Photo Contest! Results from Dec & a new contest for Jan/Feb

Domme Kyaa’s Photo Contest for January/Febuary 2011

Goddess Kyaa’s Photo Contest for Perverts:


– Up to 10 ‘Honorable Mentions’ of whatever contest entries I deem fit. Each will be chosen at my discretion and will receive coupon code for either a percent or a set dollar amount off purchases on
– A 1st, 2nd and 3rd place lineup of the best overall photos, to be decided by myself and some of my friends, which will be especially judged by their captions and the quality of the photo. (ie- is it in focus, can we tell what the fuck is going on.) These winners will be getting a really good coupon so they can stock on on lots of clips, plus the loser in 1st place will be getting a special prize of my leftovers from Valentines Day!! 

January/February 2011 – Conditions of Entry

A.) All photos submitted must adhere to the theme announced as the focus of this months contest as well as the title of the contest, “Goddess Kyaa’s Photo Contest Jan/Feb 2011” At least 1 photo out of a series must contain this written somewhere on something in the actual photo to prove that the photo was taken for the purpose of this contest. Each photo submitted must also have a title or caption to go along with it.

B.) Submissions must be emailed to by December 31th 11:59PM PST. In the subject line of your email you MUST write “Submission for Goddess Kyaa’s Photo Contest V-Day 2011.” Also, include in your email: the photo(s) you are entering into the contest, a name I can use if you are announced winner, and the email address you can be reached at for any prizes you might win.

C.)All photos and other information included in the contest entry become Domme Kyaa’s full property. All rights over distribution, reprinting, editing, or any other use are reserved for Domme Kyaa once your submission is received.

D.) No purchase necessary for entry.

E.) No winner guaranteed. No prizes or entry publication guaranteed. Only humiliation is guaranteed.

The winning photo for December is…. *drumroll*

I chose this photo over others for a few reasons. To begin with this has a GREAT caption, with a silly pun. The photo is in focus, with decent lighting and coloring and is actually very well composed with the subject of the photo off in the left 1/3rd of the frame. All in all it’s actually a really great photo, even if it is of some loser ‘caning’ themselves for my amusement. So congrats to ‘WiddleDick’ on winning Decembers contest!!! This loser will be getting a coupon with %25 off a purchases on Kinkbomb for all of this month!

Here are some more photos from this loser and others, some with cometary and a note on what they won if anything for their submission to the contest for December! I have included at least 1 photo from EVERY contestant, so you really get a look at how many are entering and what they have to offer so far…

The loser who sent in the photos below sent this email with his contest submissions. I was *highly* amused by this note, hehe. This loser is winning a %10 off coupon for my clips on Kinkbomb for all of this month!!

"submitting to contest"

"bound to please"
"a positive reaction to a tight spot"

"candy canes with extra flavor"

"betamale needs no pride"

These photos are from kyaasbard, the winner from November, who is winning a %10 off coupon for all of this month!

‘date pic’

"the camera never lies"

"the truth hurts:

This is from sissy rita, a slut who I think found me on glamworship and gets a %5 off coupon on Kinkbomb for this month!

from sissy rita
and these are from sissysplosh who was late to enter but amusing none the less! This slut gets no prize other than some humiliation since the photos were so late, but still, I know my whore will be proud just to be displayed like this:


Okay my pets… you losers will be getting more clip updates, screenshots from glamworship & more this weekend! For now just go to Kinkbomb and buy some clips. Watch them without stroking, get yourself worked up and start writing out ideas for your valentines day humiliation photos!!!!

7 thoughts on “Photo Contest! Results from Dec & a new contest for Jan/Feb

  1. Thank you, Goddess!
    Finally i get an opportunity to thank You for allowing me to humiliate myself for You, Goddess Kyaa. And Your making it public makes it really great! Thank You for letting everybody see what a worthless, perverted betamale i really am!!!


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