Snowy winter wonderland of Goddess Kyaa

 Snowy winter wonderland photos! I feel like the Ice Queen whenever it gets this white outside. I so love the snow! I grew up on the coast where you rarely see any snow, and it never stuck around long. This is a real treat and I think it’s the most snow I’ve ever been in, so yay! Enjoy the photos, then look around at your drab surroundings and realize that you are an poor little worm and I am the Goddess you worship and serve. Of course I live in a palace on top of a beautiful mountain and you live… wherever it is your loser ass is now.

This is the view from out my back window, looking out into the valley to the North!

This is from the back porch of the main house, leading down the path to the studio, covered in snow!

2 deer out the windows of my entertainment room in the main house.

Those same deer in the snow with a little me in the foreground.

Then the deer wandered over to my studio, nibbled on some bushes outside the door & then scampered off down the hill.

Huge icicles started growing on the corner of the main house which I discovered when popping out to the shop.

A close ups of those icicles looking sharp and scary.

The snow got REALLY deep so I went out and sunk my boot deep into the snow… this is the moment before impact hehe

It’s hard to tell but my boot is almost completely submerged in the snow in this photo.

My boot next to the giant boot hole I made in the snow…

And my hand touching the bottom, it was so deep the top of the hole came up to my elbow!

These photos are from a few days ago before Lady Berlin came to visit. I got busy hanging out with her and never posted them. So here you boys go, you are welcome for these lovely photos of the winter wonderland I’ve been living in. 

The snow is almost fully melted now and I am starting to look forward to some sunny days even though the snow could still come back before spring really hits in full force here. My girlfriends birthday is in a few days so I will be kinda distracted with that, but mostly I am feeling motivated to get some shit done this weekend. Look forward to more updates and lots of clips to be posted! I have wishlist haul photos to post, a $600 desk chair bought by butlerdorky to put together & more so lots more to come soon boys,

Just go buy some clips while I’m out of the house getting a mani-pedi and spending some time at the spa! I will be back this evening feeling sexy & ready to use you losers!

4 thoughts on “Snowy winter wonderland of Goddess Kyaa

  1. Goddess Kyaa’s Empire
    Good morning Goddess Kyaa.i am bright eyed and bushy tailed in the morning so i was taking the opportunity to look at these photos again for my morning worship of Your Perfection.These are truly majestic photos of Your Empire!Beautiful!
    Your opening paragraph says it all.Yes i have looked around my surroundings, they are wretched.i try not to think about that,but thank you for reminding me.
    What i do think about when i see these photos is,,, “YES”,,, that is the majestic mountain upon where the Goddess that i worship and serve rules over Her Empire.
    So as i serve You in the bug infested,hot,sticky swamp, i can think of these photos and Your words,and be proud to be allowed to be Your slave.

  2. Your World
    These are absolutely beautiful photos Goddess Kyaa! Thank You for a small peak into Your world ! i will see them over and over as i sleep tonight. Really beautiful! Thank You So Much!


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