double teaming it up with Lady Berlin

Lady Berlin is in the house! My house to be specific. Tonight we are mostly chilling, only letting losers with lots of cash to chat with us on yahoo and skype. Tomorrow we will be allowing losers to be double teamed for cbt, humiliation, feminization and jerk off instruction sessions on cam. To see us you will need to start by emailing me and begging for our attention.
I will reply with links to pay tribute and will set a time you can see us on cam. We are also taking requests for custom clips so just email me now and I will take care of the rest. Lady Berlin has been sick recently so I am going to deal with you losers, taking your bitches cash via kinkbomb and amazon for tributes this weekend and sending her home with a fat wad of your losers cash. Photos to be posted when she leaves tomorrow night, so get spending!

To get double teamed email me and beg to spend all your cash on us!

just made this quick gif while hanging out on my couch. enjoy fuckwads! now get spending… no seriously SPEND NOW!

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