excitement! wow! yay!

 It’s a busy day for me so I don’t have time to fuck around with bullshit. Prepare to be thankful.

First! In case you haven’t heard yet, my pet  is going to be allowed to fly across the country to serve me in person for nearly a week. This is very exciting, almost more exciting for all you pathetic losers who will never earn this honor. Why? Because you get to live out your filthy fantasies through my sissies suffering, of course!

I am encouraging everybody to chime in with whatever ideas for clips you might have for his stay with me. It’s not that I don’t have more than enough humiliating and useful tasks for him to complete. I could easily fill the whole 5 days he will be here will chores. Cleaning, working, clearing debris in the yard, etc. Then there are all the other fun things I want to do like bondage, throat fucking, making him sleep in the cage, taking him to a park for a walk like a good doggy, and some other super secret uber hot and intense stuff that you won’t get to hear about until I release the videos.

So losers comment now with your dream clip idea involving myself and my slave sissy mindi. And ladies, feel free to suggest anything you might find funny- I really plan on putting this bitch through the ropes for our amusement!

Also, one day in early August I will be broadcasting a live humiliation session with sissy mindi! Make sure you keep watching for updates. In July I will announce the exact day and time the broadcast will begin so you can set that day aside. This will be something special, not to be missed!

Next up- I am going to be doing a *huge* wishlist haul post later today. It’s actually a bunch of kinky stuff bought with my gift card balance, some of which is going in a CBT package for a loser in the UK. There is also a special package on the way to me from my pet  which I am quite looking forward to picking up when it arrives. I love the idea of my pets sending me precious antiques and family heirlooms to go on the shelves in my studio. This will be the first of many 100+ year old gifts my slaves will find and send to me. 

Thirdly (?) I answered some questions for The Domme Dose. Check it out here, losers: http://dommedose.com/main/domme-writeups/goddess-kyaa-write-up/ Then you need to comment on it, thank me and bruce at The Domme Dose for the writeup that I’m sure will make your little loser dick drippy & wet.

Aaaand, lastly for now- clip updates!

White Satin Corset Worship

My white satin corset fits so well and is such a classic piece of lingerie I made a worship video just for it!


Leg Addiction Fix

Can you feel that craving taking over you, my hopeless leg addict? Just thinking of stroking long and hard…


Sunlit Goddess Humiliates My Shut In Nerds!

Standing in a large window with sunlight streaming in, totally back-lit but with the light strong enough in the…  



I’m going to be out picking op packages and going shopping this afternoon. Tomorrow you losers can expect to see a hot vlog and some other sexy updates. For now, don’t forget to comment like I instructed at the beginning of this post. I will repost the best ideas for sissy mindi and eventually post a poll so you losers can all vote on my favorite ideas!

I’m off to have fun. Work hard bitches!

7 thoughts on “excitement! wow! yay!

  1. The Redemption of Kyaaism
    WOW Goddess Kyaa! This wayward little Kyaaist thanks You for making it watch Your videos and go through Your blog and comment on the contents. It feels like the Catholic schoolchild who didn’t attend mass often enough, and must be punished for its transgression. What You are about to do to goodboy4kyaa, and Your inescapable sunlit summer of worship clip, has Your little chastity slut wishing only to kneel at Your altar and beg for confession and forgiveness from The Goddess Kyaa.

  2. Re: Two Problems
    Congratulations for the great opportunity that awaits you!!! You are one lucky guy!
    What i really recommend is to ask Goddess to let you lick Her boots clean ASAP. i have been lucky for being allowed to do it in real life twice for two different dommes. Done properly it takes a while and i can assure it is really rewarding. You enter a meditative state and really feel Her power.
    A naked man licking a beautiful woman’s boots is also a very touching footage!
    Your blog is also great!


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