May the fourth be with you! (financial domination fun, clip updates & geek girl goodness)

Financial domination is fun!

For a while there I just wasn’t paying attention to amazon, hadn’t been pushing gift cards and had spent up my balance. Then suddenly over the course of 2 days I got a ton of gcs and this was the final balance after I added them all today.

I woke up late yesterday morning to find this long string of 4am paymail purchases on NF and my account balance there fit to burst before I had even had coffee. What a pleasant surprise! I don’t do shit with NF anymore so it was really amusing to see that. I might try making a push there again but charging extra to make up for the high percentage they charge me for using the site.

Fat Kinkbomb purchases like that drain losers account of hundreds of dollars at once are keeping me in the top studios list at all times.

Even as I was working on this post my sissy twinky spent $200 on my Kinkbomb store! In the past month this loser has bought, rated and left a review for 23 clips! What a hard little worker! Keep it up, and hopefully when others follow your example there won’t be a single un-rated or un-reviewed clip on my KB store.
Don’t worry, though, even if you are a poor little bitch small orders do put a smile on my face. Like the one above. A single clip and a cum tax tribute. Perfect. Enough to make me grin in public when I check my mail from my cell phone. When my girlfriend asks me what I’m smirking about and I tell her we both giggle, knowing some loser out there has paid a "cum tax" in advance of his pathetic jerk fest- funding whatever it is we are doing at the time.

Oh. That’s right… clips4sale. I forgot about that. Haven’t added a clip in over a month. Maybe I should think about doing that… seems there are still lots of losers there buying my videos. So jack up those prices and add them, losers can overpay if they want. What do I care? Ha, it’s all mine in the end.
Once again your regularly scheduled dose of clip updates. Just a few today, but don’t fret, pets- there are many more on the way in the (heh) ‘cumming’ days (Couldn’t help myself! Fuck, that was awful/cheese-filled.) Click the links to read the full descriptions!


 Red Gets The BBC – Gingertroll humiliation

This is a custom video request for a red headed ginger troll, a total fucking loser covered in ugly orange …

Lazy Late-Night Lipstick Testing: Bright Pink!

Late at night I open up a package of lipstick bought by some little loser just like you…

Gangbang Fantasy Fuckover LIVE Skype call with Domme Kyaa & Leah Star

Wow, what a fucking video! After reviewing this I was tempted to break it into parts and charge $50…

 Late Night Lipstick Tease 2

After filming myself applying layer after layer of neon pink lipstick late at night I decided that there was ….



And to end the night… 

I look better in this Jedi bathrobe than anyone who has ever bought one. It’s giant on me, that strange dusty orange, and I love the thing. I wear it all the time and since today is May 4th, aka Star Wars Day, it’s a perfect photo to share.

Does that make your little dorky dicklet all stiff as you sit there in front of your computer? Go buy a clip and try to make up for being such a useless dork. At least I am a hot geek girl with brains and a hot body… oh yeah, and a life. Speaking of which, I am going to go spend the rest of the night gaming with my girlfriend. The Sony networks are down but we also have an Xbox360 so it’s Call of Duty time! I plan on getting a few headshots and heading to bed with her once we have pissed a few boys off in game. What we do next is none of your fucking business… just know we won’t be thinking about you. 

Tomorrow when I wake up, though, I’ll check my email for clip sales and tributes and I expect to see many of them! My pets can look forward to a long day of drooling over my on glamworship as I film clips (including several customs and a vlog!) and post more here on LJ. I know, I’m crazy productive. Keep me motivated by emptying your wallet.

4 thoughts on “May the fourth be with you! (financial domination fun, clip updates & geek girl goodness)

  1. thank you
    Love the bathrobe photo Goddess Kyaa!Cannot wait to be allowed to buy these new clips.i have the first one,love Your dildos.i never need to be reminded where i belong,,on my knees

  2. A pleasure to serve!
    Goddess Kyaa deserves the world! The most amazing woman on earth! All the clips are fantastic but I can’t stress how fucking hot that ‘think pink’ clip is. If any losers out there haven’t bought it yet – don’t waste another second. It’s AWESOME!


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