Exquisite revisited…

I am basically reposting word for word the post that Berlin put up since it is now 2:30 in the morning.

Some of you did a very good job tributing while Kyaa & I were out tonight.  Just know that we spent your hard earned money well, and keep sending tributes for tomorrow and the next day as we will be pushing out tons of custom requests and raping you fucks for any ego you may have left.  In the mean time, enjoy this little update of our amazing evening avoiding you.

I was driving up to Kyaa’s and decided it would be a good idea to kidnap her from "The Mansion" for the night so when I got there I dragged her out to Zumba.  Quick and rather hilarious story:  So back in the day when I bartending at a strip club, I was sitting with the owner’s girlfriend and a stripper and we were flirting with her and eventually it got hot and heavy so I dragged the owner’s girlfriend into the bathroom, shoved her against the wall and fucked her.  Right as she came, I walked out and continued about my night as if nothing happened.  Keep in mind, this was like, 4 years ago.  So tonight… she was our fucking ZUMBA INSTRUCTOR!!!  And let’s just say… awkward, but so very hot at the same time.  We dipped out before she got the chance to approach me, cuz I’m smooth like that.  And well, I don’t need the extra attention.  

Afterward, we drove to a little lesbian bar a few friends of mine work at and ate super delicious burritos and had some yummy drinks.  During our visit there, we made an extra special call to a slave’s wife that wasn’t obedient.  Here is the full video:


And here’s a photo from the bar.

We left and went to an alternative strip club hole in the wall in which we decided taking photos of ourselves on their toilet in their dingy graffitied bathroom was a good idea.  Let’s just say those photos are to remain in our possession, and not yours.  Could be that they’re too hot for your eyes, or could be something else.  you’ll just never know.  We headed over to a house of a good friend of mine, drank some more yummies, and enjoyed an exquisite and tasteful evening.  Don’t worry losers, you were brought up and a bunch of hot lesbians sat around laughing at how pathetic you all are. 

Don’t forget to send your tributes for custom videos this weekend.


(& Goddess Kyaa, bitches)

Pay for custom clips here: http://www.kinkbomb.com/Double-Team-Custom-Clip-Tribute.html


3 thoughts on “Exquisite revisited…

  1. Total ownage!
    Goddess Kyaa and Lady Berlin rock my world! Can’t help it, I had to buy another custom tonight! Thank you for making me weak and feeble for you again!

  2. Thank you Goddess Kyaa and Lady Berlin for the perfect timing of this post.So instead of feeling shaky, i feel wiggly knowing and seeing You Both had a great night.
    Now i can work and be in a good mood today knowing You Both had fun.i almost feel as if i was at the party,giggle,and i am in a different world.Anyway thank you for this update.!
    Maybe, i guess i am a little “worry” sissy.Fine now,not worried any longer. That photo of “peaceful” Goddess Kyaa scared me,,i can laugh now.haha


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