“A New Life”=A big hit! + Glamworship & Kinkbomb success & funny email from clueless loser

Ever since the release of the first three videos in what is going to be my epic & ongoing clip series "A New Life" I have been getting photos like the one below. Photographic proof from bitches who have bought the videos for steps 1-3 and have followed them along to the letter in hopes of becoming my personally owned slave. Any loser can begin this New LIfe, but beware, you will be dedicating every aspect of your life to me after this… being turned into a marked up and humiliated bitch like the loser below is just the first step (literally!!) … 

Time to click and pay, begin your New Life now… I will be filming Step 4 tonight or tomorrow so it is a good time to get going on the first 3 steps!

http://bit.ly/NewLife1 http://bit.ly/NewLife2  http://bit.ly/NewLife3


After that amusing humiliation photo here is a little something sexxxy for you bitches to drool over:

I am on Glamworship tonight, looking super sexy in some pink silk lingerie, knee high socks and a white button up sweater. I will only be on for a few hours tonight since it seems pretty quiet… but tomorrow I am going to be doing photo shoots, filming videos & taking calls on NiteFlirt all evening so you can catch me tomorrow if you miss me tonight! 

Yesterday I went and tried a new place for my weekly mani-pedi and was sucessful! The last 2 places I have tried either fucked up my nails or took 2 hours+ to do a basic fill and so I didn’t go back… this time I had a much better experience. I got a great hot-rock massage, a good foot-soak and my nails turned out looking fantastic so I am pleased. I know you bitches will love this so you are welcome in advance, pervs!

And my Kinkbomb store is now ranking at #6! Woohoo! I am just loving watching my Empire climb the charts on Kinkbomb, so keep it up boys!


I am going to work on a longer update with links to my new clips and start sorting through the entries for the Photo Contest so I can announce a winner tomorrow or Friday & release the new contest video! So that’s all for now. I will leave you all with a very amusing email I got a couple days ago:

I got this email the other day and it cracked me up to see this bitch is still trying to force his "limits" on me! Too funny!

My reply:
‘Maybe you will FUCK OFF then, since I require ALL slaves to convert to MY holy religion, Kyaaism. All submales must WORSHIP and must BOW down to me as their one true GODDESS every day. I may be an athiest but does not mean I respect you or your so called limits… so obviously you are waisting your time! As though a GODDESS like me would change for a peon like you! Now, KNEEL before my ALTER, BOW down and accept your new GODDESS or go fuck yourself!"

5 thoughts on ““A New Life”=A big hit! + Glamworship & Kinkbomb success & funny email from clueless loser

  1. changed lives for losers
    thank you Goddess Kyaa for the “A NEW LIFE” series to deeper and deeper understand the one and only true Religion,the Holy Religion Of Kyaaism.to be an example for losers throughout the universe that the only path to true salvation is to KNEEL before Your ALTER, BOW down,WORSHIP YOUR TRUE PERFECTION Daily and profess daily that You are the One True Goddess of the universe.
    changed loser lifes can only be found through surrendering everything to You and accepting without hesitation, that i/losers am owned and will obey the One true Goddess Kyaa.

  2. That’s not limits, that’s conditions. i don’t understand how a submale can come with conditions.
    You can remain as a kind of atheist. Goddess Kyaa is not the explanation to the existence of the universe, She is not telling you that She created everything. She is telling You that from the very moment you accept Her She will rule your whole life, the only proposal of our life will be serve and obey Her, worship Her. So yes, She will be your Goddess since nothing will be important in your life but her happiness.

  3. Good slaves and mad pigs
    goodboy4Kyaa is a very obedient and dedicated salve who the rest of us would do well to try and emulate.
    At the other extreme we have an applicant so off the mark that its just funny,
    he begs to serve You and asks for those ridiculous “limits”!
    How can any piggy approach A Living God and say they wont use words like “worship”
    Its not possible to be a “semi” Kyaaist it has to be all or nothing.
    he should ” Bow before his One true God and beg to Worship Her”
    Kyaaism is not for the half hearted.
    Divine One You are our God !


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