Clip updates to blow your mind!

Not only have I released a whole batch of intensly arousing and addicting causing clips but I am having a massive sale today! Only my Twitter followers were able to find out about it early… yet another reason you should be following me and checking my twitter multiple times a day, just in case. One never knows when I will do something so sexy and kind you won’t be able to resist. Like how right now you can get %25 off sales over $25 on my Kinkbomb store. Go there now to get the coupon code and begin buying up all the videos you can afford!

Underdesk Upskirt Ignore

My camera is under my desk at about knee level looking up my little cheerleader skirt as I put on some makeup and play with my hair…

Sweaty Pantyhose Toes Stroke Instructions

Starting with my hot fetish stilletos on I begin telling you how sweaty my feet get when I tease losers in my heels…


Yes, No, Maybe? Panty Orgasm Control Game

When I started filming this clip I truly hadn’t decided whether or not to make you cum for me, or if instead I would deny you once again…


Forever Changed by the Dark Goddess Kyaa

Kneeling before me you will fall deeper than ever under my ever lasting spell….


Patent Red & Black Fetish Platform Heel Worship

My fetish platforms are like something out of a dream for a heel loving loser like you. …


Evil Goddess Kyaa : Humiliation & Forced Orgasms

Sadistic, cruel, mean, unforgiving, twisted… these are just a few of the words some people have used to describe me. I am also fucking gorgeous…


Torture Time #2: Endless Dry Jerk

In an exquisite ensemble of black and red lingerie I will drive your pathetic meat mad with desire until it is red and raw for me…


Footslave Heaven

Perfect size 9s, totally naked with a slight sheen of footsweat: the definition of heaven to a foot fetishist…

Click to Buy At Kinkbomb

Goddess Kyaa Gives You A Facial!

If I had a big cock to stroke I’d squirt it all over your face. I don’t have a cock, but I do have a smoking hot body and a wicked desire to make you humiliate yourself…

Click To Buy At Kinkbomb

Looking Down My Top – POV Breast Fetish Humiliation

Even as a lesbian I don’t get your total obession with tits. Yes, I love breasts. I love playing with them,…

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Exist for Me – Ass Worship

I am the reason for your existence, your reason for being. To please me is why you live and breathe, your life is mine

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Visit my clips store today, submit to your addiction.


3 thoughts on “Clip updates to blow your mind!

  1. Morning Worship of Goddess Kyaa
    There is no better way for me to begin my day after first Praying to Goddess Kyaa then crawling to my alter to see that She has spoken through Her journal to feed my addiction to Her.
    As i look at these videos over and over and over again,this morning it really reminds me how undeserving i am to be Owned By Goddess Kyaa.What i mean to say is i know deep inside my rotten soul 24hrs a day, that i do not deserve to bow down at Her feet.But in my daily work being Her slave,i just kind of take it in stride,that “i know i am undeserving” as i work for Her.When i am working i know i am working for Goddess Kyaa.Being so undeserving to be Owned by Her makes me want to work harder for Her.
    i have now been looking at this update for two hours haha,
    my loser life is Owned by Goddess Kyaa.i do only exist to please Her so therefore i need all of these Holy Video Scriptures.They are nourishment for my sinful soul.They are the direction for my loser life.
    Having a hard time shutting up when i speak of the Perfection of Goddess Kyaa !Really though it is quite simple.Buy all of Her Videos and OBEY them.OBEY GODDESS KYAA !


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