Goddess & Guns, Death By Panties, Monster Ballet Flats & Wet Hairbrushing!!!

Here we go, boys… another round of drool inducing goodies that you must click and pay for. First up is a photo shoot that I did last night which turned out very very well. My girlfriend came down into the studio to shoot some photos like usual but this time she brought a fucking arsenal!
I LOVED being decked out in guns, and you can see how much fun I was having in  this shoot. I also love the juxtaposition of my girly red and black lace lingerie and the mean looking shotgun I am wielding. I have a pistol in my waistline & in my shoulder holster and even some very nice steel cuffs tucked into my boots in some shots. These photos will make you tremble, seeing the power of life and death held so casually in my sexy hands. I have to admit that I want to share ALL the photos from this set with you losers, but then what would you buy?
Click below, you can buy ether the FULL set, with 90 amazing shots or the Best Of with just 38 of the most perfect photos from this set. I still might share some more shots from this set in another post later tonight so watch out, I am in love with this set, hehe. 

(note: the quality of the photos were degraded by turning them into this gif! the actual photos are much better)

On Kinkbombhttp://www.kinkbomb.com/Photo-Set-Goddess-and-Guns.html
Via C4S: http://images4sale.com/store/23738

Next I have some killer hot videos. This first one is a death fetish clip I’ve been wanting to do since I got this hot lil purple thong with a black sparkly skull and crossbones. The is the only one I have up on both Kinkbomb & C4S, the other two are only on Kinkbomb but you will see them going up on C4S later in the weekend. Make sure you get over to Kinkbomb and snap these oh so hot videos up today! 

Death By Panties for Domme Kyaa 
So here you are, after givng me everything, after literally giving me everything you own, here you are. I have emptied your bank accounts, made you sign over your house, life insurance, you name it, it’s already mine. What could I possibly want from you? Only to offer you a very special chance, one chance to kiss my panties while they are still on my sacred body. The power my young, firm, hot body has over you is all consuming. I know you cannot resist, I know that when you see my pretty little purple thong with black lace you will pucker up no matter the consequence. This chance will only come once in your pitiful life, now you must seize the moment and enjoy the last seconds of your pitiful life dying on the floor below me.
CAUTION: This video clip is a POV death fetish video and is fantasy only. If extreme humiliation and the subject of death disturb you, do not buy this video!
Buy on Kinkbomb: $21.99 – CLICK HERE
Buy on C4S: $27.99 – CLICK HERE

Monster Ballet Flats Humiliation – Jan. 2011
These adorable flats some loser for me for xmas are quickly becoming one of my favorite pairs of shoes. They fit my size 9 feet snugly and they are super cute! I love the monster design, teeth dripping with blood and a little bow accent! It’s so me, cruel yet cute, just like the video I made wearing them! Click and pay now, I will cut your ego down, destroying whatever self esteem you may have left as I control your horny loser dick with my bare feet and ballet flats. From the tips of my toes to my sexy ankles you will have a good look at my bare feet as well as every angle of these ballet shoes! I show off the soles, each side of the shoes and slip them off to tease you with the insides of the shoes which are already getting sweaty! A perfect video for all foot & shoe boys.
Buy on Kinkbomb: $15.99 – CLICK HERE

Wet-Hair Brushing Humiliation
This video is from Jan. 2011, my hair is VERY long and soaking wet. I just got out of the shower and have decided to shine my kindness down upon you bitches by filming myself as I brush my dripping wet, freshly washed hair. I talk about how I care for my long, natural blond hair. I talk about brushing it daily as I pull the wooden brush through my soaked locks. As I brush my hair it dries some and you can watch it get more and more lightly colored as the water evaporates away. Such a sexy tease for all hair loving losers, so you are welcome in advance!
Buy on Kinkbomb: $13.95 – CLICK HERE

I will be on Glamworship today, mostly ignoring you losers as I rake in the cash. Fat tributes & losers ready to abuse themselves for my amusement might get my attention. I have a fuck ton of shit to do this weekend, so make sure you have $$$ ready to make me smile.

2 thoughts on “Goddess & Guns, Death By Panties, Monster Ballet Flats & Wet Hairbrushing!!!

  1. addicted
    i feel the same way today blah blah all day,,all i can say is these gun photo’s are HOT,HOT HOT ,i used one for my background,when they start sinking in,,, the HOTTER they get,i feel they are the real Goddess Kyaa,mind altering to me.Goddess Kyaa letting loose


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