financially dominating, using & abusing boys, fanmail/hatemail & how to worship today/tomorrow!

Lots of stuff going on… first off though I discovered that one of my favorite sites for buying socks & pantyhose now does anonymous email gift cards! I am sooooo excited, I even SQUEE’D I was so fuckin excited. I posted a link on twitter the second I saw it and in just a couple minutes the first of what I’m sure will be many gift cards arrived from! I will be able to get the *cutest* socks ever, unique pantyhose and so much more there. I fucking LOVE this site, I just rarely shop there since so much of my shopping cash is spent via amazon gift cards.  I want that to change now, I want to go on a sock/pantyhose shopping spree soon, so this $25 isn’t going to be enough! Send cash for my feet, losers-


That isn’t all that I’ve been getting though, clip sales are rolling in like mad both on Kinkbomb and C4S and my youtube channel has been getting a lot of attention. Even before the massive amount of video posted there yesterday I was getting new fans and slaves contacting me and begging to be used by me…. here are a couple samples of the very amusing fan mail I have got in just the last few days:

This one is so funny, so simple, so concise…

This second fan mail is more like what I find I’m getting on a regular basis, losers wanting to humiliate themselves for my amusement and begging for some instructions on how to do it. 

As always these and other fans were instructed to go click and pay for my Rules of Conduct and to send a small tribute to show their desire to please me. Already some of them are buying up clips on kinkbomb under my command and are on their way to being well trained piggies! So fun to get new bitches in my kennel.

I also have a funny hate mail from NiteFlirt to share. What I love about this is that the first 3 lines almost sounds like a Dr. Seuss book, if only they rhymed!

I also love how this loser capitalizes the first letter of each word (which you only do when writing the title of something) but he uses proper punctuation on each "you’re" and even puts periods at the end of his sentences.  This is actually the most grammaticality correct hate mail I have ever gotten! And the spelling is great too, if only all my emails could be so easy to read, lol.

Next I have some screenshots from the fat tributes I keep getting on kinkbomb. There are a few losers out there who use KB tributes to pay to worship me and buy custom clips and I want to encourage that to continue. I love that after just a few weeks of allowing some losers to pay for cam time on skype and custom clips via KB my top products show my tributes as the top selling items on my store! Even higher then my Rules of Conduct which every slave has to buy!!!

It’s so funny knowing that more than jerk off instructions, more then the fetish clips and the double teaming clips, it is cash directly in my hand that losers love to pay for the most! Keep those tributes coming boys, but don’t neglect to buy clips anyway. The clip sales are what help me get my store to #1! So as much as I love the screenshots below I want a few of some HUGE clip orders, losers spending hundreds to buy a huge order of clips all at once. So get spending!

Last note for now… I got clips to upload so tonight I can post a massive clip update here. For now just drool over the screenshots I snapped below. That’s how fucking hot I look even in just some casual around the house clothes. I will be available to use and abuse you throughout the evening and all day tomorrow.  My NF lines will be on so of course that is the easiest way to get my instant attention, for those of you who cannot use NF…..

To get my attention tonight and/or tomorrow:
1- Send either a kinkbomb tribute ( or a gift card via to

2- Email me at the same email address ( and let me know you have sent tribute and wish to gain my attention. Let me know if you are hoping to worship me on cam or chat on yahoo, whatever it is your little loser heart is craving, just beg for it! (after sending the tribute as per #1 above!)
3- I will respond, taking personal control from there, doing with you as I please, perhaps even letting you have a bit of what makes you weakest just to see you tremble.

Right now this is what I’m wearing so send tribute or call NOW!

3 thoughts on “financially dominating, using & abusing boys, fanmail/hatemail & how to worship today/tomorrow!

  1. those are the kind of losers that i want to just grab them by the neck,where the fuck is his mother,if you dont have something nice to say or at least constructive, shut up.Goddess Kyaa,You stay so calm.well i guess in this instance its a good thing this is the internet.fuck heads can act so tough. reminds me of sticks and stones


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