Holiday schedule, themed videos+ findom, butt sucking & I’m about to break records on Kinkbomb

I got an email this morning from Kinkbomb informing me that I am nearing their record for sales in the first month for any store, ever!  How exciting! Well, you know what that means, time to CLICK PAY and STROKE! Even if you own every video on my Kinkbomb store (highly doubtful) you need to go spend there today. Paying tributes count as well so you can just click the tribute buttons on any of my kinkbomb video pages. I want to see lots and lots of sales from all the payslaves all around the world. Get to it!!

Also I want to inform you bitches of my schedule in the next week…. I will be online and available to abuse your wallet & degrade you live on cam from Wednesday afternoon all the way through to next Monday! That means I will be online on xmas eve, early early xmas morning and all day that day as well. I will be online on the day after xmas while everyone’s wives are out shopping and while I will be offline as usual that Monday I will be back on the next day and all week through to the new year… Just check it out below. Follow me on twitter for up to the minute information on what I am doing:

Wednesday Dec. 22 – Sunday Dec. 26: I will be online *a lot* from early until late.
Tuesday Dec. 28 – Sunday Jan 2: Again, i will be online *a lot* … I have a few slaves who have cleared time this week to dedicate the last days of the year to me… you should follow their suit!  

Make sure you
join Glamworship because I have been using it quite a bit and when I do use it boys are drained hard and fast. Losers have been getting to watch me take NF cam calls, film videos and more. Of course, I might just be sitting at my computer letting you look at my toes, but you will still count yourself lucky!


First off- holiday videos! Starting with a religious themed video that will rock your tiny world! All videos are highly recommended especially if you are spending the holidays alone and able to dedicate your time to worshiping me. All the holiday themed videos are only $5 on Kinkbomb from now through New Years Eve, so buy now before I raise the price!!

Fuck Your Religion, Celebrate Kyaamas!!
***Warning! Cruel religious humiliation, female supremacy and financial domination are the focus of this video. If you can’t handle it go back to church, bitch!***
That’s right freak, I said FUCK your religion! As an atheist I think that all the holidays celebrated this time of year are utter and complete bullshit! It doesn’t matter if you are celebrating Christmas, Hanukkah, Kwanzaa, it’s all the same worthless superstitious crap. This year you are going to celebrate MY religion, and by that I mean the religion my slaves created in my honor, Kyaaism. Celebrate Kyaaism by making the whole month of December Kyaamas! I will give you some tips on how to celebrate Kyaamas plus I will throughly humiliate you for believing in whatever religious bullshit you used to celebrate this year. Now you will celebrate Kyaaism, your only church is your computer! Get on your knees and pray for a good Kyaamas. Click, pay, stroke! (6 min long video you NEED to own! I’m wearing bright red ultra tight latex pants and a sheer black mesh shirt with a red bra underneath. Sexy, powerful, irresistible… start celebrating Kyaamas today!
(1280x720p HD) 6 full minutes of instructions for the upcoming holiday. Plus I’m wearing hot bright red ultra tight latex pants and a sexy black sheer top with a red bra underneath. There is no resisting me, slut! Click and pay!
Buy on Kinkbomb: $5 – CLICK HERE
Buy on C4S: $13.99 – CLICK HERE
Buy on NiteFlirt


Holiday Shopping- you don’t get, you give (to me!)
This is going to be so easy for you! I am so kind as to let you have these simple instructions, so easy to follow. Just obey and soon you will be showering me with gifts, the way it should be! Most people love this time of year because they get gifts, but you love it because its just another excuse to spend on me. The only way to please me is to pay and obey. All you need is the link below for my holiday wishlist and your credit card, I will do the rest. Follow along and obey my every command to be taken on an erotic spending assignment you have no choice but to complete. Looking so perfect in those bright red, skin tight latex pants and black mesh shirt with a red bra underneath, there is no resisting me!
Open this link, you will need it while you watch the video! http:///w/1Z6KQPCYWMBB8 (1280×720)
Buy on Kinkbomb:$5 – CLICK HERE
Buy on C4S: $12.99 – CLICK HERE
Buy on Niteflirt:


A Very Sissy Christmas for Domme Kyaa
So sissy, you are going to be alone this year for xmas, hm? Good, because I have some instructions just for girly lil loses like you! Get out your prettiest clothes, some candy canes, a dildo and prepare to sacrifice your cash, cum and pride for me! This goes well with "A Humiliating Christmas for Uber Losers!" 6 full minutes of instructions for the upcoming holiday. Plus I’m wearing hot bright red ultra tight latex pants and a sexy black sheer top with a red bra underneath. There is no resisting me, slut! Click and pay! (1280×720 HD)
Buy on Kinkbomb: $5 – CLICK HERE
Buy on C4S: $11.99 – CLICK HERE

A Humiliating Christmas for Uber Losers!
Do whatever you can to spend December 25th alone, obeying the instructions found in this video. While most people will be out either with friends and family or out enjoying good food, entertainment, shopping, getting gifts and getting lucky with that special someone- you will be dedicated this holiday to ME! I have specific humiliating instructions for you to follow, from what you will wear to what you will eat and much more. Of course I will tell you how to stroke and when to cum, and be prepared to SPEND! Be one of the lucky losers who gets to spend xmas degrading themselves for my amusement!! (1280x720p HD)
Buy on Kinkbomb: $5 – CLICK HERE
Buy on C4S: $13.99 – CLICK HERE
Of course I also have some super hot new videos that aren’t holiday themed….

