Clips galore!

I was really busy about a week and a half ago, about to post some big updates full of clips, news, some funny stories about slaves and much much more… but then I fell sick rather suddenly. I didn’t get seriously ill but I felt like crap for the last week and then some. I am just about back at %100 but before I do any other sort of updating there is one thing I need to post… a fucking massive & ultra hot clip update with heaps of double team clips. Remember to leave a comment and thank me for getting this up before I finally go to bed… since it’s 3am right now. Enjoy shitheads!

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Click the pics to buy each clip!

So, you want me to fuck you?

(note this one is particularly brutal and so fucking sexy it hurts. buy it now.)
So, you want me to fuck you? (720p HD)

So, loser… me want to fuck you? Really, really want me to fuck you?
 Do you dream about it day and night, huh bitch? This isn’t going to have the happy ending you have been dreaing about, pervert. I know you want to lay your hands on my holy body, you want to feel the ultimate rush of a long hot fuck from the perfect woman… but that is one wet dream that will never come true. Bend over, bitch! To get fucked by me has a twisted double meaning I intend to drive deep into your dirty ass. Click & pay, pervert. This is one of the HOTTEST videos ever, just hearing me ask the question "do you want to fuck me?" while standing above you in only some boots, a bra & panties and my giant strap on cock is more then most losers will be able to stand. Fucking your ass is highly encourage while watching this video!

Sissy Date POV – Domme Kyaa & Lady Berlin

Sissy Date POV - Domme Kyaa & Lady Berlin (720p HD)

Tonight is going to be a fun night for you, sissy! Lady Berlin & I have decided to hook you up with a big hairy butch gay guy we know who is really aching for some twink slut ass and we have decided to whore you out!
 We aren’t even taking any money for this one, but you are going to put out like every drop of cum you suck down will fill our bank accounts with thousands of dollars. We have you kneeling before us as we instruct you on how to get ready for your date and how to behave for your date. We make sure you have lots of tips on exactally how to please him for us, and we make sure you know that no matter how rough he gets, no matter how dirty he gets, you will take it and follow his orders like they are our orders. —- Click and pay now, my sissy slut! This is one of the sexiest POV feminization fatasy clips you will ever see… follow the instructions we give you even though you can’t go out on a date for us! By the time you are done you will be all dolled up, shaved, ass clean and ready to be fucked… the list goes on, you will be primed and ready to really get fucked for us!

Sick Goddess Coughing & Nose Blowing

Sick Goddess Coughing & Nose Blowing (720p HD)
I was sick last week and after making a quick blog I took the time to make this… now I don’t know why anyone would even spend a few dollars to see me sick and tired, coughing and blowing my nose.  So I really rip into the viewer, telling you, the loser who buys this clip, what a fucking pathetic bitch you are for wanting to see my snot and hear me coughing. I show you my long neck as I cough, letting you see the muscles contort as I have a deep loud coughing fit. Then I blow my nose, telling you how disgusting I think you are for paying to see me when I feel like shit. Just buy it already, you are already a pathetic pervert, this won’t make it any worse.

custom for maxipad – Worship Goddess Kyaa Day & Night

custom for maxipad - Worship Goddess Kyaa Day & Night (full HD)
My slave maxipad has given up his previous religion to convert to Kyaaism. Now he is being instructed on the proper ways of worship. Forever more he must kneel dawn and dusk to pray and worship, jerking his dick and obsessing over my beautiful body, giving thanks to my boots and the ground I walk on. Follow along, this may be for my slave maxipad but you can watch it and learn quite a lot! Any slave can take away a lesson here.Learn to become a better Kyaaist today, my helpless proselytes!

