Seattle, watch out!

I am just a few hours away from leaving for a one day mission to Seattle and back, the first of 2 I will be running this month. This first trip is just to pick up this friend of mine I mention in my vlog below, but the second will be much more fun. I will hopefully be meeting up with the Snobs & doing a short shoot of some kind. Nothing is confirmed yet so don’t get your hopes up too much, but my fingers are crossed it all works out. I will also be meeting up with a friend & doing lunch somewhere really nice, and you losers are treating us. I will then be going to a comedy show & then out on the town afterwards, all on your time, of course.


So get spending! Buy clips to keep me in my place at the top of the Kinkbomb rankings. Start with the 3 newest videos below in today’s clip update. As usual click the links to read the full descriptions & buy them now. Remember you can rate & leave comments to really show your devotion, but you can also remain totally anonymous on Kinkbomb. Just check the anonymous customer button while checking out & bam, you are another loser without a name buying videos & making me happy!

Anal Stretching Tease in blue pantyhose

I have two, brand new, gargantuan toys. One is a fat dildo that would rip a sissy in two…


Moment of Tease June 10 2011

In my little jean miniskirt & golden sandals I sit & tempt you into submission….


you will obey

One look at that preview image makes you ache. Stare at it a while, let yourself get good and horny….



The last little bit for the weekend before I sign out & relax before my trip tomorrow- I wrote up a sweet & slightly sadistic little something for slave b’s Domme Dose. I want all my slaves to head over there, read it, and comment! Don’t just leave a comment that says "I am commenting as per Domme Kyaa’s orders." That is bullshit. Read the post, come up with some sort of complement, perhaps dare I say, form an opinion (be careful though, you know you aren’t so great at this) or even just thank me for taking the time to write something up for you to read like that.

Click here to read & comment now on "A sub’s love – By Domme Kyaa" 


That’s all for now, losers. Perhaps I will post a photo or two from the road if I see some nice fat clip sales rolling in! Get to it, my fucknuts…


3 thoughts on “Seattle, watch out!

  1. Incredible
    Hello Goddess Kyaa.You look and sound beautiful!
    i am stunned at this very moment.You are not going to believe this.Just yesterday,i was talking to two different people about roommates.This is incredible ! These two people are close friends so they know,i am not a roommate person and have always said no roommates
    One reason is because of sissy mindi,those few hours in the morning.But yesterday out of the blue i was telling them if i could find the right person i might entertain the thought.My thinking is that it allows me to bring You more money.But i wont live with a male,and the more i thought about it a female is not going to work because You come first in my life and having a female roommate ? That is not going to work.But in my conversation i stress a lesbian or two ,lol, for a roommates.That is what i am speaking of when i am talking to them.
    It was just a ten minute conversation.i dont really want any roommates.You are the Goddess of this house,there is no room in my life for any others.i was just talking that’s all.Down deep, no roommates.
    The point of my being stunned is there is know way i could have known what Your vlog was going to be about.Roommates! i never bring it up and yesterday i did.
    It is so strange.So surreal.Wow!
    p.s. Last week it was the popcorn.i never buy popcorn, last week i buy popcorn and that evening You are eating popcorn that You do not do very often.The last time i bought popcorn was march 2010 when i went to see Alice in Wonderland in texas.

  2. ooohhh i LOVE the stockings in the last clip! so hot! i have a huge weakness for lingerie and you always have such great stockings where do you buy them? i just got a couple of cool pairs but sex shops and amazon don’t really have the QUALITY material i want you know?


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