change of plans… a night out with Lady Berlin

 Fuck. So much has been going on. I am super behind in LJ posts. I was thinking of working on one before Lady Berlin came over but now it seems she is dragging me out to do this zoomba thing she is so in love with and then we plan on going out and partying it up… of course you losers will PAY! Tonight she will stay at my place then all day tomorrow and all day Saturday we will be teasing losers live on cam, filming custom clips and generally raping wallets/destroying egos.

To pay tribute tonight to encourage us to take pics while we are out on the town (who knows, you might even see the inside of a lesbian bar!) click the link below & include a note with it to thank us for enjoying life while you sit at home and jerk off!

Then you can get your loser ass in line with all the others and pay for a custom double team clip from us! We will be filming all weekend so pay now and email me with a list of a few of your favorite fetishes and we will make a custom video that will blow your little loser mind. Make sure to include your name and any other little details about your weaknesses you’d like us to know. The $150 tribute will get you 1 video, 5-8 minutes long in full, crisp and clear 1080p HD. Once we film it it will be edited, rendered and sent to you via email with a direct download link or if we really feel like humiliating you we might put it up for sale on one of our stores and make you buy it there, ha!

4 thoughts on “change of plans… a night out with Lady Berlin

  1. Its always nice to begin to read Your orders with You pointing the gun Goddess Kyaa! haha Love that photo! Because it’s You! In a way.Another words don’t fuck up loser.giggle

  2. Look at You Two! i like that photo.i tried to send two tributes,i guess kinkbomb thinks someone else has my card.i was trying to be funny and send two one for You and one for Lady Berlin.They are small tributes so i could do it.i could have just sent one for 50 ,its not the same effect in my loser mind.i was responding to Your tweet Goddess Kyaa.oh well fuck i will try later.the money is in the bank just put $600 cash in today.stupid fuckers ,,oh well time to move on.Have a great time! this means i get a good nights sleep,so i can work tomorrow,,hehe as Goddess Kyaa says.

  3. Enjoy your night!
    Hey, just wanted to say that I paid for a custom clip from Goddess Kyaa and Lady Berlin last weekend, and it was fierce, a truly humiliating experience to watch. I can’t thank either of you enough!
    I hope you have a great night out, and a fantastic St. Patricks Day!


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