New photo sets for sale now! Time to click pay and stroke!

 The snow is so beautiful outside. My gorgeous girlfriend couldn’t resist grabbing up the camera when she saw me lounging on our giant bean-bag in front of the huge windows in the formal livingroom.  The snow is sparkling outside and I was all cozy in the evening sunbeams.  
I know you boys will just eat this up like fucking candy, so you are welcome!

Now you can buy this photo set on Kinkbomb and Images4Sale! Just click below losers and you will be printing these photos up to plaster all over your wall in no time.

Buy on Kinkbomb: $6.99 – CLICK HERE
Buy on C4S: $10.99 – CLICK HERE

There are a couple other photo sets I’ve done in the past while that I haven’t posted about. Buy them up now!

Photo Set: Sock Strip-Tease & Bare Feet/Light Blue Pedi Worship (80 HD photos!!)
This mind bending photo set contains 80 full HD photos, all of them focused on my perfect feet. I start in simple white socks (which are a little sweaty!) and over the first 20-30 photos strip them off my feet. Under my socks you will see my perfect bare soles and long naked toes. I just got a pedicure yesterday and the bright blue is so pretty on my sexy toes! I spread them, point them, curl them… I point at them, flip you off and there are even shots of me sitting on them so you get a good look at my tight blue jeans on my young ass. This photo set is no to be missed, especially if you love feet! Clear, crisp, in focus photos of my bare feet, so huge that when you zoom in you can see every wrinkle on my soles! Click and pay now, this will be your favorite photo set of 2010!
Buy on Kinkbomb: $20.99 – CLICK HERE 
Buy on C4S: $26.99 – CLICK HERE


Photo Set 12-04-2010: full body color shots
There are 50 photos in this set, each of them showing my perfection from head to toe. I am wearing expensive garter-cut pantyhose with a chain design going down my long legs, black pumps, a black thong and a lacey bra. The coloring is too warm on these photos but instead of trying to color correct I am leaving them as is, in full HD, so you boys can own the full set, at a reduced price.
Buy on Kinkbomb: $19.99 –CLICK HERE
Buy on C4S: $23.99 – CLICK HERE

Photo Set 12-04-2010: B&W close ups
There are 24 full size AMAZING black & white HD photographs in this set. My girlfriend/photographer wanted to do some more artistic shots and this was the result. Many of the photos in this set are close ups of my face, my finger flipping you off, my pantyhose ass and more. Each one is sharply in focus and would look perfect framed, hanging on your wall. Classy, sexy photos that will blow your loser mind! 24 FULL HD photographs!
Buy on Kinkbomb: $16.99 – CLICK HERE
Buy on C4S: $19.99 – CLICK HERE


This photo set has amazing close up shots of my pantyhose ass, just look at that detail!
(and that still not even what the full resolution looks like, you can see every thread in my hose!)

Photo Set 12-11-2010 Full Set! Full body, close ups + black&white photos
Only on Kinkbomb can you buy this whole set at once, every single photo from this amazing shoot in one zip file. 64 photos are in this set, with photos in both amazing clear color and black & white. There are photos that show off my perfection from the top of my pretty blonde head to the tips of my silk stilettos. The main focus of this shoot is the luxurious sheer nude pantyhose I’m wearing. They have unique black ribbon & bow designs down the backs of the legs and a faux garter/thong printed at the waist. As you look through the set start at photo #1 where you will be looking at full body shots, including many with me wearing my hot gangster hat & showing off the curves of my legs as I pose with a heavy black cane. Soon you will be looking at the later photos in the set, close ups of the bow designs and of my perfect ass. Juicy photos of my perky buttcheeks in those silken hose, with such sharp detail that you can zoom in and see every thread in the pantyhose I’m wearing! Seriously the detail is amazing when you zoom in on these photos taken with my Cannon. Also included are 10 black and white more artistic shots that are perfect for printing out and putting on your wall!
Buy on Kinkbomb: $19.99 – CLICK HERE
Buy on C4S: $22.99 – CLICK HERE

That’s all the new photos for now… as if that wasn’t a fuck-ton of photos for you to click and pay for!

3 thoughts on “New photo sets for sale now! Time to click pay and stroke!

  1. I have become obsessed with unique (and expensive) pantyhose/stockings from Italy & Scotland. They cost a fuckton compared to your standard stuff from Amazon and are rather delicate, but I *love* them so much.


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