Weekend updates! Glamworship, kinkbomb… new videos, photo sets & more!

Tonight I am LIVE on Glamworship.com and NiteFlirt. Click and pay, boys! Get your wallet out & get ready to pay boys! Last night I fucking RUINED wallets on Glamworship, taking over $2,000 on my first night! I have got some hilarious screenshots from last night to share too… just read the chat log, with losers begging to tribute, and telling each other how glad they are to pay! So funny!


And of course I have CLIP UPDATES for you boys, with links to buy them on Clips4Sale and Kinkbomb!

Breaking Hearts – Panty Tease Humiliation
As a subhuman slave you could never be the object of my affections, but you are falling deeply in love with me. The more you worship me the harder you fall. The only way to get out of this without a broken heart is to obey and to be my slave forever. Now you will serve the woman you love for the rest of your life. My tiny blue thong with a little broken heart on it helps to make my point perfectly, and the amazing panty tease you get reminds you that one fuck up and you will be left with nothing but a broken heart.
Buy on Kinkbombhttp://www.kinkbomb.com/Breaking-Hearts-Panty-Tease-Humiliation-720p-HD.html
Buy on C4Shttp://www.clips4sale.com/store/23738/3984372

Ignoring you on my exercise bike 12-10-2010
5 minutes of hypnotizing perfecting, watching my feet go around and around. With every turn of my exercise bike’s peddles you will grow more and more brainwashed, thankful just to be ignored, happy to sit and stare forever at my revolving bare feet and long legs pumping up and down. CLICK & PAY to be fully IGNORED! I don’t say a word, just peddle away. This clip was taken in the last 5 minutes of a 30 minute work out, I’m fully concentrating on my pacing, breathing etc, you are just a worm on the floor looking up as I work out.
Buy on Kinkbombhttp://www.kinkbomb.com/Ignoring_you_on_my_exercise_bike_12-10-2010_720.html
Buy on C4Shttp://www.clips4sale.com/store/23738/3985373

I Stay Fit, you jerk off! Post-Exercise Humiliation!
After working out on my exercise bike I made this powerful humiliation video while the sweat was still slick on my long toes. This kind of video is especially for you jerk-addicts that compulsively masturbate in front of your computer, fat lazy losers and old perverts… you will get teased by my sweaty bare feet and long sculpted legs. I’m thinking that this will be the first of many post-workout humiliation, putting you nasty piggies in your place! Doesn’t it feel so good to know that you will pay to watch me work out and humiliate you, watching me stay fit & healthy while you rot away in front of your computer worshiping me for the rest of your loser life.
Buy on Kinkbombhttp://www.kinkbomb.com/I_Stay_Fit-_you_jerk_off-_Post-Exercise_Humiliation-_-720p.html
Buy on C4Shttp://www.clips4sale.com/store/23738/3986035

And last weekend my gf & I shot some photos that will just blow your MINDS! The first set are all full body shots, in color. The coloring was a bit too warm though so I’ve put the 50 image photo set up for less than $1 a photo! The second set is all black & white, slightly more arty, all in super sharp focus. I really love some of the photos from the black & whites we took. At first I wasn’t planning on sharing them, my gf was taking them just for fun. Many of the shots have me smiling at the camera almost sweetly.. why? I’m smiling at her, not you loser! There are also some jaw dropping close us of my beautiful face, ass and a great shot of me flipping you off. I love the set so much that I’m sharing a few of the black & whites below!


Buy the full set-
On Kinkbomb: 
B&W set: http://www.kinkbomb.com/Photo-Set-12-04-2010-B-and-W-close-ups.html
Color set: http://www.kinkbomb.com/Photo-Set-12-04-2010-full-body-color.html
On C4Shttp://images4sale.com/store/23738
I’m off to continue draining losers left & right. Leave a comment below to show your thanks all the amazing new content and the free peeks at everything. All those photos above have got you in quite the state, so I’m sure you are finding it difficult to think right now. So I will tell you what to do! Go join Glamworship using my referral code "Kyaa0016" and add tokens to your account. Come view my cam, amuse me, spoil me, try to make me happy even though you are just a poor little pervert!

5 thoughts on “Weekend updates! Glamworship, kinkbomb… new videos, photo sets & more!

  1. steven from niteflirt – goddess kyaa’s slave
    Domme Kyaa humiliated me last night and gave me instructions for today. I am following her instructions hoping for the privilege of seeing goddess and worshiping her beautiful body – I understand that I only deserve to maybe be allowed to be at her sexy feet. We are lucky to be able to give goddess what she wants.

  2. Thank you, Goddess!
    i just love this Blog and the posts You make, Goddess!
    Exciting new things are happening to enable us losers to worship You better than before.
    You look like an angel – so pure and serene. It is such an honor for a betamale to be able to approach a Beauty like Yourself, Goddess Kyaa. Thank You!

  3. broken
    The broken heart clip has broken my heart ! And the picture set is so sensual ! You look more beautiful every day Divine One.
    Tomorrow i devote a minimum of one full hour to praying to You as i gaze at them.
    As my frustration grows i am remained of what i am, totally owned property, blessed to be so.


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