Double team randomness

 So yesterday was fucking amazing. We hung out until 3am, just laughing, being goofy, making fun of losers… we filmed a bunch of fucking HOT foot clips yesterday, including 1 custom for $250 from footboidon. We still have more clips to make today, even though we are pretty tired and kinda sore after such a long day yesterday. We are taking it kinda easy this morning, just taking some cash off losers via yahoo as we lounge around in my living room.

I’m not going to release any previews except this gif from the first foot clip we did yesterday:

This and the other HOT foot clips we made will be out this afternoon… the only videos you losers get for now is this stupid but funny goof off video of the two of us sitting in my garage as Berlin chain smokes. She loved the red light in there so much she wanted to film, we were so not planning on putting it up for sale at first but we decided that we loved being goofy and silly so much that we decided to be kind & share it with you losers & the rest of the world… enjoy!


3 thoughts on “Double team randomness

  1. Perfect Video
    What a Perfect video Goddess Kyaa!This is a FANTASTIC VIDEO! i watched it during my morning Worship of Your Perfection..Not sure if i am allowed to enjoy anything,but i loved this video.
    It’s soft,raw,sexy,sensual and funny to name a few.It cracked me up with the “stain” remover.
    This video is a real treat to watch You in.So many different looks.Watching You and Lady Berlin early in the morning like that was great!

  2. Wow!
    Goddess, this is the BEST video I’ve ever seen! You are hilarious, genuine, fun and sexy all at the same time. I love it. You are the best!


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