A New Year, A New Life! (a new video series!) plus hatemail & youtube trolls and humiliation photos!

 I have 3 new videos up for sale on Kinkbomb only (they won’t be added to C4S until tomorrow or even later!) that will literally change your pitiful loser life. This is a MUST have for ALL slaves, new and old. Weather these are the first videos you buy or yet another to add to an expensive collection of clips, you will be affected like never before by the time you have finished Step 3!

This clip series, titled "Steps To A New Life" begins with these three clips, "A New Year, A New Life! Steps 1-3" and are meant to be bought together and watched together as the assignments in each of them leads directly to the next. In the coming weeks and months I will be doing more steps for the New Life series. Some will be stand-alone steps, others will go along with more steps… but all of them will assume that you completed the first 3 steps! Begin now, my helpless and weak fool. Click and pay to begin your new life, to convert forever to Kyaaism.

Step 1: The Mark of The Goddess
This is Step 1, the first of 3 steps you will take today. As you watch the video you will become more and more aroused until your weakness for me is so deep you will wipe all other thoughts from your mind. When I give the command you will obey, helplessly following my orders without thought. Tonight you truly become owned, tonight you will leave your old life behind and being anew. This is the beginning of your conversion, your old life is gone and you are a follower of Kyaaism. There will be no turning back once you have completed Step 1… by the time you are moving on to step 2 you will be left with the Mark of The Goddess!

Step 2: A Sacrifice of Denial
Now that you have taken the first step you must be feeling quite pathetic and helpless. After all, just look at yourself, look at what I have done to you with Step 1. I am going to take you another step forward, another step deeper into my little rabbit hole! With your owned body covered in my mark it will be so easy to obey whatever is going to be required of you in Step 2. All you get to know about this next step is that you will willingly sacrifice, denying yourself for my pleasure. Take the second step now, you are already on the path to a new life and a new religion. Already you are worshiping, marked, owned. There is no going back now, only forward!

Step 3: A New Mantra
Finally you are taking the 3rd step of your new life, the step that will keep your tiny little loser mind focused sharply on what is most important, on your place in this world, your new purpose. No longer will you wander the world aimlessly, your life without any purpose or drive. Instead you will forget the past as I rewrite your mind, brainwashing you, hypnotising you with ease. I will reshape you, remake you in my image. Click and pay now, you are about to take the last step for tonight, a step that is more of a leap into the deep unknown, my rabbit hole.

In other news I have been getting a lot of funny hate mail and other kinds of attention from losers who cannot admit what they are and horny boys that have no idea who I am! Just the other day I got both of these emails:

As if.

I find this one amusing because he mentions the bible as though thats proof of anything!

Those are just a couple of the idiotic emails I have got in the past week, but the ward for idiot of the fucking year (and the most halarious/buttfuckugly) hater of 2010 goes to this loser I have redubbed the blob:

and he doesn’t stop there!

Normally I wouldn’t promote this kind of shit but I *love* how he somehow connects me to this huge conspiracy he’s thought of that, from my understanding of his "response videos," is a huge network of individuals (such as myself), the oh so scary liberals and atheists, and the rich, all of them working to make guys like him have a hard time getting a date. On the "evil dating scene" …. okay, as soon as he said "evil dating scene" I couldn’t stop laughing. It’s just ridiculous. Oh really, so you can’t get a date so the Rockefellers must be conspiring with me to force eugenics on the "New World" … it can’t possibly be that you are a disgusting blobby loser with a tiny dick and an empty bank account? Hilarious.  Somehow this makes me feel like a real youtuber. I put my shit out there and I got enough views that some troll made a video for me, aw how sweet!

Haters and gelatinous trolls aren’t the only fun emails and media I have been getting! I have been getting quite a few losers to physically degrade themselves in my honor via glamcam chat. As I sit and work on my computer, take NF calls, film fetish clips, etc… these losers follow my instructions and send in photo proof….

there are more but I dont feel like digging around my inbox for photos of sluts anymore, lol! if you sent me photos in hopes that I might post it you need to just send them again or better yet, take new ones and make them really pathetic!

I am still going to give you guys a day or two to get in the photo contest submissions. After that you will be getting the video for Januarys contests. For now just buy the clips I put out today!

PS you boys are doing well on spending already this year! 100’s in sales on my Kinkbomb & C4S already, plus $500~ on Glamworship and many other tributes are in the works from boys who are keen to start the year right. Keep it up! I realized today that my girlfriend and I will have been together for 3 solid years on the 1st of next month! That means I will be spoiling her, so you need to spoil me, hehe. Perhaps I will let you boys have a few juicy details from our night out, but you know how protective I am of her and our privacy. Make it a special night and you might get a story or two.

10 thoughts on “A New Year, A New Life! (a new video series!) plus hatemail & youtube trolls and humiliation photos!

  1. corvered in my cum
    thank you Ma’am for allowing me to cum over my self and taste my cum for the first time! i am privileged to be allowed to do that. thank you very much!!
    i hope you allow me to swallow more and more of my cum in the future.
    thank you ma’am!

  2. I had a really hard time paying attention to what the fat guy was saying because I kept finding myself drawn to that outfit in the background wondering what it was. I would almost guess an ed hardy pants-suit but I don’t see any glitter. I’m very confused.

  3. Re: once is enough
    Don’t fret your little head over the haters pet, like I’ve told you before I simply find them funny. I know you are a good lil boy, and you need no one else’s approval.

  4. There are so many funny things in there, but what I love the most is how it is all about this “evil dating scene” … because the dating scene is a eugenics program designed to weed out losers like him… not just that he is fat, ugly and stupid. It’s so so fucking funny, like pure irony.


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