“Depraved Loser” new video & LIVE Glamworship this week/weekend!

 New videos and this first one I really love. Why? It’s a cruel, teasing and difficult challenge that will leave you so fully mindfucked and drained to your core. Every loser needs to buy this video and block out the next weekend they have free, you will all become my depraved pervert loser’s, even your sleep is under my command.

Depraved Loser – 48 Hour Challenge!
I have a new kind of challenge for you, addict. We both know what a sick and perverted old man you are, how you helplessly jerk for me day and night… I’ve decided to see just how hard you can push your weekend wank-a-thon, with this video you will be getting detailed instructions on my first ever sleep deprivation & humiliation challenge. I control every aspect of your life, even your sleep! Worship those adorable panties and my fine young body, non stop, for two full days… starting, NOW!
Buy on Kinkbomb (preferred and cheaper!) :
Buy on C4S:

And a seductive hypno-pantyhose worship video in which I’m wearing a luxurious pair of spendy sheer nude pantyhose with delicate ribbon designs down the backs of my legs and other feminine details like a faux garter printed around the waist.

Pantyhose Mindfuck 12-11-2010
Silken, sheer nude pantyhose have always made you weak… I going to take your pantyhose addiction and use it to completely mindfuck you. After watching this video you will not be the same. I am wearing a luxurious pair of unique pantyhose that have sensual, feminine ribbon designs down the legs and a faux garter printed at the waist. In them I taunt and tease, showing off every detail, making you beg to be allowed to lay a single kiss on my pantyhose feet. In no time you will be mindlessly agreeing to my every demand, ready to give me everything (even your life!) to be allowed to kiss further and further up my pantyhose legs and ass!
Buy on Kinkbomb (preferred!!):
Buy on C4S:

I will be on Glamworship tomorrow afternoon around 3pm Join with LOSER LEVEL membership and use code Kyaa0016 and you will be able to see me for free, chat with me and other losers worshiping me, watch me film fetish and worship videos, take NiteFlirt calls and more. Just keep checking my twitter, I will be on cam on Glamworship quite a bit. It’s so easy for you losers to click and pay, to send tributes, worship and obey. 

PS- Oh yeah and BO-YAH… in one week I have taken the Kinkbomb charts by storm and I haven’t even begun to scratch the surface of my vast archive of fetish & worship videos. They even emailed me and asked for a banner so that they could feature me, screencap below. I’m loving the site so go, join up, and start spending NOW! I will be announcing it more fully in a big post tomorrow but I have a big New Years sale going on at my Kinkbomb store so go drool over my videos until you can’t help but click and pay!

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