holy fetish, batman!

Gifts gifts gifts…

I do so love all the gifts my pets send me. Just the other day I got this package from my butlerdorky, a bible & $500 cash. How fun is that? There is something about this photo that really tickles me… something about being a financial dominatrix receiving a cash tribute and a religious text in the same box… It’s not quite irony, but it sure is funny. Still, good job butlerdorky! I am looking forward to your next visit. After you take me shopping again perhaps I will sit down with you and we can discuss this book in depth. 

I also picked up a metric fuckton of kinky packages filled with very naughty items. I made a 11 minute video blog to show off all these brutal new toys of mine. What wasn’t bought directly off my wishlist was paid for with my gift card balance, which is now low. So after watching this free video you can send an amazon.com gift card to Domme.Kyaa@gmail.com to fund my next sadistic shopping spree.

As per usual- watch the video the rate it & leave a comment if you haven’t already!

The weather continues to get nicer here each day. Yesterday we took the cat down the paths behind the house for the first time, discovering even more trippy carved art out there. I had my girlfriend snap this photo for me & loved it so much I decided to share. If you follow me on twitter you would have gotten to see this a yesterday!

I have had a lot of new prospective slaves contacting me recently. Very few of them have made any kind of impression, much less a good one. I won’t waste time telling you what not to do, I’m sure you can figure out a slew of things not to do all on your very own. This is one example of a good start to your life of worship though:


It’s far from perfect but pet-lucid has the right idea… he started with a clip, then followed the directions in that clip by sending a gift card (and a decent amount too, not some pitiful $25!) and a politely written email. This is a good example of how to begin your life of worship. Of course, pet-lucid is going to have to get over his silly fear of committing to his new life of service, but still, it’s a good start.

I also got a very funny call last night on Niteflirt. This late 20’s southern boy with a thick accent claiming he was submitting "for the first time"… I made him kneel and stroke (again, claiming he never did anything like that before) then he told me again and again that he wanted me to tell him to do whatever I want. I warned him that I am sadistic, dangerous, that he ought to watch out… but again he begged me to do whatever I want with him. So I had him fetch some duct tape and apply it to various parts of his body and then stroke for a while before ripping it off his skin. Eventually he produced a band for his balls and and his girlfriends pink vibrator. He insisted once again that he had never really done anything like this and he was not sure how to do it… so I mockingly walked him through finding his prostate gland and made him ride his girls vibrator while stroking and spanking his bound balls. He stayed on the phone for well over an hour at $5 a minute and left some amusing feedback. The bitch still owes me a tribute to show his thanks… perhaps if he reads my blog this will be a reminder:

*edited to add a screenshot of his feedback below- 

I’ll leave you losers with some orders for the day:

1. There are two clips I really want to see topping the charts, two clips I feel every loser out there needs. Buy both of these clips, rate them and leave a review telling all the other losers how badly they need that video. The first video is a beautiful and powerful reminder of my place on a pedestal high above you. The second video there is actually based off of something I did to a loser in high school so buy it now & dream of being my short lil cuckolded virgin boyfriend. Buy them both, rate & leave reviews! That’s order #1 for Thursday/Friday of this week.

Queen of your word
I am the all powerful Queen of your pathetic loser world. I rule over an Empire of dedicated male slaves and you are but one of them. This video is just one small reminder of why you are my devoted slave and I am the Queen of your whole world. Soon you will be kneeling in reverent worship, stroking for the seductive Queen of your dreams. Piercing your soul with my intense blue eyed gaze I remind you of why I am the Queen, how I rule over you with my perfect young body and superior mind, and you will be thankful for the reminder. My perky breasts in that tight corset and juicy royal ass are just two reasons why I am the undisputed and all powerful Queen of your world… and you know I will list many more.
Click, pay, obey. It is time to serve your Queen.

Cuck HS: Cuckolded by your girlfriend & sister POV fantasyI’m the hot girl at your high school you just can’t stop thinking about, always looking at my legs and ass, my pretty face and long blond hair. We have several classes together in the small town high school we attend and when I stop you in the stairwell on the way to out next class and wait for the others to go on without us you start to wonder what I want from you… after all, a hot bratty girl like me would have nothing to do with you if we didn’t sit next to each other in class. I’m tall and beautiful, you are short and ugly.
I stop you in the stairs between classes and tell you a secret, a secret you cannot tell anyone else. Something like this getting around in this small town wouldn’t be good… I like girls. I mean, I really like girls… your sister in particular. So I figured out a work around… we are going to tell everyone that we are dating. I am going to let you hold my books, carry my sweater, you will clean out my locker and do whatever else I want, but you will get to tell everyone that I am your girlfriend. The catch is that we won’t really be dating, I will be too busy fucking your sister and laughing at you. Once we tell our parents that we are dating we can do sleepovers but your mom will want me to stay in your sisters room since it isn’t "appropriate" for a girl and a boy our age to share a room all night. Ha! That old bitch has no clue that we will be fucking all night while you jerk your tiny dick with your ear pressed up against the wall.
*edit- NOTE! This clip will be sold at a reduced price for the next few days, there is really no excuse to now buy this now.

2. After you have finished the instructions from order #1 you must comment on this post, confessing your obedience and how thankful you are I made you buy those videos.

3. Go buy something off my wishlist! I have added several new items to my Most Wanted list, so shop now. There are quite a few inexpensive items (books, nail polish & more) so there is no excuse to not get something small at least! http://amzn.com/w/2ZFHE4EPTQZVA
That’s all for now, folks. Follow the 3 smile orders I have given you above and you can rest tonight and dream like a good boy of being my high school boyfriend, laying as still as you can in the dark to hear your sister and I moaning and breathing heavily in the room next to yours while your parents sleep on the other end of the house…

UPDATE: Good job, boys! I told you to get my new clip in the #1 spot for hot clips of the day and less than 12 hours later, you’ve done it! This means you will be rewarded with a follow-up clip to the Cuck High School video. I can already tell this is going to turn into my most popular series ever! If you haven’t bought the HS Cuck video yet, do it now ! I want to see it topping the charts as the best selling clip on the site by the end of the week. 

10 thoughts on “holy fetish, batman!

  1. Dream
    So I had a dream last night about Goddess Kyaa… I haven’t spoken to her in quite some time. I’m not sure what triggered this dream. In my dream Goddess Kyaa was actively involved in bending me to her will. I was completely flabbergasted. Why would this divine woman pay any attention to me?
    I contacted Goddess Kyaa today, feeling guilty about the unauthorized dream. She instructed me to purchase something off of her wishlist, which I did.
    Upon reflecting, my dream did come true. I have received attention from Goddess Kyaa. I am a very lucky man.

  2. Thank You Goddess Kyaa
    Oh Goddess Kyaa your vid scared this sissy so much. God i WAS THINKING ABOUT YOU TREATING my penis LIKE THAT

  3. we are unworthy of Your kindness !
    Divine One You are so kind to us, i know i am not worthy of You, yet You Bless us each and every day.
    Thank You so much !!

  4. Great clips!!!
    Thank You for making me buy the clips, Goddess! You truely are my Queen and i am Your subject.
    Cuckolding clip brought back some memories, when i have been listening to sounds of passionate lovemaking in adjoining room and me jerking my horny dicklet to a porn magazine.
    I am looking forward to a summer of worship. You are the loveliest, Goddess Kyaa!


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