last video blog of the year… plus some KILLER photos of what I’m wearing today!

 A last minute end of year gift to all my helpless little losers. Watch, comment, rate etc. Then you need to get your ass over to Kinkbomb & make sure you have bought my oh so amazing New Years videos, both the Countdown & the Humiliation videos are a must have. This morning I have been watching the sales roll in, with horny boys buying up the videos they need to kick off the New Years the right way… MY way! 

In this vlog you will get to see me open up a few of my xmas gifts & some other stuff. Enjoy, but make sure you go find my wishlist links and buy me something soon if you didn’t get anything for me for the holidays! The heels I try on in the video are AMAZING. I have been wearing them for an hour and still just so in love with them. I know you bitches will just die for these heels…

By the way, I am wearing these new heels you see here and hot hose & mini sweaterdress all evening on cam, so hurry your ass over to Glamworship as well. Make sure you get the loser level membership or you will pay by the minute to worship… not that I mind you paying by the minute (ha!) but most of you bitches can’t afford that. I am being so kind this weekend doing all this live cam so come join the fun now boys.

Here are a couple of photos I snapped while on glamcam just after filming this slapped together into a hot lil gif:
(say it over and over in your head)

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