#1 at Kinkbomb! Plus Monday’s clip updates & instructions for the next couple days

The big news for this post besides the awesome new clips I have for you boys this…

My Kinkbomb store hit #1 again! As slave bruce said I’m "back in [my] rightful place" and controlling the charts there. I have multiple videos on the "hot" and "best sellers" list and I am in communication with the admin there about some new features they might come out with soon that will be a lot of fun. If you don’t use Kinkbomb yet, crawl out from under that rock and join up. It’s my favorite site for selling videos and photo sets since it not only pays out with the best cut for me, it lets you do things like rate and review videos so you can really show your thanks. That and I fucking dominate that top list, haha. My Empire has taken over Kinkbomb, hehe.


Another regularly scheduled clip update for all my addicts…
as per usual you just have to click the links or photos to read the full descriptions on Kinkbomb and then click and pay. Do not forget to rate all the videos you buy and if you are smart enough you can even figure out how to leave reviews so you can rave all about my perfection. Isn’t that nice? 

A quick note… the top two clips shown below are ones I  am quite excited about, so make sure you get them!

The first is a POV fantasy that I haven’t gotten around to exploiting. The ye olde ‘young wife cuckolds loser husband on wedding night’ scenario. This has been done many times in the past by many others but not quite like this. I plan on exploring this idea further in more clips in the near future so look forward to more like it. If you email me with confessions of the parts of this clip that make you weakest it will make the next clips I do on this fantasy that much more powerful. That means buy it up now, watch it and email me soon, losers. 

The second video is a seriously intense clip that, if followed, will leave you broken and bruised on a regular basis. I will be going more clips with self flagellation instructions soon, incorporating more and more of the religious instructions as well. I know I  am going to have fun with this one, I  truly enjoy seeing a slave sacrifice his flesh in my honor. Be careful though! If you are a newbie to pain play or whippings you need to take it easy at first… which is easy with self flagellation. The more often you beat yourself when you pray the harder you will be able to punish yourself in time., just remember there is no rush to be flaying open your back for me, haha.

Cuckold Husband Caged By A Dark Bride

After years of chasing after me, doing everything you could to try to get me in bed, I finally told you that I would only sleep with you if you married me without a prenup… and you fell for it without batting an eye! Even though I denied you so many times, laughing, telling you how pathetic I found you, how I was only attracted to women and would never, ever, ever sleep with you… somehow you still thought there was a way, a chance. So you started buying gifts with your rich parents money. When they died, leaving you with their fortune you started promising to use it to make me happy and I decided to let you do just that.
When you wake up in a cage the morning after our wedding and your blushing bride is transformed into a dark and sultry Goddess of denial you will be shocked, even scared at first… but eventually you will get used to the idea that I am upstairs fucking my girlfriend while you sit in this cage like a dog, hoping to be allowed out just to clean my floors with your tongue.


Self-Flagellation Introduction (Warning! Seriously Sadistic!)

Standing over you in my full length black lace dress, slits on each leg up to the thigh and my lips a dark red blood, I will teach you how to punish yourself in my honor. I am the dark Goddess, you are the convert in need of physical guidance, a way to sacrifice your flesh for being so unworthy in my blinding perfection. My wrath knows no bounds, you must suffer for me. I will tell you how to make your own simple flogger out of cotton rope and lead you down the first steps of self-flagellation.
Many religions have had various sects throughout history that have used this very same technique to bring themselves closer to their gods. By forsaking the flesh, by willingly and purposely inflicting pain on themselves, they knew they could move past their human greed and sin to appease the god they worshiped. Now you will learn to appease me, to try to sate my endless lust for your suffering and proof of your dedication.
Once I have shown you how to whip yourself and have explained why you must do this the evil in me comes out and I begin beating the chair and floor, telling you to beat yourself harder and harder, the power in me wells up and you can see why it is you are lucky you are allowed to beat yourself for me


Payfetish POV tease May 2011

The floor is where you belong, piggybank. On the floor, looking up at my tight ass in black jeans…