Weak For Jiggles: Berlin’s Tits & Kyaa’s Ass- Silent Mindfucking

Weak For Jiggles: Berlin's Tits & Kyaa's Ass- Silent Mindfucking (720p HD)
This is a looped clip, just a little more than 1 minute of wiggling jiggling bouncing tits and ass. With my perky bum and her supple boobies in your face and nothing but silences, you will watch this clip over and over again… and you can do it anywhere! Put this on your laptop or phone and bring it with you to work, watch it while in the same room as your wife, while in a coffee shop, anywhere at all. Be our brainwashed loser, drooling non-stop over our soft round parts that make you so weak. There is no resisting, just watch that gif. It’s fucking with your mind already, you feel yourself wanting to see the full clip, to see it full screen, in detail. Click and pay now, you need this clip. So hypnotizing and sexy it hurts.

Domme Kyaa & Lady Berlin – Double Team Weekend Update 03-18-2011

Domme Kyaa & Lady Berlin - Double Team Weekend Update 03-18-2011
We were about to begin a weekend of double teaming bitches and decided to film this little teaser. Find out what we were up to that weekend and how to buy custom double team videos or see us on cam.

Dual Ass Hypno – Golden Latex Asses Brainwashing

Dual Ass Hypno - Golden Latex Asses Brainwashing (720p HD)
Our tight young asses look even better somehow when wrapped in ultra tight shiny gold latex pants. The weakness you have for ass is going to make it impossible not to click and pay, you need to see this video. To watch our asses rocking back and forth, pumping and grinding side by side, the light shining off our golden latex pants, our voices seducing you into total submission… this video is extremely erotic, humiliating and will make you feel like you have been put under a spell by our swinging asses. This isn’t a hardcore hypnosis clip, more of a light brainwashing, a video that will get inside your head more and more with each viewing, making you dream of those golden asses up above you, guiding you in your life of slavery like the sun leads you West as it sets.

Lesbian Legs – Domme Kyaa & Lady Berlin 3-19-2011

Lesbian Legs - Domme Kyaa & Lady Berlin 3-19-2011 (720p HD)
We are wearing matching white sheer thigh high stockings and nude high heels and we are going to use our 2 hot pairs of legs to drive you fucking nuts. If you are a good leg boy you might even get to cum for our silky sexy legs! These aren’t just any legs, these are the long legs of two fucking perfect lesbians that will be cuckolding you as you jerk. Soon you will be worshiping as we run our fingers up and down each others legs, teasing and describing how soft and warm they are, things you will never experience. When you worship this video you will get to watch us tease you with our legs from all angles, sitting, standing, moving hypnotically in unison, even tangled together! By the end of this clip our legs are entwined, our bodies close, leaning over to flip you off as we rub our legs together.

Goddesses Hate Tiny Dicks: SPH Self Facial Instructions- Domme Kyaa & Lady Berlin

Goddesses Hate Tiny Dicks: SPH Self Facial Instructions- Domme Kyaa & Lady Berlin (720p HD)
We despise pathetic, tiny dicked losers like you. Nothing but disgust… and a little morbid amusement. Being twisted & sadistic lesbians means that we actually kind of enjoy making fun of your dicklets and telling you how to spray your loser load on your face. So, get a taste of what it’s like to see a gross little piece of meet getting wanked in your face. Except instead of the itty bitty thing being attached to a pervert male, they will be wielded by two hot lesbians. Prepare to be mocked, teased, laughed at, imitated & generally humiliated while we instruct you on how to point your usually useless clitstick at your ugly mug and squirt. With your ass in the air, doing the two finger jerk on your mini-cock, you will cum hard all over your face. No ifs, it’s as simple as this. Click, pay, stroke. Stroke that cocktail sausage like the loser you are for two hot lesbians right now.

Only Total Fucking Loser Buy This Lesbian Double Team Dirty Foot Fetish Clip!

