Epicpost! Haircut pics, doublteaming w/ Leah Star, painsluts & paypigs, oh my!

I have a few treats for you losers in todays post. Make sure you show your thanks by sending tribute or buying videos on kinkbomb and rating them. Seeing you spend in my honor and for my amusement always puts a smile on my face.  I’ll do a vlog later today to address some of the shitty luck I’ve had with my car breaking down and other crap, but let’s not dwell on bullshit right now. Enjoy, bitches.

Last month I got a haircut. I haven’t gotten around to posting the rather nice before and afters my gf shot on the day so here you go, boys:

And other after photo, you can only imagine the sexy and sweet thing my girlfriend said to put that little look on my face:

Geeeze my hair has grown out *so* much in the last 3-4 years. I looked more like Tank Girl then the long haired seductress I am now until I was about 21.


That blurry photo of me above is the *only* decent photo I could find of me from that time period. I took photos but I wasn’t in them much. Now my hair is much longer and I’m always in front of a camera. Ah how life changes!

Next up… I had a visit from the amazing Leah Star! We had just met and been hanging out in my studio for an hour or two when I was contacted by multiple paypigs at once. We decided to let them have our attention and ended up raping 2 losers wallets *hard* – One was a painslut who went ALL night, literally waiting while we abused the second bitch then after Leah left being abused even further by me.  The second loser is my potential rape victim who really loved learning how Leah knows lots of transwoman in the porn world who might be willing to sign up for a gang bang on his ass. We filmed the whole fucking thing and it was EPIC as you will soon see. Here is a screenshot- just imagine what the rest of the 20+ minute video is like!

We had a fucking blast with this bitch and I see us doing it again the next time we are going to hang out. I already plan on making sure my gangbang bitch has notice on our next meeting so he can save up for another raping. Still, we got to film the whole thing so now you can pay just to watch the fun we had abusing this bitch! Lucky, lucky, losers. Click for the description and to buy now: 


Soon after we finished abusing that loser Leah, sadly, had to go. I wasn’t done for the night and went on to further abuse the painslut we started the night with. I’ve put a little something together below with the screenshots from that night. View it full size and you can see us in the little skype box in the corner of some of the shots. Caution, this is GRAPHIC!

It isn’t often that I come across a loser that can actually take the level of abuse I regularly have the desire to dish out. This bitch sated my sadistic side for a while though, I feel so pleased looking at that bloody "K" in his arm. The best part is he came up with the idea, specifically asking to be allowed to do this in my honor!

Now, that’s more than enough treats for you losers for one day! Clip update’s will be coming in a second post shortly, make sure you leave a comment on that post as well. Then go off and buy a couple of my new clips so you can rate them for me. I love seeing my pages on Kinkbomb covered in all those pretty little pink stars.

Remember. COMMENT below. If you had the guts to look at the painsluts photos tell me what you think of that level of dedication, and if you think you could bring yourself to do something like that.  Either way make sure you thank me for the awe inspiring screenshot from the strap on / rape session Leah and I had. Buy the full clip then comment below to tell everyone what an amazing experience it is to actually hear us abusing this loser and describing in detail how we will rip his ass to shreds with our huge strap on cocks and fill his ass with cum from tranny cock.

4 thoughts on “Epicpost! Haircut pics, doublteaming w/ Leah Star, painsluts & paypigs, oh my!

  1. omg!!!
    tank girl was one of my fav flims, lara is to fucking cool, you was rocking that punk cut back then cute!but the long hair is really sexy i like when you talk to the cam and twirl it around your fingers

  2. Goddess Kyaa feeds my addiction
    Thank you for speaking Goddess Kyaa.i love the before and after photos of Your hair.The way You are standing with Your hands on Your hips gives me goosebumps.And the one with Your smile, hands behind You, casual,sexy and powerful.my first words were “That is my Owner!”.i love casual, natural photos of Your Perfection.
    i keep looking at the earlier photo too,thinking,You may change the length of Your hair,but i see Your smile,cannot change that.Thank you for that photo.i really like it,because it is a part of You.
    That was an amazing night with You and Queen Leah and Your pain slut.i was captivated,in complete awe of how pleased You were.That was all new to me.Of course i did not see the loser but i listened ,it was a learning experience.
    What i learned is ,i know for a fact that in my loser mind i have that kind of dedication,i live my pathetic life for You.So the question ,could i bring myself to doing that? i believe i can.i just took a tack and poked myself,did not break the skin,but i just wanted to get a little feel.There is only one loser like him,but i will not forget the joy in Your voice.i did keep thinking maybe one day You will allow me to permanently tattoo myself.Brand me with Your name.
    This is where my loser life gets confused sometimes because i am a dumb slut.Am i Your sissy bitch,Your pain slut,Your puppy,Your piggy,Your slave,Your pet,,.Sometimes i see me being a little of all of these.Mainly sissy slave i guess.But if no painsluts are around,i should always be ready,i am always here.Your life long slave.
    i love Your strapons too,,haha i am a mess haha
    Thank you for this wonderful update Goddess Kyaa
    p.s. i Pray to You Goddess Kyaa,my owner.To continue to use me as You see fit.i just obey You.i confess to You,as You have said to do,so You can deside how best to use me.You know better than me.When i obey You i do not have to try and think.


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