Clip updates for the weekend!

Starting with the new videos from Lady Berlin & I, here is a nice big clip update, mostly composed by womenrule for me since I am so busy/lazy today ha. If any links dont work comment below and I’ll have him post the correct links.

Today I am feeling kinda meh, have shit to do around the house since my girlfriend isn’t feeling well. She is such a fucking doll, doing pretty much everything around the house from laundry to cooking, fixing shit around the house, the kitties litter box, cleaning, paying bills, everything. I generally don’t have to fret about a thing, but the morning after our anniversary she woke up with serious back pain. This is something that happens occasionally, I’m not worried. She will feel better in a few days but right now I gotta do pretty much everything for her!

It’s cute seeing the rolls reversed, she worries that I don’t want to do the dirty work around the house… but she forgets sometimes that I wasn’t always a perfectly spoiled Goddess with a legion of losers at my beck and call. I was a bartender and a waitress, I have mopped up drunk college idiots puke for minimum wage. So having to cook & deal with the garbage and cleaning for a couple days every few months in my amazing mountain mini mansion while clip sales and tributes roll in is really not a big deal to me! haha  

On to the clip updates!


Chastity Tease Double Teaming with 2 Cruel Lesbians 
Holding a tiny lil rubber dicklet locked snuggly away in a clear plastic lock we describe in detail why you need to lock your own little dicklet away in something similar. We giggle and laugh, mocking your tiny and obviously useless penis, the key to the chastity device tucked safely away in my pink bra. Lady Berlin and I are both twisted and sadistic lesbians who will not be satisfied until your horny member is locked away and we have thrown away the key. There is no way that worthless chunk of flesh between your legs can satisfy a woman sexually and you certainly don’t deserve to jerk off! Watch this shockingly hot chastity humiliation video and you will be craving the feeling of that plastic cage all around your itty bitty stiffy!
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"Click Pay Stroke" Double Team Hypnosis with Domme Kyaa & Lady Berlin
 Our eyes piercing keep into your pathetic loser soul, penetrating through your thick skull and sinking deep into your pervert mind…. you must click, pay and stroke for Goddess Kyaa. This new mantra will be pounded into your head and there will be no resisting when the two of us are dilling it into you over and over. This video is nearly 10 minutes of a 1 minute+ video looped, perfect to watch over and over again. Watch it on repeat, staring up at us as we smirk and stroke fat wads of $100 bills. The longer you watch our long pretty fingers playing with your cash as we tell you how you have no choice but to click, pay and stroke for Goddess Kyaa!

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Photo Set: Domme Kyaa & Lady Berlin – 40 photos of us atop my huge slave cage! 
We sit atop the huge steel slave cage some loser recently bought for my studio, our long legs dangling in front of the bars as we flip you off. The ever lovely Lady Berlin and I look fantastic in our first ever photo shoot! Heels, legs, our laughing faces… you cannot look away. Just to imagine yourself in the cage we are sitting on is an honor you do not deserve, so be thankful as you click and pay for this photo set. While you look at these pictures you will get to dream of a life locked in a slave cage like this one! (40 photos, 1280×1920 jpgs!)

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Balloon Fun with Goddess Kyaa & Lady Berlin
This hot video is 13 minutes of sexy balloon silliness that will give you a balloon fetish if you aren’t already irresistibly turned on by the sight and sound of balloons. The floor at our feet is covered in red and pink balloons and as the video begins we each pump up one more big round balloon with hand pumps. The motion of our hands working those lil pumps till the balloons look full enough to burst turns you on so hard you will be shaking and trembling by the time we start popping balloons. By the end of the 13 minute video you will watch us pop the balloons in a hot countdown to orgasm for your little loser dicklet. Click and pay, bitches! Worship us as we taunt you with these sexy balloons, giggling and being silly as we enjoy fucking you over!

Four Legs in Fishnets- Domme Kyaa & Lady Berlin

Two pairs of gorgeous legs wrapped snuggly in sexy fishnets stand tall above you. Lady Berlin & I know just how to work you over. Legs and ass and fishnets in your face make you tremble with weakness. Kneel, beg, crawl for our fishnet legs. We will make you mad with desire as we run our hands up and down each others fishnet legs, driving home the fact that you will never feel legs like ours in fishnets. Even if you rush out and buy fishnets to wear like a lil sissy you will still not know the sensual joy of the unique feeling of womens warm legs in classic sexy fishnets!  

