New videos update! Time to click, pay and stroke!

Videos from last week for you to spend on:


10 Resolutions for Domme Kyaa
(this video ended up being a little over exposed so I have reduced the price! be thankful!) I have a little announcement for all you losers, a simple exercise for you to follow that just might chance your pathetic life! Normally people are making resolutions this time of year, and generally these resolutions have to do with changing their lives so that they can be happier, better, more attractive people… not you! Even if you have made resolutions in the past, you haven’t stuck to them. This year you will be making some very different resolutions, resolutions dedicated to ME! That’s right boys, 2011 is the year of Service to Goddess Kyaa, and what a better way to start a new year of service than by obeying my commands, looking deep inside your useless self, and setting 10 resolutions to become a better slave!
Buy on Kinkbomb: $15.99 – CLICK HERE
Buy on C4S: $19.99 – CLICK HERE

Extreme Stiletto’s Humiliation
These amazing fetish stilettos have captured the attention of so many little losers who have begged for a closer look that instead of doing a custom video I made this clip. Now, all the little losers who love these hardcore heels can click and pay for this clip and they will get to have the best close ups of these heels ever released! The shiny black patent leather fits so tightly around my feet that you can even see my toes peeking out, and the super high heels make my slender ankles look so beautiful! Worship now, footslave. My extreme stilettos will be your undoing!
Buy on Kinkbomb: $19.99 – CLICK HERE
Buy on C4S: $26.99 – CLICK HERE

Chucks Worship Dec 2010
I love this pair of chucks. My sexy size 9’s look so good in these grey and pink high top all stars, so good you cannot look away. Click and pay now lil foot sniffers, this clip is an intensely humiliating and erotic worship session with my still new chucks. They’ve only been worn a few times, so I’ve only just started to get them smelling like my perfect feet… but you will get to hear all about the nasty chucks I wore for years while working behind a bar & going to university… these pretty shoes might be all shiny and new right now but soon they will be all kinds of filthy! I strip my shoes off slowly, letting you see me unlace them, pull them off and step on them with my bare sweaty feet. A true blessing for any loser!! 9 mins long!
Buy on Kinkbomb: $21.99 – CLICK HERE
Buy on C4S: $24.99 – CLICK HERE

Casual Hairbrushing & Hair Worship 
I pull a wooden handled brush through my hair for a few minutes then tease you, playing with my hair, letting it fall over the camera and showing off the length. My perfect silken natural blonde locks are irresistible to a mere mortal such as yourself. Even in a casual tee-shirt, giggling as I mock your arousal. Do not hesitate, just click, pay and stroke!
Buy on Kinkbomb: $15.99 – CLICK HERE
Buy on C4S: $ $19.99 – CLICK HERE

Fetish Stilettos Hypno Tease
Crossing and uncrossing my legs slowly, flexing my angles and pointing my toes… all while wearing a powerfully hot pair of extreme fetish stilettos. Black patent leather with silver soles and 6.5" steel heels tipped with a black cap fit so tightly on my bare feet that you can see the cracks of my toes peeking out at you… my soft seductive voice is going to tease you about your weakness for my fetish heels and soon you will be so helpless against me when I slip these heels on you will be willing to do anything to stroke for my fetish stilettos!
Buy on Kinkbomb: $16.99 – CLICK HERE
Buy on C4S: $22.99 – CLICK HERE

So those are the main videos released in the last week, but there are a couple mind blowing photo sets I will post about soon. I want to be on my other computer when I post links to them so I can post a few preview pics as well. Today I am just relaxing with my gf on my laptop, can’t be bothered going into the studio so you bitches just have to wait for previews of the new photo sets. For now go click and pay, especially for the 10 Resolutions video! Get buying, boys!



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