have to go look up that New Year Eve post next.hehe

    It is just all about You.Everything about You.Serving You,giving up all pride for You,the kinky sex is out of this world.Sometimes it is like, where do You come up with this stuff ? giggle.”fucking my third hole” ..hehe Just the way You speak,it is like,,ok Goddess Kyaa.i think i like kinky sex,,haha .[i have not did that,only with my pinky finger,] #blush, Anything about pain and torture,You have taught me like a virgin.i had no clue.hehe All i know is that to Obey You always feels good,if not physically,mentally.

    Well ,i guess it is easy to see,i LOVE Your website.i love looking back on how You did this to me.Took total control of my body,mind and soul ! Thank You Goddess Kyaa!

    i better go to work for You .The problem i am having now is i cant get off Your website! There is sooooo much here!

  2. Exciting scenarios
    What i myself would like to experienece some day is to do window cleaning for Domme – naked.
    Also an electric fly flap held by sadistic Domme’s hand touching various parts of slave’s body would be a thriller.

  3. i tend to agree with that.i feel like i am going before the firing squad.hahahaha.i mean i am fine…..oh nevermind that is why Goddess Kyaa is teaching me to look down..it just hit me.She is Brilliant ! But yes.When there is more than Goddess Kyaa i just tend to focus on Her.
    i can actually function in the real world or the fetish world because i know Goddess Kyaa Owns me.That is called freedom.

  4. Goddess, i read where some of your Mistress friends may join you. i am sure the more the merrier and you will have tons of fun. but from a devoted slaves perspective(if you do not mind)you are the one we love, worship, and adore. and as we will always respect your guest and your wishes will most likely buy whatever clips you post. but from a buyer perspective clips with multiple dommes is way too much, it,s hard to concentrate and you are the one we came to worship. so i guess i am asking for some clips to be just your slave and you, close up pov of coarse. lol


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