Valentines Day post + clips for you to click and pay for!

There is only ONE way for a perverts and losers to spend Valentines Day…. clicking and paying on their knees, torturing themselves for my amusement. Begin with some hot humiliation clips for the day of romance while I am cuckolding all of you having a sexy day with my woman, then you can send an amazon or victoriassecret gift card to Today I have received 5 VC egift cards already and am looking forward to many more to come as all the late losers finally send in their Valentines Day gifts!
Oh yeah, and I made this vlog the other day and never posted it on my livejournal, oops! Here you go losers, enjoy! Dont forget to thumbs up and comment!


All your cash will ‘Be Mine’ for Valentines Day
The holiday of romance is upon us and losers like you are getting ready for another round of rejection! No woman has ever wanted to be yours for Valentines Day, and that includes me! I do, though, want you- or rather your cash, to be all mine on Feb. 14th! Get out your wallet and empty it for my pretty purple panties, you pathetic little worm. Cruel humiliation and my rocking hot young body will have you eager to give me all your money for Valentines Day. Click and pay, time to obey!

Valentine Candy Crush
 Footboys will mess themselves for the sweet sticky mess I make crushing cupcakes, heart candies and chocolates with my bare feet and toes in this video. My feet are bare and my toenails are panited candy pink with little hearts on my big toes. Watching me squish, squash and crush the Valentines Day sweets into a gooey, sugary, pulp. With each flattened cupcake squishing between my sexy toes and each cream filled chocolate crushed under my heel your little loser dick will twitch. Kneel and worship, you will be so thakful I made such a hot foot fetish video you will be trembling when you email me to tell me how much you loved this

All Mine Valentine Tease
So the holiday of l-o-v-e is just around the corner and I’ve decided to make you a little clip to make sure you know how to make me happy on Valentines Day. Since you are a stupid, little pervert who has never had a real date for Valentines Day I will tell you what I want so you don’t fuck it up…. and since you are so fucking pathetic and unworthy you will not be allowed to buy me jewlery or chocolates. I don’t want some crappy jewlery or cheap chocolates, I don’t want flowers that will wilt. I want cash! I want ALL your cash, every penny you can muster up! I want to take myself shopping for Valentines Day but I don’t want to spend a dime of my own money. Instead you will empty yoru bank account so I can buy pretty things for myself while you sit at home jerking like the loser you are! Click and pay to be mine for Valentines

 Virgin Valentine 
Having never even got your loser dick wet with anything other than lotion when you jerk it you are truly pathetic. Most losers manage to have sex at some point in their lives, but not you. When this time of year rolls around each year you want so bad to try to sweep some pretty girl off her feet with chocolates, flowers, jewelry… but you always manage to fail. No woman has ever wanted you and no woman ever will. Time to face reality, virgin loser! This video is going to help you do just that…
I’m wearing bright pink panties and the camera is pointed right up my little white skirt. Since you are a virgin I’ve decided to mock you hard with the one thing you have never had but dream of every day… yes, loser, that means PUSSY! I make you say the word over and over again, laughing as I play with my panties and remind you how you this is the closest you will ever get to a woman showing you her perfect pussy. If you buy the clip in HD you can even see a little bit of my pubic stubble! It’s been a few days since I shaved and it’s just going to turn you on even more to know that you get such a fucking tiny peek at a heaven you will never fully see much less experience!
While I am off taking my girlfriend on a romantic date and then fucking all night long, our soft naked bodies sweating together in orgasmic bliss, you will be at home jerking it and tributing. This is the way a virgin pervert should spend Valentines Day! Kneeling and stroking your virgin dicklet and dreaming of my sweet young pussy as you click and pay, tributing and jerking like a good little cuckold virgin loser!

