climbing the charts on kinkbomb & ruling losers far and wide over glamcam

 So if you haven’t joined Glamworship, DO IT! Seriously, you are only hurting yourself by not having a loser level membership- and only I get to decide when you suffer and how. I want all my loyal subjects to go and join Glamworship so that they can worship at my feet. The more losers watching the more likely I am to chat, flip you boys off, perhaps even turn my mic on so you can hear me while I am filming videos, taking calls and more.
The cam will soon be on just about 24-7 because I am going to get a basic laptop that will be my Glamcam Computer, dedicated to broadcasting a live feed from my studio 24 fucking hours of every single 7 fucking days of the week, year fucking round!
How much FUN would that be? I would make sure that when I am in or out of the studio is publicly announced via twitter so that you boys can know when I am in and when you would be looking into an empty room…. but I know lots of bitches that LOVE looking into my empty studio, just waiting like a good slave should, so it will be fun to just leave it going non fucking stop!
I am just in love with this idea, so send egift cards to with the words "for your Glamcam Computer" in the subject or note area so I know what it is for.  It will cost around 4-500$ plus a new webcam just for it, so get sending! Every penny counts, bitches! 
A few moments from the past weekend of letting losers lurk around and watch as I do everything from snack & watch TV to filming clips to dominating the fuck outta painsluts via skype…
– I’m wearing my chucks and a bunch of losers are in the chat room, One loser remarks to the others "13 eyelets!" as I was lacing them up, and when all the others were agast at how good an idea they thought it was to even count them I couldn’t help but laugh. When I told my gf she remarked, "thats a story that’s mom safe, you could fully tell my mom!" which just had me in fits.
– Going upstairs for a few hours to find that when I come back on a cam call there are losers just waiting for me, thankful to see me as I fucking use and abuse some random loser, making him cum on his face as the bitches on ignore cam follow along.
– Filming clips & watching losers freak the fuck out as they get to see me make foot, giantess and other themed videos that many of them rushed off to buy the moment I had them up for sale.
Basically it’s been a blast, and this was just the past weekend! There will be much more to come. Also- remember my join code is "Kyaa0016" so when you join up/renew your membership make sure that join code is in so I get your cash!

Now, Kinkbomb is just working out like a gem for me! I’ve barely scratched the surface of my huge collection of videos already uploaded on clips4sale, but with all my clips at a reduced price on Kinkbomb and the huge New Years Sale going on there, boys can’t help but click and pay!  I have recently uploaded some awesome new clips but that will be for another post! Suffice to say, watch out, your wallet will be aching and you still won’t have bought all the newest clips! Check out this screenshot from today, keep clicking and paying boys.. I’m at #9 already but I want to see my store continue to climb the charts!

Click and pay, that is your main concern while I am away the next two days! I am going to do another post tonight with my clip updates and before I come back Wednesday I am planning a long long long overdue ‘slave post’ here on lj with some news on the antics of the slaves serving me, new and old! For now just work on buying up KB videos, sending tributes on KB & amazon and of course… sending in any photos you can for the photo contest! Get to it bitches!

3 thoughts on “climbing the charts on kinkbomb & ruling losers far and wide over glamcam

  1. Thank You !
    Divine One, the very idea that You would bless Your devoted pets with a 24/7 portal to view
    heaven once again shows us how lucky we are to belong to You !
    Having such a portal would make it almost imposable to do anything but gaze into Your world !
    Those chucks are so cool ! All You have to do is touch some item of clothing and it
    instantly becomes sensual, an object to be worshipped.
    That wonderful moment when You turned on the mic and told me i was allowed to continue my orgasm denial
    for another week was such a thrill i will remember it always.
    May Your Hole Empire continue to grow, #1 on kinkbomb and #1 in the whole world !
    On my knees viewing heaven via glamworship with my fellow losers, a congregation in the
    Holy Church of Kyaaism !
    That is where i belong.


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