romancing my woman, cuckolding you, wanting more VS gift cards…

 So I’m in the studio, just for a wee bit. I have finished wrapping my girlfriends present, one I am surprising her with. She knows I got something recently that I didn’t want her to see but her birthday is next month so I’m hoping she thinks I am getting ready for that early. I’m not, I got her a really pretty gold bracelet, which I really hope she likes. She’s quite picky when it comes to jewelry, but somehow I got all cheesy a few days ago and felt the need to get her something traditional for Valentines Day and surprise her with it. Just in case she is not %100 thrilled with the bracelet I am gifting her my gift card balance so she can get herself whatever she wants. Generally she likes buying pants, sweaters etc there but I am going to try to get her to get something sexy for herself. She is generally so practical , wanting to get what she "needs" (ie- well, I do need another pair of black slacks so I’ll just get those)  verses what she wants and what will make her feel sexy. 

I’m about to go back into the main house, bringing her lil wrapped bracelet in a bag of dirty laundry to sneak it past her and hide it someplace she will find it later today. I wanna puke I am so full of cheesy love goodness, but fuck it, that’s what being in love is all about. Plus it has the amusing side affect of rubbing how happy and in love I am with a beautiful woman that loves me back while all you horny cuckolds jerk away at the thought. 

While I am romancing my woman you should be spending and worshiping. Start with another VictoriasSecret gift card–

1: Click here:
2: Fill out the info there- as the recipient name you can fill in Domme Kyaa and the recipient email is
3: Even if you can only send $15, send it and send it ASAP! If you read this tomorrow or days from now thats okay, you can make up for it and just send it anyway. Even if you don’t get it sent in time for my ladies special surprise you can still make me happy by keeping my VS balance up!

I want it at $500 by the end of the day so get to it boys!!!

Then you can head over to Kinkbomb where I am now #2!!!!!!! Click and pay for all the hot Vday themed videos (see the previous post) and many  more. I am off now, to have my day of romance and cuckolding losers. Enjoy being cuckolded ha!

2 thoughts on “romancing my woman, cuckolding you, wanting more VS gift cards…

  1. Happy Valentines Day
    well ,i do not know Your girlfriend Goddess Kyaa,but i like Her!,and i can definitely see!,, where You Two are Perfect together,giggle,.so i am reading this, i am a stupid loser,but it looks like to me that You are allowing a victoria’s secret gift card to be for Your Girlfriend,,what an honor! are You kidding me,am i reading this right?,,got to go, Goddess Kyaa said asap,,move ,move move,get going !


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