30+ mins of Philosophy of a Femme Domme & GlamCam hotness

I’ve been spending a lot of time on glamworship yesterday and today, filming lots of fetish clips, taking funny NiteFlirt calls and generally draining wallets and breaking hearts.

Yesterday I just wore this little grey cotton off the shoulder dress with an old purple tie as a belt and some grey leggings. I was comfy and HOT. I raked it in all evening and made some fucking sexy ass videos while being comfy and happy. 

Today I’m looking even hotter, dressed up in a casual comfy purple turtleneck with sheer black stockings and a garter belt. Boys have been drooling away on glamworship all day, even buying custom clips I’m looking so damn hot. Something about that turtleneck with no pants or a skirt makes my long legs look even loooonger hehe…

I got inspired by some comments made by Miss Sweet Feet on twitter and ended up doing around 30 fucking minutes of Philosophy of a Femme Domme videos! Just watch them all, the first and the last are related with the second one being kinda personal. The third one is a response to the first video and is a reality check with all bullshit aside. Caution, it might ruin your little fantasy of being a slave with absolutely no control as it points out that a slave is only a slave if he commits to that life!


For now start planning out how you are going to be spending this long weekend! Since so many losers will be having Monday off I will be allowing losers to call me on NF and pay to see me on Monday. Tomorrow and Sunday I will be filming more clips and spending heaps of time at the computer working on the infinite backlog of work I have to do editing, uploading, coding, writing, researching etc. I have been filming a fuck ton of clips so I’ll update again soon with a list of the kinky goodies you can click and pay for to get your fix!

follow my twitter & make sure to comment/rate the youtube videos I posted! 
(and of course, click and pay on Kinkbomb to get my store to #1!!)

3 thoughts on “30+ mins of Philosophy of a Femme Domme & GlamCam hotness

  1. perfectly said
    This is why i belong to You Goddess Kyaa.i did see these videos as You filmed them, You had no script ,You just do it,You are amazing.In the first video,yes it is on me when i do as You say in Your videos,and i accept the consequences! i am all Yours now and forever more!To be a slave online ,yes,i believe it is up to the slave to be honest,or online will not work in the long term anyway.i am in the palm of Your hand,i do love You,and would be devastated if You disowned me.This all happen online,thats the truth.
    The second video,i am smiling away,i have come along way online in my loser opinion,i would not really say i am afraid of You,i respect You, i want to please You. By obeying You i have no reason to be afraid of You.i can see and actually can feel what kind of moods You are in.Unlike Your girlfriend,me i would just shut up,its not my place to say anything until i am asked.When You speak of Your Girlfriend i cannot help but thinking ,i see alot of the same things in me,everything from being an excellent driver,which i was for many many years,to You run the “show” Goddess Kyaa,me as Your submissive slave. She is part of You,i understand what my role is to serve You.i just see similarities.That was all learned by me through the internet.You have trained and taught me well Goddess Kyaa.You are going to allow me to visit You.If i saw Your panties lying around the house,now,today i would not pick them up and run into a corner a jerk off ,i would just ask You if want me to throw them into the wash.There was some key sentences in that video that i see,where You have changed Your mind,nobody else would probably see those changes,but i see them.Living “in” Your house,i dont think i belong inside the same house,but i could see me living at the bottom of Your mountain.Of course i would think that way.
    The third video ,in a way it is kind of funny that You would even have to explain this. That is the losers that i would worry about. If they really do not understand this.So later today when i go to youtube to read what the nieve say,i am sure they will be there.i sought this life ,to serve You,i worked hard and always will to belong to You.i want to learn about You,i want to please You,i ask You to let me do that and You have granted me that wish.
    Goddess Kyaa i just love working for You,it is my way of life,it is what i do,to participate in the fetish things its just a reward.i will just say by obeying You it is a way to be closer to You.my love for You is unconditional.

  2. Once again an eloquently voiced opinion Divine One. Indeed a person can never be truly “owned”,
    but in the realm of sub/Domme exchanges the “slave” willingly surrenders all or part of themselves.
    Unlike sissy mindy i am not willing/able to be totally open in my day to day life about my submission to You.
    Yet i feel that i have surrendered my self to You in a great many ways. my orgasm denial and my daily prayers
    to You, my small but willingly “given” tributes been primary examples. That You have been so kind as to
    accept me into Your world is a great honour and has made this part of my life so much more fulfilling, and
    in doing so has enhanced many other aspects of my life. It is obvious to anyone that when You tell me to abstain
    from orgasm for 60 days that i could masturbate 10 times a day and simply say i am obeying You. As You say,
    from the other side of the world You cannot “make” me obey, but then what would be the point of me begging You,
    as i did, to take control of my masturbating if i did not intend to follow Your commands ?
    The “relationship” such as it is has to be willingly enacted by both parties.
    i know i am lucky to be “Yours” in any sense of the word! The fact that You honour me by name and speak so kindly
    of me makes me so very “piggy proud” and i do truly feel wonderful if i can make You smile.
    Religious/Worship subjects are now very popular aspect of sub/Domme and one that i personally find very
    erotic, again here we have something that needs the “willing” participation of both parties.
    The use of words such as slave, owned, rape, forced ect are very exiting and emotive when used if a safe consensual sexual
    context but as You so rightly say we must remember that for some they are a horrible reality, here in the UK and in the rest of the first world the
    trade in “human trafficking” for the sex industry shames us all, and we should never forget that it goes on and do all we can, however little that
    may be, to help end it.

  3. Impressed
    I loved watching all 30 minutes of your Philosophy videos. Thank you so much.
    I’m getting my feet under me in this crazy world you rule and I inhabit, and you’re inspirational. Thank you.
    I’m impressed that someone at your age could pull together this depth of thought, express it that coherently, and pull together such seemingly disparate ideas.
    Also, some day, if I’m very lucky, I’ll convince you to tie me up and beat the crap out me šŸ™‚


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