4th of July perfection recap & patriotic Philosophy of a Femme Domme video

If you follow me on twitter (which you should!) you would have gotten to see this before the holiday weekend: 


Independence Day was so awesome I am still high off the perfection of that day. I started off hanging out with my room-mate & gf, played some video games & then set up our new Ball O’ Fire… that’s right, Ball O’ Fire. We had a fire going in this thing all day to burn off the paint on it so we could cook over the fire that evening. Meanwhile we set the back porch area up for a night under the stars, cranked up the music & BBQ’d some steak & corn on the cob. We also had macaroni salad, potato salad & would have made deviled eggs except we ran out of eggs & there was no way we were going to try going the store. By the time it started getting dark I remembered… ah yeah, pictures! And we all got out our camera’s just as the light faded. Still, I managed to snap a few pics of the Ball O’ Fire, our amazing sunset & the s’mores we were making. My gf & I stayed up after everyone else, sitting there and watching the coals die down until the sun was rising. As the birds started chirping we crawled into bed and I took one last photo, a little smirky goodnight to all the losers after a fucking awesome day.
If you noticed I don’t mention fireworks… and that’s because we didn’t get any. We just watched the fireworks go off in the valley below us. For miles and miles you could see everyone setting off fireworks for hours on end, it was a-fucking-mazing! In Washington state it’s legal to sell fireworks that shoot up into the air and explode so the view was just spectacular. Unfortunately it didn’t translate well on camera. Next year we plan on setting things up to do some long exposures, but the few pictures and videos we tried to take didn’t turn out well. Still, I know you losers will be thankful for these photos from my perfect 4th of July:

The Ball O’ Fire! At this point the sun is setting & it’s been burning for a few hours.

Yay! Fire!

Drool over that shit, bitches. Short shorts, flats, lil tight zip up sweater & long hair.
None of my friends laugh anymore when I ask them to take a picture of me & flip the camera, they are just used to it now.

The view with out me in front of it… I’m sure we can guess which you prefer.

S’mores! I hadn’t had marshmallows in years so this was very fun & nostalgic for me. The giant ones were yummy & so fun to cook over the coals! No photos of them while cooking or eating, was too busy enjoying myself!

After s’mores we stoked the fire back up & let it get a lil bigger.

Warming my toes by the Ball O’ Fire.

About to pass out before bed, but first one last pic for all the losers out there. See the light? That’s the morning sun.


That’s all for now, losers. Clip updates and more tomorrow. For now, just go to my Kinkbomb store & SPEND! I fell from the #1 spot this weekend, I will pretend you didn’t let that happen if you fix it soon!

5 thoughts on “4th of July perfection recap & patriotic Philosophy of a Femme Domme video

  1. Happy !
    The place where You live looks almost a perfect as You ! (Almost)
    It makes my happy to hear that You have had a wonderful day, a happy Owner makes for happy pets.
    Your continual happiness and contentment is our purpose in life.

  2. Heaven
    Thank You Goddess Kyaa for this peak at the beauty Your eyes see everyday.It looks really majastic.i bet the fireworks and the booms were quite a site looking down into the valley. Really pretty pictures.The photos are good for my self esteem to see You living Your fabulous life.
    All i know for a fact is that when You are happy..i find myself happy.
    Thank You for making the 4th of july video.i always look forward to Your holiday videos.They are what makes the holiday.It is like…what does Goddess Kyaa think about this holiday ? What ever holiday it may be.
    Well.. i would notice if i did NOT see Your middle finger.Your middle finger is my daily reminder to never forget where i belong.


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