Photo goodness! My Kiwi visit/staycation & goodboy4Kyaa’s visit!

Better late than never! And by that I mean, be thankful I didn’t just decide to skip doing a blog post on my little staycation/visit from my Kiwi friends entirely! As soon as they left last week I was so exhausted and hung over I pretty much slept for the next 2 days. After that I had started trying to catch up with my emails, updating kinkbomb, and everything else for you losers but became totally distracted by my crazy horny girlfriend. This insane woman has been attacking me night after night, ravaging me and demanding rather adorably that I ravage her. How can I say no? When a smoking hot woman walks into the room with her favorite vibrator and demands you turn her into an incoherent puddle of orgasmic bliss there is no denying her!

So basically between the beginning of July and now I have celebrated the 4th of July, had this amazing visit from my Kiwi friends (see photos below) and fucked my insatiable girlfriend silly for a week. I am prepping now for an event in 2 weeks (in fact it’s 2 weeks to the day today!) that will destroy any doubts of the absolute power I hold over my slaves and the total devotion they have to me, plus is will give you lesser losers a chance to live out your fantasies vicariously through the ever lowly goodboy4Kyaa aka slave michael,.. but there will be more on that in another post very very soon!

Below you will find 35+ photos, some from my camera, some from my friends. My camera ran out of battery half way through one of the big days and I kept forgetting to charge it afterwards. These photos are in no way in order! Just read the little captions and you will get an idea of what I did for that week with my friends from New Zealand and my girlfriend all around the Columbia Gorge.

And now, without further adieu, the photos from my staycation/Kiwi visit in from July 7-14!

This is what we did more than anything, sit around in front of the Ball O Fire, drink beer, talk, laugh and enjoy the fucking awesome weather we were getting that week.

Fucking. Awesome. Weather.

And the best sunsents too!

At night we roasted GIANT marshmallows…

And made GIANT s’mores! It was the Kiwi’s first s’smores so we really did it right.

There was also, of course, much grilling of meats. From bacon wrapped steak…

To steak with mushrooms, pineapple & peppers skewered for kabobs and much more!

Here’s a before of those kabobs, see how they are skewered on steal wires instead of sticks? Best things for kabobs ever!

We also at out a few times, this was at Montage, a fantastic Portland restaurant that serves the best Cajun food in town, hands down!

Besides introducing them to American sized steaks, s’mores, good beer & Cajun food I also took them out for some good old fashioned ice cream in big waffle cones. This photo is great because I was totally caught off guard. That look says, hey whatcha doin’, I’m just breaking into this ice cream, buddy!


The same day as the ice cream below we went all over downtown Portland. I brought them all over & it was awesome. We posed with all the statues and followed some tour group around and harassed them til the guide person started getting really grumpy with us. Basically we had fun acting like kids.

I posed for this picture after all my friends had done a bunch of different silly things from posing like they were holding the gun or high five-ing the old guy, but after I took my picture molesting the young missionary boy they all started shouting for me to flip the old guy off…

And I did, only they snapped the picture before I moved my hand so I still have one hand awkwardly on the bible holding kids shoulder as I flip his dad off… weird. But funny, and I know you losers are thankful I’m sharing it!

Another day we headed out early and spent the day driving up and down the Columbia Gorge, climbing humongous fuckoff rocks, checking out record sized waterfalls, exploring 100 year old tunnels from the old (now unused) highway and so much more. We stopped at many viewpoints, hiked a few small trails, went to a fish hatchery and had a great deal of epic fun.


On the way up the big rock…
This is at the very first viewpoint on the way up the rock. This was pretty early in the day so the wind was still kinda chilly, but so beautiful, just look at that view! And the photos get better…
Almost at the top, getting excited and the wind is blowing pretty steady and hard up there at that point so I play with my scarf in the wind as I walk and my friend had me pose…
Finally! Here I am, atop the very highest point on this fuckoff huge rock, a mile of switchbacks to get there but it was well worth it. After all…
Look at that view! Fucking amazing! During certain times of the year you can climb the other face of the rock (seen in the right of the photo, in the foreground) with belay lines & other equipment, but we just climbed the trail. Switchbacks for a full mile to get to the top, but so so worth it.
And now back down… the walk back down ended up being what made me the most sore the next day!
Multnomah falls is a really fucking long waterfall, one of my favorite places to go in the area… if it weren’t so packed with tourists all the time! In the winter the fall sometimes freezes, and that is quite the awe inspiring sight.
One of the last things we did, as the sun was starting to get close to setting, but before the light started to change, was visit this view point. From here you can see up and down the Columbia Gorge for miles. If you look down there, near the farthest bend in the river, there is a little bump, way way down the river, sticking up. Let me zoom in on that…
There we go, now you can see that rock sticking up there, see how tiny that thing looks? But then again see all the little green bumps on the hills? Those are 100-200 foot tall cedar, pine & other evergreen trees, to give you a little perspective. Also, that river, the Columbia, is the 4th largest river in America, so again, a little perspective. That tiny rock only looks tiny because it is totally fucking dwarfed by the Columbia Gorge.
An even more zoomed in photo of the big rocked we climbed!
These last photos are random pictures from the trip I took specifically for you losers! In this picture you can see I’m holding a military grade glowstick My gf dug a bunch out of the garage & we lit the path from the fire to the door with them, tied them to our drinks and pretended to be ravers with them, it was great.I even took the time to take a photo of my pretty nails in the eerie light…


I also took a few random snapshots in the firelight during quiet moment on different nights, sitting in front of the fire and thinking of how weak it would make you to see me so happy and relaxed,beautiful and in bliss in front of a warm fire.
At some point my gf broke out the guns and wowed the Kiwi’s (who come from a country where the cops don’t even carry guns!) … I only managed to take this one lil photo of my fingers wrapped around the handle of a weapon. Was too distracted having gun, joking, drinking and taking photos of my friends posing with guns. Don’t worry, there was NO live ammo anywhere near the guns while we were drinking and posing with them!
Here I am at sunrise (yes, sunrise!) on (I think) the 3rd day, after staying up all night in front of the Ball O Fire, drinking and laughing. So happy but so wiped at that point!
This was snapped while in the van we rented for going up & down the Gorge with all the extra people. We stopped for gas at some point and I checked my mail on my phone, discovered a few good sales and decided to take a nice pic to reward you all with later!

And one last photo, from a public bathroom somewhere. Berlin, this one’s for you! XOXOX

That’s it, that’s all. I’m done. For now. I still have another post I am going to make, a much smaller one, with more information on goodboy4Kyaa’s visit in 2 weeks. Now I am caught up though. Show your thanks! COMMENT then go and rate it! I love seeing comments on my blog posts and ratings on my clips.

7 thoughts on “Photo goodness! My Kiwi visit/staycation & goodboy4Kyaa’s visit!

  1. Great post – beautiful pictures!!!
    Thank You, Goddess, for sharing those moments with us!
    It makes me very happy seeing You enjoying Your Goddess life!


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