wall o text blog post! (plus funny emails & more)

This is going to be a pretty big post, stuffed with a nice fat wall of text! I put each point I want to discuss under a heading so it is easy to read. Read then comment bitches, you know the drill!

girl gamers going hard:
Been pretty lazy in the past week. Last weekend my gf & I were still kinda basking in our anniversary romance glow and spent a lot of time just hanging out together… that and it was double xp for Black Ops all weekend and we played split screen for about 38 hours. We are both newbs when it comes to Black Ops. I’ve been playing a shit ton of Assassin’s Creed & the Fable games in the last 6-8 months and this was the first fps I’ve played in a while.
I was blown away, I had a blast from the very second we started, fucking with dudes over mic and rubbing in their faces that we are girls kicking dude ass. My gf got all the way to prestige 1 level 6 or 7 before we quit and I  *nearly* got to prestige 1 as well. I’m just a few hundred xp from 50 but my eyes were burning and my hands aching so we called it quits. I’m all gamed out still, haha. 
anal closet:
Early this week I had a bunch of shit around the house to do, including finally getting around to re-organizing my closet room. I will take a photo sometime soon, once the rest of the clean laundry is put away and it is chocked full of clothes. There are neat little labels (butlerdorky bought me the labeler!) on every drawer and even on tabs separating different categories of clothing on all the racks I have. It makes me sooo happy to see it all the way I want it finally! My anal retentiveness is sated, for now.
buffycat news:
Yesterday we ended up doing a bunch of stuff with buffycat (warning the next part has to do with my cat!!!) starting with clipping her needle like claws and then a nice lil bath. Luckily the kind of cat she is (Savannah) she actually likes water quite a bit. When you first turn the water on at just a trickle she hops in the tub and wants to play with it. Toss a ball in there and she will play with the ball in the water til she is just about soaked. What she doesn’t like is being submerged and the soap, but again I am lucky because she doesnt tend to flip out like some cats when she doesnt like something. She just freezes and takes it, she just holds as still as her lil self can and takes whatever insufferable thing I’m doing like a lil champ. When it was over she snuggled me for about 2 hours, wanting to be petted and dried off by me and me alone. My gf teases me that I must be trying to turn buffycat against her, telling her lies or something because why else would she love me so much more, haha. 
Then in the evening yesterday my gf decided she wanted to make me a mix drink. We went to the bottle shop early this week and ended up spending about $350 on booze. We went in there just wanted to get some tanqueray (our fave drink is generally g&ts) and ended up with soooo much more. It ended up being a women owned & operated business (which I love supporting, big surprise) and she really knows her shit when it comes to specialty beers. If you know anything about the NW besides the high number of hot dominant women who seem to live here, it is the fucking amazing brewpubs and microbreweries that are just everywhere. There were some really rare beers in stock and we ended up buying a bunch of bottles that are $10-15 PER bottle! That is some spendy beer but fuck so yummy! 
Anyway- back to the mix drink. My gf made me a surfer on acid, which if you are too stupid to google is jager, malibu rum & pineapple juice. I had never had this particular drink before but I have gotten fucked on jager bombs, jager &  bourbon and other jager drinks so it’s one of those achohols that just equals a really drunk night to me. I don’t drink much anymore so all it took was 2 of these surfer on acids and I was sloshed and ready to get molesty on my gf. Suffice to say we had a great evening without you losers!



In the past 2 weeks I have had a few good new slaves come into contact, a few really funny 1 off sessions and some fucking halarious emails. I am too distracted tying to sort out some issues with kinkbomb right now so I can upload videos but here is a taste:

I have got this first one twice now in the last week. I am a lil creeped out that someone might think I would give a shit. I am so confused as to why some guy is so convinced that I am interested in discussing my hight with a "LP Domme" that he is posing as one and emailing me? Thoughts?

This one is so funny for one simple reason- this loser typed out this huge email for me but made one fatal mistake.. in the 3rd paragraph he says "I never buy anything on the internet" and that is why he hasnt seen such and such a video of mine…. *le sigh* some guys just don’t get it. I didn’t read the rest of the email but this is proof of how little losers think before contacting me:

Another major fail here with this bitches pitiful email. This is yet another loser who lives overseas and thinks that because it might be difficult for him to get a credit card or a bank card to use on the internet while tributing me he can just skirt around the tributing thing. I sent him instructions on how to go to most major grocery stores and buy a single use visa/mastercard with cash and he replies asking if I do Wester Union. Ah, stupidity. Unless I specificly tell you to tribute some way other than Kinkbomb, amazon, etc then NO I do not. I also don’t accept cash tributes from random losers, and I don’t take personal fucking checks! Nor foodstamps. And no trade. Seriously. 

This one isn’t a fail, it is just pure halariousness. This loser spent a few $100 over NF in a short period of time for me to send a few photos to him over yahoo while he sat around with his brother visiting. So funny thinking of this bitch just aching for my bare feet while he has to make small talk with his brother.

Okay that’s all for now. I have to run and pick up packages. My new laptop (!!!!!!!!) is already delivered so when I get back I will be setting it up and soon my glamworship cam will be running 24/7! I will try to post again later tonight. I have had a bunch of gifts bought off my wishlists, tributes sent via NF, amazon, kinkbomb & victorassecret that I will brag about plus much more. I know how weak it makes you when I brag about my exploits so comment here and beg me for another sexy post tonight!

(this is what you missed yersterday if you weren’t watching glamworship cam!)

I will see you losers on Glamworship & NiteFlirt tonight when I get back! Watch twitter for up to the minute news:

4 thoughts on “wall o text blog post! (plus funny emails & more)

  1. woof woof
    oh yes ,,,one more thought,the great north west,,i only serve You ,but if i can get to that area ,i will beg You to allow me to stay,maybe ,please,maybe,,please Goddess Kyaa,You will never know i am there unless You ring my bell,,that would be heaven!

  2. amazing Goddess Kyaa !
    yes ,,,of all nights to miss glamworship,that hurts,it really does!the tanqueray,i was brought up on that, tanqueray on the rocks,18 yrs old in those “old” days giggle,,,,oh my,,,that is amazing to me.everyday i know why i am Yours to use as You please Goddess Kyaa.thank you for allowing a peak into Your world


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