I party, you worship. Orders for the weekend!

 This weekend I have a couple of friends from New Zealand paying me a visit! This so super exciting, I haven’t had anyone from NZ visit me yet so this is big! I will be hanging out at home with them, just BBQing, hanging out by the fire outside & talking under the stars… oh yeah, and the drinking, there will be drinking. We are getting a bunch of local beers & will be showing them what good brew is for once.

I will be watching my skype from time to time & my NiteFlirt financial domination lines will be on as well. If you have cash to blow you can call now and thank me for abusing you this weekend. If you don’t have NiteFlirt you can EMAIL ME – Domme.Kyaa@gmail.com – and beg to serve me. Prepare to send tribute via amazon.com or kinkbomb tributes to worship me on cam or have any chat time. I am feeling greedy and while I am so excited about a party weekend with some old friends, I still feel the urge to drain wallets & abuse bitches.

Also, I a new digital camera arrived! It was a total surprise too, I hadn’t gotten an email or anything about this so it is totally anonymous, which is so lovely. Whoever bought this, you can jerk your horny lil dick knowing you made me smile big time.. And the timing was perfect really, I will take lots of new photos with it this weekend and post them Monday/Tuesday.
Next of course is the regular clip update! Instead of posting it here I will let you go to slave b’s blog and read them there. Make sure to comment and thank him for keeping you up to date on all my new clips! http://womenrule6699.livejournal.com/417234.html
orders for the weekend:

1- Visit my kinkbomb & spend! If you haven’t noticed already my store dropped a place. While this is understandable because the other women on this top list are hot as fuck and seriously hardcore bitches, many of which are my personal friends, it is also unacceptable. I know you losers can do better. Click, pay, worship, obey. DommeKyaa.kinkbomb.com
2-Shop my wishlist! I haven’t had a massive wishlist haul in a few weeks, so I’m due.

Follow me on twitter & watch for photos to be posted of me partying & enjoying life while you sit at home and obsess over me in front of your computer day and night. 

3 thoughts on “I party, you worship. Orders for the weekend!

  1. It is right that we worship You while You have fun, it is a great honour to be one of Your devoted pets and constant prayers and worship is just a small part of showing that devotion.
    Thank You so much for all You do for me and Your other devoted Kyaaists.

  2. more than i deserve
    Thank you for speaking Goddess Kyaa.As one of Your many slaves,to be allowed to read Your words and have a peak into Your wonderful world is more than i deserve.
    Thank you for Your orders for my loser life. As You party and enjoy Your life,as i work for You then be allowed to kneel in front of my computer to pray and worship You is more than i deserve.
    Thank you for this picture of You.For my sinful eyes to have Your permission to look at Your Perfection,Your majestic beauty is really more than i deserve.To see Your photos has new meaning to me.i will never take that privilege for granted.
    And last but not least.Thank you for letting me obsess over You.i do obsess over You but that particular word “obsess” has different meaning to me, then, [oh.. maybe six months ago] never mind two years ago.Now i am obsessed with seeking Your direction for my loser life which is in Your Pretty hands.When i see You now, the first thing that comes into my re-programed mind, that is under Your complete control is, “how can i serve Goddess Kyaa today”?
    Jerking my sissy dicklet does not even enter my loser mind anymore.Yes i know that is kind of strange for me.[ giggle] But its true, that is how i know i have been reborn.Do i feel privileged to be owned by You? Your slave? Yes i do! Is it an honor to be owned by and work for a beautiful, young,gorgeous sexy Woman ? Goddess Kyaa ! Yes it is!
    So when i see You living life at its finest. i see it and say to myself or anyone that may be around “that is my Owner Goddess Kyaa”.For a owned slave like i am….it makes me feel good and dare i say proud that You,my Owner, lives this great,fun life!
    All of this and more, is more than i deserve.Thank you Goddess Kyaa !


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