Only Total Fucking Loser Buy This Lesbian Double Team Dirty Foot Fetish Clip! (720p HD)
The title of this clip makes it pretty useless trying to type out some teasing description for you bitches. It is as simple as this: "Only Total Fucking Loser Buy This Lesbian Double Team Dirty Foot Fetish Clip!" Our feet are caked with dirt and mud and we are in a really cruel mood. Knowing that there are nasty fucking perverts like you out there, losers who will actually pay to fucking jerk off for out pretty young feet covered in filth makes us want to rip into your little egos. That’s you, loser. The nasty pervert that is going to pay to jerk it to our dirty feet rubbing together in front of your loser face in a high quality humiliation video clip, directly from the Goddess you worship! Click and pay you disgusting freak. We know how much you bitches will eat this fucking shit up, so love it hard. Pay up, jerk for our feet, feet so dirty they are black. Then come back to this page and rate this clip with 5 stars as a way of showing your thanks for this clip… we know that wanking for our dirt covered toes is a dream come true, so pay up & rate it.

Domme Kyaa & Lady Berlin custom for sissysandy

Domme Kyaa & Lady Berlin custom for sissysandy (1080p Full HD)
So my horny sissy boy known as "sandy" sent me some humiliation photos and a fat tribute to be degraded by two hot Dommes. In this clip you will get to see us together, laughing, giggling, teasing. We make fun of the photos and sissysandy for being the bitch s/he is for us! To see us laughing at the photos this bitch sent in will make your tiny dick so set! Two relaxed dominant ladies enjoying ripping into the tiny ego of a loser who has begged for the priveldge… its female domination at it’s core!

Double Team Custom for fooboidon 3-11-2011

Double Team Custom for fooboidon 3-11-2011 (1080p Full HD)

The slutty bitch otherwise known as footboidon saw Lady Berlin and I on glamworship cam and instantly begged to buy a custom foot video from us… after the inital tribute he confessed his love of dirty feet and we said he could pay extra to see our toes covered in mud. The poor loser was unable to cough up the dough and so got this humiliating video, our toes (his other weakness) in his face, making him suffer our degrading barage of insults as we make him worship the clean toes that he could not afford to see dirty. The rest of you losers are now allowed to pay the "Double Team Custom Clip" tribute for just $150 and the next time Lady Berlin & I are filming (every 2-3 weeks) we will make a custom clip just for you and you will get a download link via email. Email me with custom requests for double team clips!

‘Pay & Pray’ Double Team Custom for ‘maxipad" w/ Lady Berlin & Domme Kyaa

'Pay & Pray' Double Team Custom for 'maxipad" w/ Lady Berlin & Domme Kyaa

I made my slave maxipad send $250 in tribute for this fucking hot as hell boot, leg and ass worship and humiliation clip. This lucky loser sent the cash and can now buy this clip here on kinkbomb like all the rest of you losers. I am really making maxipad pay and suffer for this clip, but you losers are now allowed to pay the "Double Team Custom Clip" tribute for just $150 and the next time Lady Berlin & I are filming (every 2-3 weeks) we will make a custom clip just for you and you will get a download link via email. Email me with custom requests for double team clips!

4 Feet for Foot Fetish Freaks – Domme Kyaa & Lady Berlin

4 Feet for Foot Fetish Freaks - Domme Kyaa & Lady Berlin (720p)

You are such a fucking loser that you are about to click, pay and stroke for our feet. In fact, you are such a pathetic, freakishly perverted bitch that you are not just going to pay to jerk it to our feet, you are going to pay to jerk it to a video of our feet! Our four perfect feet are resting on a leather foot rest right in front of the camera, our 20 perfect toes wiggling in your face. By the time you finish this video you will be humiliated & physically degraded, forced to make a fucking fool out of yourself for our perfect size 9 feet. Yes, bitch, our feet are the same size and you can really see it in this clip. Our matching pedi’s flexing, arching, curling up so that the wrinkles on our soles drive your dicklet mad. There is no resisting for a disgusting footpig like you!


