Lady Berlin & I use losers, film videos & start taking over the world!!

Of course the biggest news, bigger than the hilarious Photo Contest entries, bigger than my plans for letting sissymindi visit me this summer, is the amazing development between the great Lady Berlin & myself! After weeks of emailing, chatting, and flirting over twitter, we finally met up and we hit it off! Below is 40 seconds or so of the first video we made, just an introduction video to get us started. Watch the preview, leave a comment on the video and here on my blog as well, make sure to tell us how thankful you are for a sneak peek like this!



Now that you are all worked up go and buy the rest of the 2 minute teaser on Kinkbomb! We are charging pretty high for these first videos, you losers simply don’t deserve to have any videos of us for cheap! Go click and pay, start with this introduction video and in just a few days I will have released the rest of the videos we made!
The videos may not even be the best part, as hot as they are! All the live cam we did, using and abusing losers as we empty their bank accounts. See some screen shots from my skype posted below, drool and wish it was you:

This is some random loser who paid extra specifically to be teased by both of us. The sounds he made when he came after about 10 minutes made us both laugh so hard the losers listening in on GlamWorship to loser their proverbial shit.


My sissy splosh submitted to us, paying to be humiliated and abused for about a half hour on cam. We both giggled our sexy asses off at the antics of this helplessly owned slut and will be planning on going much harder on him next time.

Watch our twitters for info on when we will be doing this again. I will try to make sure to let you losers know what is happening with the next double team day well ahead of time so you can all save and plan to set the day aside so you can worship and obey us! Next time we are online we want to see a much better showing, not just the 2 or 3 losers who were lurking around in the chat room this Saturday.  Keep checking back, I will be posting many more hot videos we made plus some fucking SMOKING hot photos like the one below:

3 thoughts on “Lady Berlin & I use losers, film videos & start taking over the world!!

  1. Hello GOddess
    I have been a fan the scenes fan of yours for a while and have watched and read all your posts and videos. Last night I had a dream about worshiping your perfect feet and it was the best dream I have ever had. You were laughing at how pathetic I looked at your feet the whole time.
    Just wanted you to let you know your the best out there and deserve everything

  2. great news
    thank you Goddess Kyaa for taking the time for posting this update.i do confess there is no bigger news than You and Lady Berlin meeting up for the first time,,unless of course you are sissy mindi,giggle,then this update is double great news!
    glamworship from saturday is still sinking into my helpless loser mind,i had kind of dozed off after being up 20 hrs,but i could hear You and Lady Berlin on one call,my ears perked right up,,did not know if i was dreaming or was intense,still cannot get it out of my mind,,
    thank you for this photo Goddess Kyaa! it is SEXY HOT!


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