Attention perverts! I’m LIVE on cam via right now!

Click the link below and join using code "Kyaa0016" … soon you will be viewing my live public cam broadcast. Soon you will be watching as I drain wallets, take NiteFlirt calls, film fetish & worship videos…. and if you are a good boy, with an open wallet ready to tribute, you too will get some of my personal attention! My feet, legs, ass and the rest of my perfect self won’t wait for you loser! Get on your knees, stop wasting time! Get out your credit card and tribute, even if you are just lurking around watching me abuse more lucky losers than you, send tribute and show your thanks for my utter and complete perfection… you need no further proof of how much you need to obey than the photos below:

Last week was my first week on Glamworship & I took around $2K easily from boys who were more than happy to send tribute over and over. I’m really looking forward to spending a lot of time draining you losers using this website. My Glamworship cam schedule for the weekend is as follows though you have to check my twitter for up to the minute information & updates:

Tonight (Friday): From 2pm PST until very very late. I might be on as late as 2 or 3 am, especially if I have boys tributing & humiliating themselves for my attention.
Tomorrow (Saturday): From 10am PST until midnight PST.

Sunday I will be away. Generally I am allowing boys to come and worship on Sundays (since Kyaaism is your only true religion hehe) but not this Sunday. Instead I am driving 2 hours to pick up a beautiful f5 Savannah cat. Just google it bitches, it is a kick ass and beautiful bread of cats, just a few generations away from wild servals!  That means I have added a ‘pay for my pet’ wishlist on amazon- 

Also- don’t forget my Ho-Ho-Ho Hosiery Sale & my Photo Contest for Perverts! 

I will post later with Kinkbomb/Clips4Sale updates. I’m already #13 on Kinkbomb so keep it up bitches!!

ps- really get your ass onto my Glamworship public cam, like NOW! I’ve already got 1 loser eating his own shit & sending tributes. Anyone not here is missing out!

4 thoughts on “Attention perverts! I’m LIVE on cam via right now!

  1. Though i am tortured not to be worshipping You on Glamworship,
    i think its probably a blessing in disguise , how could a weak pathetic thing like me
    possibly hope to keep its pledge of denial if i were able to look into heaven.
    7 Days ! i wouldn’t last 7 seconds !!


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