you don’t get a life- you get to pay me! Financial Domination
With $1000 in pay-slave cash between my perfectly manicured fingers I tease you with my hot young body and tell you how you no longer get a life, instead you get to pay me every day. Instead of living a full, complete, normal human life, you will dedicate your every waking moment to either making money for me or spending that hard earned cash on me. No longer will you go out with friends, no movies, no dates, no fancy dinners, nice clothes… no, from now on you get the bare minimum. All you get are the basics, simple food, cheap bedding and clothing… I am going to take everything nice or expensive away from you so that every penny can be squeezed out of your budget for me! From now on you don’t get a life, you only get to pay me!
(1280×720 HD… start paying now bitch!)
Buy on Kinkbomb: $24.99 – CLICK HERE
Buy on C4S: $99.99 – CLICK HERE

Butt-Sucker Pantyhose Ass Humiliation
For a long time now I have known about your addiction to ass, and especially my most perfect ass. Now I am going to finally address the fact that the thing you have been craving most, even if you can’t quite admit it to yourself, is to smell and taste my ass. I know that I could make you do anything for one little whiff, that you would be more than happy to hand over everything for a tiny taste of what you are sure must be the most exquisite smell and taste in the world… well now is your chance, with amazing in focus close ups of my pantyhose ass you will get explicit instructions on how to end up with a mouth full of ass-juice and my perky young butt in your face. (1920x1080p Full HD) Ass fetish of all kinds + dirty instructions for nasty butt loving perverts!
Buy on Kinkbomb: $17.99 – CLICK HERE
Buy on C4S: $26.99 – CLICK HERE

Giantess Puts Little Man To Work 
POV style giantess fetish, tiny man humiliation + feet&leg worship in black fishnets!
I have discovered yet another one of those disgusting shrunken men trying to sneak around my house… but instead of squishing this one I decide to put him to work. I know why these little men come crawling out of the woodwork, they actually want to be crushed under my toes! I know that they have come to die willingly under the weight of the most perfect Giantess Goddess Kyaa. I won’t give this bitch the pleasure of feeling his bones crack under my foot, not yet at least! From now on mr. thumbillina here (thats you, loser!) will spend the rest of his tiny insignificant life cleaning out the cracks in my floor boards, between my bathroom tiles… from now on he will have to eat up all the grime off my floors and if he can’t work hard enough I will never give him the satisfaction of dying under my feet, instead he will spend the rest of his days eating dirt like the worm he is! (1280x720p HD)
Only on Kinkbomb (for now, check clips4sale next week!)
CLICK HERE – $15.99
Okay that’s all for now. I’m super distracted by the xmas gift my gf & I got. Oh and NO losers, I will not sell you anything that once belonged to my cat, came out of my cat, or anything even remotely related to my cat. That all falls under the beastialty clause in my Rules of Conduct as far as I’m concerned.  I might post a few photos on twitter or here of me with my new kitty once she is a bit more comfy in her big new house though, I know that I have a lot of fans who love animals, but not in that way… *cringing*

See you bitches on Wednesday. Keep me happy by buying a video on Kinkbomb every 12 hours until I’m #1 on their top #25!

5 thoughts on “Holiday schedule, themed videos+ findom, butt sucking & I’m about to break records on Kinkbomb

  1. As a recent convert I am loving for my first Kyaasmas this year šŸ™‚ especially if it emails more pics and videos of the Goddess in red shiny leggings, which make me melt even further, which is amazingly still possible even if for the most part I feel like a pool of melted butter already

  2. Goddess, thanks for all You do, to destroy superstition and introduce real religion. Thanks for making us give up our worship of dead ideas and instead give ourselves to a living GOD. Thanks Goddess for making us fuck our religions, because their roots are so deep in us, that it needs this to get rid of it. Thanks, thanks and prais to YOU, who alone are GOD.

  3. Merry Kyaamas
    thank you Goddess Kyaa for this holiday season to celebrate Kyaaism.this is a joyous season to rejoice for the gift of Your Salvation that can only be found through The Religion of Kyaaism.thank you for preparing a place for me this Kyaamas weekend,through Your holiday videos,to sacrifice ,humiliate and degrade myself in celebration of Kyaamas.
    the last sentence is a huge help,every twelve hours,i needed that direction.i get lost sometimes,i buy like 4and 5 at a time,this is more orderly,instead of out of control crazy,giggle.
    my first thought about the kitty cat was,what a lucky,lucky kitty.i would die now if i new i could come back as that kitty cat.

  4. Kyaamas
    Thank You Divine One, thank You for Kyaamas, i will spend every bit of money i can to help make You #1 on kinkbom. You are already #1 in my life. All these wonderful sensual clips showing us Your perfection while teasing and mocking are driving me crazy as i stroke and pay and pray but i am forbidden to cum. i worship You more and more each day. Your word is Holy law.


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