Valentines Day Rejection  
Have you ever had a girl laugh in your face when you tried giving her flowers or chocolates on Valentines Day? Even if they didn’t laugh in your face we both know they were laughing behind your back… but that’s not good enough for me. No, it has never been good enough for me. In fact I have always taken a sadistic joy out of this holiday because it gives me the chance to crush the little beating hearts of hopeful losers every year!
In this clip I reject you to your face, scoffing at your pitiful offering of chocolates in a traditonal heart shaped box, throwing them on the floor at my feet and then ripping into you, tearing you apart for being such a pathetic and unworthy loser. I drive it into your thick skull how you will never fuck me, you will not get to have me as your Valentine, you can’t even buy a good enough gift to make me smile! I tease you some with my cleavage in a heart printed bra, laughing as I show you a peek of what you will never truly have before I tell you to just go jerk off like the fucking loser you are.
This is the perfect POV rejection, you will be crying and humiliated on your knees by the time I’m done with you, the way any loser should be on this day of romance!

Owned & Caged By 2 Sadistic Lesbians
Now that you are locked away it is time to remind you of your place. We will not let you forget that you are now a sub-human workslave, living only to serve us. We humiliate you & tell you how we are going to work you hard to make you earn your keep and what we will do to you if you fuck up. Look out at our hot young bodies, our beautiful smirking faces looking back at you as you stair through the thick bars. There is no going back, you will obey or you will rot in the cage we have locked you away in!
Click and pay for part 2! Lots of cruel verbal humiliation, POV female domination, total slavery fantasy, & two of the most perfect Dommes you have ever dreamed of being owned by!

Goddess Kyaa & Lady Berlin’s 1st Video Ever!  
This introduction video is just 2 minutes long but you will be so excited just looking at the two of us sitting next to each other, laughing and teasing you bitches. Soon you losers will be bowing down as we do full weekends hanging out, making hot videos like this & abusing losers live on cam. To be double teamed but such a dynamic duo is going to rock your little loser world, and this is just a teaser introduction!
-This is a double team video with myself, Goddess Kyaa and my oh-so-hot friend Lady Berlin! Included with the video are email addresses for both of us so you can contact us about custom videos, live double-team cam sessions & tributes to spoil us. Click, pay, stroke!

Cum quick for Goddess Kyaa’s satin ‘surrender’ panties!  
I’m not even going to give you a full minute before you will have to cum for me, counted down with my perky ass in those sexy satin surrender panties right in your loser face. When I get to zero you will be humiliated, whether you managed to cum quick or not! This video was inspired by a horny loser boy who has begged me to make shorter videos since he can never last a full 5-10 minutes. Here it is, a pathetic losers dream come true! Ordered to cum so quickly you will just be proving what a fucking useless dicked loser you are by obeying my cum-commands!’

Say ‘Goodbye!’ to my satin Surrender panties!  
This is a final look, a short ‘goodbye’ video for my satin surrender panties. I will tell you how I got them and where they are going now that they are too well-worn & ragity to wear anymore. Click and pay boys, so many losers have fallen under these pretty panties on my perfect ass. Now you can say goodbye like a loser, by clicking and paying!

A New Life Dedicated to Goddess Kyaa: Step 5- Building an Alter
It is time to move on to the the fith step on the road to a new life of dedication and worship. As a Kyaaist you must build yourself an alter and in step 5 you will be instructed by the Goddess Herself on how to build a proper alter, even if you are married and cannot dedicate a physical space for your alter. This is just an introduction to the practice of keeping your alter and soon I will post more videos going in to more detail on exactally how to prepare and keep and pray at your alter, how to use it to worship and practice Kyaaism. Click, pay, obey! It is time for step 5!!!
Don’t forget to click and pay for steps 1-4 first, you will be guided down the path towards becoming a dedicated Kyaaist, leeding you directly to this step!

Yet Another Ass Addict
Being a week loser for my perfect ass doesn’t make you special. In fact, becoming my ass addict is like joining a club with many hundreds of members all around the world, with new members being accepted daily. Any horny pervert with an internet connection can click and pay obsessively for my ass fetish and ass worship videos, but you don’t have to be just another ass addict greedily jerking for his own pleasure.
Click and pay now my helpless butt junky!
I will tease your horny dick with my perfect young ass, first in skin tight jeans then with my perky cheeks bared and right in your face. As I jiggle my buns I tell you how you can become more than just yet another ass addict, giving you specific instructions on how to set yourself apart from the useless, unworthy masses! It’s time to show me and my mindfuckingly hot ass how thankful you are!