Double Boot Domination – Goddess Kyaa & Lady Berlin 
Two shockingly beautiful and sadistic women sitting above in in black leather knee high boots… it sounds like the beginning of a wet dream, huh bootbitch? This dream has a nasty ending though, because as you fantasize about rubbing your loser dick all over the smooth leather of our boots we will cruelly remind you of your place as a bug on the floor to be crushed! Laughing mockingly as we tease with our boots, showing you the sharp stiletto heels and describing the scent from our pretty feet in detail. We top it off by dropping a fleshy dildo on the floor in front of you and stepping all over it, crushing and piercing into it with our heels. By the time the screen fades to black you will be drooling all over your screen for us and our black leather boots!


Owned & Caged By 2 Sadistic Lesbians

Now that you are locked away it is time to remind you of your place. We will not let you forget that you are now a sub-human workslave, living only to serve us. We humiliate you & tell you how we are going to work you hard to make you earn your keep and what we will do to you if you fuck up. Look out at our hot young body, our beautiful smirking faces looking back at you as you stair through the thick bars. There is no going back, you will obey or you will rot in the cage we have locked you away in!

Goddess Kyaa & Lady Berlin’s 1st Video Ever!
This introduction video is just 2 minutes long but you will be so excited just looking at the two of us sitting next to each other, laughing and teasing you bitches. Soon you losers will be bowing down as we do full weekends hanging out, making hot videos like this & abusing losers live on cam. To be double teamed but such a dynamic duo is going to rock your little loser world, and this is just a teaser introduction!

Pantyhose Feet & Toes – Tease & Denial!  
I slip off my sexy little pumps to find that the little red hearts on sole of the shoe have stained my sheer nude pantyhose! Sounds like a dream job for a loser like you… to be forced to suck the sweat, dirty and shoe-dye out of my sheer pantyhose while they are still wrapped around my size 9 feet! Yes, it is only a dream because you will be licking and sucking on your computer screen, a pathetic pervert wishing for what he could never have! Worship my pantyhose wrapped feet and toes, with lots of toe curling, spreading and pointing. Lots of foot flexing and teasing from all angles. It’s more than you deserve, just be thankful for what you get, pantyhose toe addict!

Satin Surrender Panties  
These satin surrender panties have been in my wardrobe for over 2 years now and after repeated "Surrender Sunday’s" spent dominating losers while wearing them, countless worship videos and lots of playing in them with my girlfriend, my satin surrender panties must, sadly, be retired. This is one of the last videos ever made in them, so cherish it forever! These panties stole the heart of whoever saw me in them, my perky butt filling out the satin bikini cut panties so perfectly there was no resisting. Now it is time to give into my surrender panties one more time, my fool. Worship these panties up close and personal, showing off from every angle this video teases you with my satin surrender panties like no other! Click and pay, weakling!

Beg for my legs!!  
Like the title of the video says, you will BEG for my long perfect legs in this hot worship video. I will have you drooling and pleading to worship my legs for the rest of your pitiful life. As worthless as you are, you do not deserve to look at these legs so in my infinite kindess I am going to tease you with them anyway… on one condition, you beg with ever fiber of your pathetic being! Grovel on all fours as you look up at my sender sexy legs and know you are a very lucky loser!

Heel Obsession Cream w/ black lace stilettos  
I will take you weakness for my feet and heels and turn it into an all consuming addiction, an ever growing obsession you cannot resist. These heels were bought by a loser just like you last week. They are already one of my favorite pairs of heels ever, and it’s easy to see why! They fit my size 9 feet perfectly and with the peeps at the toes & arches you can see your favorite parts of my pretty feet while they are still on! The black lace on creamy satin is so feminine and sensual you cannot help but quiver on the floor as I tease you with ever detail of these stilettos. From the peep-toes to the cut-outs exposing my high arches to the heels themselves, shiny and black, ever single thing is perfect about my feet in these heels. Drool, my obsessed loser, drool as you click and pay to download this video now!

Surrender to My Ass  
My perky young ass will be your undoing, you and all the rest of the helpless perverts. When you start watching this hypnotic video you will lose every scrap of will and you will feel yourself beginning to surrender in seconds. By the time you finish 5 minutes being cruelly teased and seduced by the most perfect round ass you have ever laid your loser eyes on you will be on your knees, surrendering your mind body and soul to me. Click and pay now, bitch, it is time to surrender to my ass!

CLICK AND PAY! Empty your bank accounts for me on Kinkbomb! Soon my store will rank #1, further proof of the growing power of my Empire! Time to obey, slaves! Click and pay for all my new videos, you have no choice but to obey.

(and don’t forget to comment here & thank me for this update before you go buy clips!)

One thought on “Clip updates for the weekend!

  1. thank you for speaking Goddess Kyaa
    well You know me Goddess Kyaa, so You already know what i am thinking ,i am at Your beck and call ,,and i do know how to work,,all You have to do is snap Your fingers and i will come running to You,,to work


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