Pray & Pay : Worship Instructions from Goddess Kyaa & Lady Berlin

This is a simple video that will help any proselyte on his way down the path of Kyaaism. It is so simple to please the Goddess you serve… just click and pay to have it explained to you by two radiant women who will make you feel like a pathetic begging subject at the feet of a pair of queens. We relax, casual in our light airy dresses and white pantyhose and no heels or shoes. It will feel so good to kneel and receive our lesson in the proper worship of beautiful Goddesses like us.

Custom Public Humiliation Assignment (for sissy sandy)

This is just too good not to share with all the losers of the world! I loved the idea for this clip so much I think I may start making similar clips for sissies, cum sluts, footboys and all other sorts of perverts to take out on their smart-phone and watch under my command. Read below for the losers clip request in his own pathetic words: “I have to put the clip on my iphone, and take it with me to a public cafe. Once there I have to sit down next to some pretty women and turn on the clip. I have to wear a red t-shirt, so later you can point to the guy in the red t-shirt. First you talk to me while I have my headphones in. You humiliate me and make fun of the fact that I cannot control myself. That a real man would turn off this clip and go home, but even though I know i’m about to be humiliated by you in public I can’t turn it off or even as much as turn away from you. You mock the fact that I also get a boner from this. Then you make me unplug the headphones. At first I only have to turn the volume up a little, and then you start making remarks that would be really embarrassing if the nearby women overheard you, such as ‘are you wearing your frilly pink sissy panties, huh sissyboy?’ … and ‘oh my god your little sissy stiffy is all hard in your panties’… After some remarks like that you give me an evil smile and tell me to turn the volume higher. All the way to the max. You don’t care if anyone can hear you, in fact you want me to be humiliated in public! And with an evil laugh you lean all the way into the cam and yell out loudly ‘EVERYONE LOOK OVER HERE – THE GUY IN THE RED T-SHIRT IS WEARING WOMENS PANTIES’ … ‘THATS RIGHT, HE IS A SISSY BOY AND HE WEARS FRILLY PINK WOMENS PANTIES HAHA’ … then you talk to me again and say loudly that I have to admit to it… that I have to tell all the women who just overheard you that it’s true. Then you laugh at me for telling everyone that I’m a sissy who wears pink womens panties and say really loudly again that if I did as you requested I have earned a ‘sissy stiffy consolation massage’ and that I can go to the restroom in the cafë and take care of my loser business. Maybe with a little cum-countdown at the end and a CEI finish?” Of course I twisted his little request into my own form of public fun and teasing, but basically the above describes the clip this loser actually took out in public and listened to as instructed. Can you do it, or are you just going to buy it to jerk to the thought?

Easter Crush Double Team – Domme Kyaa & Lady Berlin

Easter Crush Double Team - Domme Kyaa & Lady Berlin (720p HD)
Our sexy size nine feet are filthy from filming the clip “Only Total Fucking Loser Buy This Lesbian Double Team Dirty Foot Fetish Clip!” and we are feeling mean from the moment this clip starts.
We begin by making fun of the bullshit commercial aspects of the Easter holiday, laughing at the stupid candies, eggs, baskets and other shit that people buy this time of year. We have a big box of different colored marshmellow peeps and a fat little chocolate bunny each, the same kind of Easter themed sweets you see everywhere in April…
Except we are not going to stuff our faces on brightly colored junk, instead we have decided to crush these treats under out soft soles.
By the end of the clip the peeps and chocolate bunnies are smushed into a nasty, sticky, pulp! The way the sugary mess squishes between our toes, sticking to every part of our feet and making this sucking, squishy sound that will make your feet loving dick rock hard.
Click, pay and stroke now for the best food crushing video I have made yet! The result of our feets destruction is so viscous it is like we are squashing our feet down in mass of sweet gluey candy-colored gum. Just the sound alone of our feet unsticking from the pan and our toes wiggling in the syrupy Easter mess.