Bright Pink Striped Over The Knee Socks Tease
My bright pink, over the knee, socks are striped and fit so snugly you can see the muscles in my calves flexing and each of my sexy toes wiggling inside the socks. I get you weak and horny with my sexy socks, humiliating you for being so weak for my over the knee socks. No person I would ever date would get so turned on just to see my pretty socks. A pervert like you doesn’t even have a chance, so accept your place as a loser worshiping my legs and feet in sexy socks like these. Soon you will be buying me socks and making a dirty mess for my sexy socks!

Under Desk Ignore – Pink Toenails!

My toenails are painted pink and my feet are totally bare in this 5 minute under desk ignore video. No loser can help how good it feels to kneel and worship my long toes and bare soles. Time to click and pay, watch this hot video as you worship in silent reverence. There is no sound to this video so it is perfect for losers to watch when wives are around or at work! Click and pay, worship my feet as you are fully ignored!

"Click Pay Stroke" Double Team Hypnosis with Domme Kyaa & Lady Berlin
Our eyes piercing keep into your pathetic loser soul, penetrating through your thick skull and sinking deep into your pervert mind…. you must click, pay and stroke for Goddess Kyaa. This new mantra will be pounded into your head and there will be no resisting when the two of us are dilling it into you over and over. This video is nearly 10 minutes of a 1 minute+ video looped, perfect to watch over and over again. Watch it on repeat, staring up at us as we smirk and stroke fat wads of $100 bills. The longer you watch our long pretty fingers playing with your cash as we tell you how you have no choice but to click, pay and stroke for Goddess Kyaa!

Chastity Tease Double Teaming with 2 Cruel Lesbians
Holding a tiny lil rubber dicklet locked snuggly away in a clear plastic lock we describe in detail why you need to lock your own little dicklet away in something similar. We giggle and laugh, mocking your tiny and obviously useless penis, the key to the chastity device tucked safely away in my pink bra. Lady Berlin and I are both twisted and sadistic lesbians who will not be satisfied until your horny member is locked away and we have thrown away the key. There is no way that worthless chunk of flesh between your legs can satisfy a woman sexually and you certainly don’t deserve to jerk off! Watch this shockingly hot chastity humiliation video and you will be craving the feeling of that plastic cage all around your itty bitty stiffy!

Four Legs in Fishnets- Domme Kyaa & Lady Berlin
Two pairs of gorgeous legs wrapped snuggly in sexy fishnets stand tall above you. Lady Berlin & I know just how to work you over. Legs and ass and fishnets in your face make you tremble with weakness. Kneel, beg, crawl for our fishnet legs. We will make you mad with desire as we run our hands up and down each others fishnet legs, driving home the fact that you will never feel legs like ours in fishnets. Even if you rush out and buy fishnets to wear like a lil sissy you will still not know the sensual joy of the unique feeling of womens warm legs in classic sexy fishnets!

That is a fucking metric fuck ton of clips and I still have more that I made this weekend to add later this week. For now that is more than enough to keep you busy!

Tomorrow I will be home most of the day and allowing losers to tribute for my attention. My woman & I just had a very romantic day 2 weeks ago and frankly don’t feel the need to go out on a Monday to have a romantic date. Instead we are going to hang out and spend money online, haha. I have a bunch of gift cards to spend and we are going shopping together for sexy things to wear for each other hehe. So get clicking and paying. Watch my twitter for info on my being available to worship/tribute tomorrow. Most of all I just want to see you losers buying up the Vday videos and jerking it like the pathetic bitches you are, so get to it!

3 thoughts on “Valentines Day post + clips for you to click and pay for!

  1. Happy
    Divine One, just hearing You say that my small gift amuses You makes me so very happy.
    i know that serving and amusing You is the reason i exist.
    Thank You for Your all Your kindness to me!
    And i can verify that the little suckers sting like, a a stingy thing at a sting festival !

  2. a gift from Goddess Kyaa
    thank you Goddess Kyaa for keeping me busy on valentine’s day.i just now had to stop myself at 5:11 minutes into “Yet Another Ass Addict”! i know what would happen if i kept watching it,i want to go work for You right now,,,,i would get lazy if i finished watching that video, giggle,i know what would happen to me,,thank you for this valentine’s day gift !


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