Caution: Massive & HOT blog post head!!!

 Exciting news, my worshipers! 

This weekend Lady Berlin will be at my place hanging out, filming & doing live double team humiliation sessions with me. This afternoon we chatted over yahoo & make it final that she would come. A few minutes later I popped down to the studio to edit some videos (check them out below!) and there were some losers lurking around in my glamworship public cam room. It didn’t take long for one of them to happily pay $150 for a 5 minute double team humiliation clip when Lady Berlin comes this weekend. This sissy may be the first to buy a custom clip from with the two of us, but we all know he won’t be the last. Who’s next? 

Send $150 tribute via kinkbomb and then email me. Make sure you include a description of what you are hoping for in the double team clip, but be aware that we don’t do scripts & don’t follow your directions (duh!) so just confess your biggest weaknesses and fetishes and we will make a clip that will make you our hopeless addict with ease.

I even made a tribute payment specifically for this!
Pay up then email me:
Here are some photos from the last time we did videos together It was epic then and it is just going to get more epic as we get to be better friends every time we hang out.



That super exciting news aside, the past week has been profitable and highly amusing for me even though I haven’t spent much time in the studio. I have had heaps of custom clips, including some really sexy hair worship clips that are already up for sale. I will get into the clips in a minute… first I want to brag about all the presents I’ve been getting!
The boxes above include the following awesome items:
1x $600 desk chair! (Photos below!)
1x Dewalt Impact Driver (yay, tools! we are such lesbos in this house, we love new power tools!)
1x handheld wetvac for pets (yay making keeping the house clean easier for my gf, poor thing.. I’m so lazy!)
2x rugs for my studio, one for by the sink behind the bar & one for under my desk
2x anklet things for a custom foot clip I will do next week
5x toe rings for the same custom foot clip
1x French milk soap (smells SO good!)
1x sexy skinny blue jeans (I love $150 jeans!)
plus some more random bits of cheap jewelry

I fucking love the new desk chair from butlerdorky! So fucking worth it!

while I’m on the subject of wishlist hauls- I filmed the first of a series of walkthroughs for my amazon wishlists. It will be out in the next couple days, with more to follow. I may even make a compilation of them once I have a few done & make a youtube preview. 

There are lots of new clips up on my store though, including a  bunch of customs that everyone can now buy. Click the ink below to view the last 50 clips posted to my Kinkbomb store & go crazy! My store is still ranking #2 on the top 100 studios on Kinkbomb, but it’s still not good enough. We know where my studio belongs, so get it there, bitches!

The clip that *everyone* needs right now is the following humiliation extravaganza that will leave you weak and on your knees begging for more. I filmed it after doing a $1,500 30 minute long strap-on domination session with a loser that would do anything to to get raped by me. No really this bitch wants to be gagged, bound & have my cock forced upon his hole until it bleeds & he begs me to stop. He’s offering $25-50K and I’m still not sure it’s worth getting near his ugly ass… but I sure do love pulling on my strap-on cockzilla and making this bitch beg to bleed from the inside for me!
Here’s a screenshot from me while I was on glamcam during the session. The bitch was worshiping me over skype but I let bitches on glamcam watch, & they were in shock from the hotness, as I’m sure you can imagine.

If you haven’t joined glamworship yet, DO IT! Losers who lurk around on my glamcam can stay in the room 24 hours a day 7 days a week,
I never turn it off, even when I am away or asleep so you can wait for me to return for as long as it takes. Losers who lurk around get to see me randomly when I come in to edit videos or whatever plus I am alway doing sessions live with my glamcam going, filming clips and more. Click the link below to join now, enter code KYAA0016 to make sure I get your membership fee!
After that fucking awesome (and profitable) session I made the following clip. This clip is h-o-t. Pure fucking gold. That’s why I priced the smaller version so cheaply. Now every loser can afford to find out what would happen if I ever agreed to fuck one of you!

So, you want me to fuck you?
So, loser… me want to fuck you? Really, really want me to fuck you? Do you dream about it day and night, huh bitch? This isn’t going to have the happy ending you have been dreaing about, pervert. I know you want to lay your hands on my holy body, you want to feel the ultimate rush of a long hot fuck from the perfect woman… but that is one wet dream that will never come true. Bend over, bitch! To get fucked by me has a twisted double meaning I intend to drive deep into your dirty ass.
Click & pay, pervert. This is one of the HOTTEST videos ever, just hearing me ask the question "do you want to fuck me?" while standing above you in only some boots, a bra & panties and my giant strap on cock is more then most losers will be able to stand. Fucking your ass is highly encourage while watching this video!

Buy it on Kinkbomb!!

Okay one last thing before I provide you some simple instructions to please me this week… a healthy dose of hate maaaaail!!

And now for something a little more pleasant:
I got hit up by frankthetank who has been making the rounds on glamworship:

And I got a comment on youtube that actually made me happy:


So to sum it up since this was a fucking massive post, here are some basic instructions for ALL losers to follow to make me happy this week:

1– I will be taking over the world with Lady Berlin this weekend. We will be doing live cam & custom clips. I want us to feel showered in cash with hoards of slaves lined up to be abused. That means everyone needs to send tribute & clear their weekend to watch us on glamworship. Send tribute ahead of time on KB or GW (even if it is just $5) to encourage us to spend lots of time teasing boys on glamcam, to not just ignore you pathetic losers.
2– Buy my new clip, "So, you want me to fuck you?" on kinkbomb! Fuck your ass while you watch it for bonus points!
3– After sending tribute for the double team weekend and buying my new humiliation clip, comment on this post. Make sure to a) thank Lady Berlin & I for letting you losers know so far in advance that we will be online to use you this weekend and confess how much you sent in tribute in advance to put smiles on our pretty faces… and b) confess to me in your comment how much you fucking loved my new humiliation clip!

It’s as easy as 1,2,3! Follow my instructions and you will manage to please me this week.

8 thoughts on “Caution: Massive & HOT blog post head!!!

  1. Thank You Goddess! It was such an honor to be humiliated by You and Lady Berlin! Seeing You both on glam just blew me away! Can’t wait for You two to double team me again! Thank You!

  2. WINNER !
    Reporting back Goddess Kyaa.Step #1 is finished except for my tribute,which i will do.It may be small but at least i will not feel like a total useless bitch.
    Step #2 i did finish ,with no bonus points this morning,simply because i watched two videos before that one.Well needless to say i had a huge mess to clean up.It may almost be a health issue to keep filthy cum in me.i feel healthy now,feel great.Ready to go work for You now,in a great mood.Maybe the best part of “So you want ME to fuck you” video is to me the last paragraph.That is plenty of incentive for me! Something tells me i would risk my body,the consequences.In the mean time will i will do as the video says.
    Step #3 i think i just did that in step#2.But i can add that i am so lucky to be Your sissy mindi.You have made my loser life so simple really.i am owned and will obey Goddess Kyaa.


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