Sick Goddess – vlog 03-2011

Sick Goddess - vlog 03-2011 (720p HD)

While sick this past week I made a quick vlog video for youtube. Now you can have it for all of time! Click and pay to see me in a video that made one loser react like this: "How is it I am turned on by her even more when she is sick? She must be one of those rare women who are more beautiful when they are ill!"
I think that loser is crazy, just like you are fucking nuts for wanting to see me when I am coughing and blowing my nose, but you know you love it, loser!



And lastly to finish up, a 2 parter from the vault, freshly added to kinkbomb for the first time. This was only on C4S until now, but the prices are lower since I get more bang for your buck so buy them now even if you have them already. No, you don’t deserve these smoking hot clips but good boys who obey are rewarded.

you don’t deserve this: a reward for My addicts – part 1

you don't deserve this: a reward for My addicts - part 1 (720p HD)
The only thing you need to understand before you download this clip is that you do not deserve one second of the video you are about to watch. In part 1 you will be introduced to the intensely erotic and humiliating video that is part 2 of this clip. Wearing ultra tight silver latex pants and a tiny latex top I inform you of your proper place as a pathetic worm, undeserving of even a moment of my attention. Even though you are completely unworthy you will be given the privilege of watching as I show off my perfect body in ways you can only dream. Why? Because I am the most kind Goddess who ever existed, and you are lucky enough to be allowed to worship me.

you don’t deserve this: a reward for My addicts – part 2

you don't deserve this: a reward for My addicts - part 2 (720p HD)
The only thing you need to understand before you download this clip is that you do not deserve one second of the video you are about to watch. In part 2 I am close to the camera, allowing your unworthy ass the great honor of watching as I tease you with my young hot body so fucking hard you will be shouting out "thank You, Goddess Kyaa!" over & over as you mindlessly worship on your knees. Even as I let you see my tiny white gstring panties up close, letting you get closer to nirvana than you could possibly imagine, you will be verbally humiliated, reminded constantly of your status as a pathetic male pervert. In part 2 you will get to worship my legs and ass in skin tight latex like never before, then, just as you think you will not be able to take anymore you will watch in awe as I slip my pants down below my perky ass cheeks and come even closer to the camera.

Click and pay NOW for part 1 and 2, begin the download and lock all the doors! Once you begin watching this clip you need to be alone and someplace you can jerk off and make noise!

Now pets, don’t forget that you can both rate videos with 5 stars and leave a "review" of each clip! I will soon be posting a tutorial to show you stupid losers how to do that if you cannot figure it out yourself. For those of you who manage to figure it out make sure you rate every video and leave a review for every video. 
I love seeing those ratings at 5 stars and lots and lots of losers confessing how weak each of my videos makes them and why. 
I know that’s a lot to look at so you just enjoy that wet spot you are making and I will be back with some more to tell you losers soon!
ps- good job womenrule66 on putting the majority of this post together for me! check his site out soon for a hot preview of my "So you want to fuck me?" clip!

2 thoughts on “Clips galore!

  1. Hi Domme Kyaa,
    I love your videos and I’ve already bought one. I love your feet and heels of your feet, especially when they are sweaty. I would love to buy a video of your pink heels, while you take off your socks and boots. Thanks

  2. total cum dumpster
    Well Goddess Kyaa i have been watching Video Scriptures all morning,before You posted this.i have added something like thirteen of these Holy Scriptures to my Bible of Kyaaism. The new ones i will be adding later this morning.
    i have to confess i am a completely covered cum dumpster this morning.Six hours or so of studying my Bible of Kyaaism,forget it, cum all over the place.Please forgive me of all my sins.Only You have the power to forgive me.
    On the brighter side i just figured out how to comment on kinkbomb.Hooray! i did it all by myself,i am so fucking proud,,giggle,giggle,giggle.So i know what i will be doing today,going back commenting on as many as i can. i never new they had that,i wish i would have known.


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