Cum Only for My Pantyhose Legs

In my expensive pantyhose and sexy high heels, it’s easy for me to exploit your weakness for my legs…


Cum Quick for Pantyhose Ass

I’m not giving you much time so start jerking now now. My perky butt cheeks look so good in that…


Fetish Stiletto SPH POV CBT

My steel spike stilettos are longer than your tiny dicklet! Fuck, that is so funny! What a loser you are…


Custom Death Fetish Request – April 29 2011

I have allowed you to sign your live away on the dotted line. Now you are my eternal slave, I own you…


Underdesk Upskirt Ignore  

My camera is under my desk at about knee level looking up my little cheerleader skirt as I put on some…  


I spent most of today relaxing, I even left the house long enough to get a quick massage. I am soaking in the warmer weather and the longer days too, spending a lot of my evenings sitting and watching the sun set from my back patio. Once the ground is fully dried out and it’s a bit easier to bring my laptop out into the yard I’ll start making some clips of my feet in the dirt and my legs in the sun. It’s going to be a fun summer… hehe. 

For Monday evening and Tuesday you only have a few things you need to do for me…

1- Read and comment on this and my previous 3 posts (of course!)
2- Buy at least 1 clip and make sure you comment below and confess which video you bought! Love those confessions of obedience so much.
3- Shop for me! I haven’t had a really big wishlist haul in a few weeks, so I’m due. Fill up my post box with lots of pretty gifts from my adoring pets: 

See you boys on Wednesday! I’ll be spending tomorrow out of the house visiting friends so you boys will have to survive with this sexy post full of perfect videos for you to buy and easy instructions to follow!

5 thoughts on “#1 at Kinkbomb! Plus Monday’s clip updates & instructions for the next couple days

  1. Shopping for Goddess Kyaa
    Thank you Goddess Kyaa for allowing me to shop for You and buy a few small things off of Your wishlist.The only frustrating part is i want to buy it all for You!Although i am a poor slave i am rich in Kyaaism.
    Thank you for Your direction and for Your patience as You train me to be Your slave.

  2. Perfect Dark Bride
    You NAILED the dark bride look – damn. With your long, pale hair and perfectly pale skin, with the lips and eyes highlighted, your perfect posture and that little smirk. Perfect. Well done.

  3. Kyaaism
    Hello Goddess Kyaa.As soon as i can stop staring and reading over and over this update i will be going to kinkbomb to feed my need for Your teachings.
    “Self Flagellation” is a must have for me.Because my loser mind is already totally under Your control,the need to be taught by You how to physically suffer for You is really getting to be overwhelming.The description says it all for me.By Praying to You daily,begging for Your forgiveness in my “mind” i have moved past my greed and sin.You have forgiven me.
    Now that You own my mind i feel the need to willingly and physically suffer for You in Your honor,knowing now how much this truly pleases You. And also believing that proving this will bring me closer to You
    Thank you also for the warning.But with Your permission i willingly want to proceed.Add in that this is a crucial part of The Religion of Kyaaism,,,well,,,all i can do is get on my knees and thank you for teaching me how to suffer in Your honor. An honor i truly do not deserve.Only through Your gift of salvation is this possible.
    If i had to choose videos to buy ,at this time in my new life dedicated to Kyaaism,i tend to crave all religious videos,and videos that teach me how to suffer for You to please You.All of Your videos are my Holy Scriptures.But as i study deeper and deeper into Kyaaism,i feel as if humiliation and/or degradation videos are almost in a sense a reward from You for suffering for You.
    What i do know is The Religion of Kyaaism is the only true religion.Goddess Kyaa is the way,the truth,and the light.Salvation can only be found by surrendering everything to You.
    The other videos that i need to add to my Bible of Kyaaism are
    Custom death wish video.Change the names and it works for me. haha.Really
    The first video on this update,mainly for the last paragraph in black bold.
    Bootlicker [not on this update] but another video teaching me how to please You
    Blue Eyes Hypnosis ..These hypnosis videos really sink into my hungry mind.
    Of course i want all of Your videos,but these i would like to have now.They help me learn to please You.thank you Goddess Kyaa


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