neglecting you

I know, you have been aching for updates. My blog here has been deeply neglected… and yet I really don’t care. I have been *very* busy with shit that doesn’t involve you losers. I am preparing for a… thing… that is going to take up a lot of my time & money, but it’s the right thing to do. I may post a blog video talking about what’s going on in my personal life some but just know that whatever details I decide to share is what you will get to know. Asking questions about my personal life won’t get you anywhere. 

For now enjoy this vlog video from a few days ago. 


I will try to post some nice photos of me in that awesome tee shirt soon. I really love that thing… and it reminded me that I have this zazzle store! Now you can buy posters (beautiful large full HD prints!), mousepads with my face on them, mugs, tee shirts with humiliating phrases on them and much more. When you buy them I get a portion of the profits, but the point really is getting something special like that from me. In the near future I will be selling personalized memorabilia but right now there is all the Goddess Kyaa merchandise you can handle right here:

I noticed this morning that my pet goodboy4Kyaa bought the new B&W poster last night! As soon as he has it I will make sure I have him send me photos of him praying in front of it.
I will be posting up a massive clip update sometime today since I haven’t done one in ages. Then later this weekend I will be posting again, catching up on some awesome stuff that’s going on in the Empire of Kyaa.

For now- Read this post, watch the vlog video (rate it & comment of course) then leave a comment below thanking me for posting on my blog again for the first time in so long!

PS- Today I am going to get my mani-pedi! I won’t be home again until late this evening because afterwards I’m doing some shopping & running some errands before my girlfriend & I go out for dinner. When i get home though, if I don’t get distracted fucking her, I will post that massive clip update. Otherwise it will be posted early tomorrow. Either way make sure you go out and buy clips and rate them to really show me how thankful you are for this lil update! 

4 thoughts on “neglecting you

  1. Thank You so much, Goddess!
    A post by Goddess Kyaa really makes my day – always! i just wish You knew, how much Your efforts are appreciated by me. Being a totally unworthy betamale and yet i have a chance to follow the activities of the Queen of my world.
    i am very grateful – and at the same time longing, aching and yearning and as Your lovely T shirt really spells out, it is totally clear to me, what to do!

  2. Thank You for the update as i love to see what is going on in the life of the most beautiful one. glad to see you received and showed cat mask even though it looks like you don’t really like it šŸ˜¦ Sorry for upsetting you, i really have to try to break my addiction for you. the obsession is controlling my actions and pissing you off, not healthy. after this next or next few clips, whatever you decide i think i should take a few steps back. you will always be the greatest of all to me though. forever enslaved by your beauty, joe

  3. Guilty
    This video gets better every time i see it.Thank You Goddess Kyaa for taking Your precious time to post this.And thank you for allowing me to get Your poster.i could not wait so it should be here tomorrow via overnight shipping..giggle..YES! i have been wanting a poster so bad.i feel guilty about feeling good,,all because of You Goddess Kyaa!


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